We are halfway through our props and wheels 10 day mini drone review challenge and, on our six days, i’ll be reviewing this hubsan x4 cam plus mini camera drone. This is also known as h107 plus that’s the item code, and this is by far the largest package i have seen in any mini drones, i’m, not even sure, if it’s a mini drone. I bought it as a mini drone, and this has been sitting in my storage for a while. I purchased this through ebay back in october. Whenever i find these kind of really good deals, i jump on them and buy them just to be reviewed later, and this was one of them and it cost me 20.99. That was the price with free shipping with the tax, it ended up being 22 dollars and 30 cents shipped to my door, let’s see if it is going to be as good as yesterday’s holly stone. So here it is folks not much inside very compact large package. The controller looks very nice and solid look at the size. It looks like a game controller and it has even a small lcd screen and let’s open it up and see how many batteries it takes. It looks like two or three double a batteries, but i may be wrong, so it takes actually four aaa batteries. The holly stone yesterday only took two double a batteries. Let’S turn it on here it is just a little lcd screen.

I don’t think it’s backlit. I don’t see any light: let’s turn it off. Let’S continue. What do we have in the little hardware package, a propped, remover tool? This is for safely removing the propellers without breaking anything if you are pulling with your fingers, that’s difficult. So this just gives you leverage and also one set of spare propellers. It may come in handy if you crash this somewhere and this did not come with any of the protectors. So i don’t have anything else in the box uh there may be an option to buy these prop protectors. It would have been nice if they included that this didn’t come with it. But hey. Look at the price, really it’s very basic. Here we have a proprietary battery, unfortunately only came with one battery but i’m sure i should be able to find more batteries, although they will be expensive because they have proprietary 3.7 volts one cell – and this is 520 milliamp hour battery i’m, going to start charging the Battery here, okay, it is on the side here he was not looking the right place, so, unfortunately, the battery has to be in the drone to be able to charge uh that’s, it that’s a minus. In my opinion, the reason is: if you have multiple batteries, you want to be able to charge them while you’re flying maybe have one of those power banks. You know with the usb outlet on the field and you want to be able to charge the depleted batteries while you’re flying with the fresh batteries, and you cannot do that because the battery needs to be inside the drone, so that’s a minus.

I wish they made the battery so that you just directly connect to the to the charger. Now. What i’m going to do is, while i’m, going to continue charging the battery i’m going to quickly read the manual and get back to see what i need to download in my phone in order to be able to operate the camera, it has been almost an hour And it is still charging the instruction manual says: it takes 80 minutes to charge fully charged and it has seven minutes of flight time. Okay, a couple things to point out. First of all, this came in mode two, but you can switch it to mode one, meaning that throttle will go to the right and then the elevator will go to the left uh. When i turn it on. You know. The sticks do not show like the trimming and anything it just says m2, which is mode two and in the manual. It explains how to do the transmitter, stick calibration, meaning that you know finding the maximums and the center of the sticks, and there is one for mode two and one for mode one. If you follow the directions for mode one, as shown here, i’m assuming it’s. Also going to swap this transmitter to mode one so i’m going to do it for more to show how to do it so at first you start with both sticks on the upper left hand corner like that and while you’re keeping it there, you turn on transmitter And you let go, things are blinking and you do complete two circles with the sticks like that and then with the other one as well and once you’re finished, you press one of the trim buttons and there should be an led blinking that it has been calibrated.

Maybe long press, okay, it’s stopped and i’m, not sure it must be calibrated, it doesn’t say anything and you see i hold down and then the transmitter, blinks red and i don’t see any leds that can blink. But this blinking inside the lcd screen stops i’m. Assuming now everything is calibrated and then the other thing is this does not have an app because it doesn’t send the videos and photos to the phone it doesn’t have a phone app. What what it does have is an micro sd slot here. So this is a good thing and a bad thing, first of all, it’s a good thing, because it will be saving all the photos and videos directly to the micro sd card. Let me put that in this is a micro sd card that i am putting in the correct orientation. It should be yeah this i just don’t want to. Okay, it went in it’s sitting in the good thing is that it will be saving directly onto the micro sd card and if you have seen the video of the holly stone hs 370 yesterday of this one uh, this direct it doesn’t, have an s micro, sd Card it sends all the videos photos to the phone and they were dropped frames, especially when the drone was away from me. You know the transmission wasn’t that good and the video was choppy so i’m expecting the video will be much smoother on this one at full.

30 frames per second, so the micro sd is in there right now and you can start the recording. Once you turn on the the drone, there should be a button. It says on the side to start recording there is this power button but i’m, not sure if that’s the button to start the video recording. Once i bind it uh to the transmitter, i will try it test it out and when it’s recording the video, the the lights are supposed to be blinking, they’re they’re, i think the ones on the back i’m assuming we’ll, see and then the there is no gyro Calibration and also there are not too many buttons on this one, and none of them are labeled the two buttons that are for photo and video. They were not labeled, so i put my own labels. On the other hand, the holly stone transmitter had all the different buttons and they were clearly labeled. So everything was labeled. It was very easy to figure out what it is so there’s a headless mode and to switch to the headless mode. You press down the throttle. Stick like this inward, not up down like just inward and clicks, and then it is in the headless mode that will indicate with two beeps and press again, and there will be one beep and it’s back to the normal mode and then, in order to start this And stop the motors you have to pull both sticks down and out like this and then do it again and it will stop it.

So this kind of like the safety feature there are some advanced performance. Setups uh such as, for example, sensitivity just adjusting the sensitivity. I’M, not going to go into that. There are a lot of these like clicks and moving the sticks and which is kind of confusing. You have to really follow the instruction manual for that, but there’s. One thing that is important, which is the normal and expert flight mode, so normal mode is basically the slow flying mode x mode is the higher speed mode and then to switch that you press the elevator, stick to to engage that so on mode. Two like this one, you press in this one once and it will be in the you know, it will give two beeps, meaning that it is in the expert mode and then you press again it will beep one time and it will be normal mode. So i wish you they were buttons, for these will make life so much easier and for flips you press and hold down the throttle. Stick for like couples like one. Second, within that two seconds you can move the right. Stick up. You know any direction. It will flip in that direction. Okay, now what i’m going to do is i’m going to it’s still charging, but i want to show everything and then the funny thing about this one. Is you turn the transmitter on? First, there is no gyro calibration. It needs to be on once turned on you put on a flat surface and within second it calibrates, the gyro, and if you you land it quickly or crash, you know you put it down and leave it a couple seconds and the gyro.

You know once the throttle stick is all the way down. The gyro will calibrate so let’s turn this one on and the on switch is on the side press a couple seconds the lights came on. Are they on? Maybe i should have keep pressing until okay. Maybe a longer press all right, okay, so it looks like it is bound i’m going to just start the motors and stop it. This is not a throttle control. This is an altitude control this, because this drone is an altitude hold mini drone with a barometer, meaning that this sticks only controls, increasing the altitude and decreasing the altitude by the way now it’s bound. Now you can see the stick movements over here and then trims, and it also has trims for all three. You know the full right stick and also the rotation on the left stick. Those are the trim buttons and it also says that you can start recording the video by pressing this button. I think once that’s it doesn’t look like it is blinking or anything also. It makes sense to take this little protector off. So you don’t see a blurry image, so i mean it says there is a button on the side. I don’t see anything except that on off button. Am i missing something, and i press that if i press it long it’s going to turn it off. So i don’t see anything blinking anyway, let’s try taking a photo.

Of course. I cannot see where it’s pointing because it’s not connected to to my phone, so i press once and these lights should bring once maybe the ones on the back blinked. Okay, let’s start the video. Now these lights are blinking back and forth so i’m, assuming it is recording a video, let’s press, it again, let’s see this is going to stop and they stop. Blinking let’s take another picture and we will see if this is going to blink on the back one time. Yeah they blink once okay, so it seems to be working. What is next well let’s. Do a flight test indoors by the way, the lights in the front and back, look beautiful and very bright. I think this will be very easy to fly at night. You can tell which way it is flying it’s, perfect, so let’s start flying. So if i push the throttle stick or which is the ascend or altitude increase, no nothing happens. So we have to unlock the motors, so it is unlocked. So do they turn themselves off after a couple seconds? Not so far so let’s, okay it’s drifting a little bit. It keeps gaining altitude i’m. Not sure why Music, it almost looks like the throttle. Stick is not centered because you see i’m, it is increasing the altitude. If i let go – and i have to, i have to like keep pulling it down, if i let go it’s, just Applause and it’s, not landing okay, this is not good i’m trying to land.

Now now it has stabilized, but now it’s going down Applause. It is refused whoa, Music that’s, not good. I cannot turn it off right. I turn off the transmitter. This is not good. Do the binding again, because that wasn’t a good thing so let’s turn this one off and let’s again turn on the transmitter. I’M not going to do the calibration or the centering of the sticks. Maybe i should do it i’m, not sure, but i thought it was done well, so a couple seconds long press everything turns on this should be calibrating. Gyro right now it is table, saw the lights, are back on steady let’s, take off again Applause, yeah um! It is drifting a little bit Music in terms of altitude Applause, but how do i land i mean? Did i miss something in the manual Music? Okay, now it landed before before it was just landing and jumping back up. Maybe it was not centered and it was it thought i i’m, not all the way down in terms of the throttle and by the way i i extended did a flip last time, because i was probably from excitement pressing on one of the sticks: okay, so i’m, Going to now start the video, so it is taking the video right now and start the motors Music let’s, rotate it around and Music altitude hold, is not that good, alright bring it electro closer to me, although it’s almost hit the ceiling, it just keeps okay that Wasn’T that good, it was drifting too much.

It is definitely not on par with the holly stone. Holly stone was so much easier to fly and it did in these kind of things. So so it is, it is not happy because it crashed the gyro needs calibration. I don’t even know if it is still videotaping so i’m just going to press this. Nothing happen. I don’t know if i cannot even tell because i don’t see it on my Music on my phone. Doesn’T have a phone now, so let’s do this again. Third time is the charm turn on the transmitter. Turning the on that wasn’t very good. No, so it should be stable. Now, right, everything is good, again, i’m going to start videotaping, so let’s unlock the motors. I don’t know why that that’s blinking is that i think that’s the battery Music thing, but i want to try the expert mode so so this is the faster mode. Oh, the battery’s dead. That was pretty good. I mean i i charged over one hour. It wasn’t completely charged, but i wasn’t expecting such a short flight so far, i’m not really impressed. It is unfortunate. It is charging again and during one of those uh interactions with the wall uh, i damage the tips of one of the propellers. It should be still fine. I probably i don’t have to replace it, but it is unfortunate. I mean i felt like i’m fighting it instead of i’m flying it. It was all over the place.

I mean compared to holly stone, it was hands off. It was easy. It was gentle everything was in place. I wasn’t trying to figure out what is what on the transmitter. I was not overwhelmed. It just was helping me to fly it. You know this is definitely a better camera drone, although it doesn’t have the micro sd card, it has the module battery that you can charge separately. It came with two charging cables and all that, in terms of size, hubsan is a little larger. If you look here like that side by side, as you can see, when i put the legs together, this one is a little longer in both orientation in both directions. So this is slightly larger. A little heavier feels like it. Doesn’T have unfortunate protectors, that’s. What? If i had protectors, i would have put them on indoors and it would have protected the prop that’s, a shame that didn’t come. I mean it doesn’t cost much to put four protectors for this. It should have had those so far, definitely not as good as the holly stone, hs370 but i’m going to keep my judgment until the end. You know full judgment until i have a chance to fly outside outdoors and i’m really curious about the video quality, and i hope it was saving into this uh micro sd card we’ll see we are out in the local park. It is nice, it is not 7 pm. Yet there is some breeze about 8 miles per hour, that’s.

What my phone app says, weather app says, and i fully charge the battery for the hubsan and i also labeled all the buttons, because i cannot remember what is what i probably have to put a couple more but i’m going to test it out now and hopefully I’Ll be testing all the functions and hopefully it will do well, because i really wanted to do well. I’M going to also start the video the indoor videos seemed fine. I quickly looked at them on my computer. They looked definitely better than the holy stone. Hs 370, because those were directly sent to my phone. This will be saving on the s micro sd card, so let’s get started, okay to arm the motor started, let’s go up and the speed is this one? So two more two clicks so now it’s flying i’m going to start the video, so the back lights are now moving i’m going to put it to headless mode. So this should be in the headless mode. If i turn it like that, no yeah it’s, okay, i’m, going to take it out of the headless mode. I cannot do this so let’s bring it back. I don’t know how the video is looking yeah, the wind is trying to take it and then the uh. I am the barometer is not working well, the altimeter is not or artedis hold is not working. Well, it just keeps going i’m bringing it down and then, when i’m flying it keeps going up and it’s uh.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a trim, so it’s it’s, going up and down. I think now now it’s going down, i don’t know if it is a feeling, the small perturbations you see, i i’m trying to bring it back down and then keeps Music keeps going up. Uh i’m, not very happy, not really. I mean this may do better, probably on a calmer day, but i mean i’m constantly trying to getting down. It probably also needs trimming for the rotation it keeps turning left let’s do the little bit of trimming yeah. It keeps going up that’s, the worst that can happen. I mean i wish it will be going down and i’m constantly trying to keep it up, because if it goes up too much in the wind with someone who is not gon na be good in drones, don’t doesn’t know how to fly them. You know it’s going to cause issues like it keeps going up so now i’m going to try to land it, because this is not going well. Okay, i’m, not sure if i should just leave it in for a couple seconds. So it does everything. But okay let’s see Music and it’s. I don’t have to win it’s drifting towards left right now, let’s rotate it it’s still yeah. It is the wind. I think. How does the video look i’m? Not even sure doesn’t want to stay in one location but i’m trying to keep it close to me.

So you can see my handsome face. Oh too, close too close buddy yeah, the the wind is playing games at and let’s try the headless mode again so headless mode. Is this one? It took off this way right. So if i rotate it and pull it towards me, it should come towards me. No matter where it is yeah, it is the headless is kind of working, because i wanted to come this way. Yeah come towards me and i’m pulling and then it’s going forward. So if i now switch the headless mode off it’s going to go backwards, i have to rotate it and then you know bring it down or turn it around and then push it forward to bring it to me. But this altitude hold is not working well by the way i apologize about the sound quality of the outdoor videos in the last couple of videos, i think h. The holy stone, hs 370 had also some bad sound and the reason is, i started using my new cam park camera and the first time the sound came out to be terrible and i replaced the microphone with my older one and it still came out terrible. So i’m, assuming it is the camera, not the microphone, so i switch back to my boyfriend, my old boyfriend, good trusty, boyfriend camera. It may not have as much resolution or sensitivity but definitely better sound. Hopefully this video is sounding much better. Okay, is it still on the high mode? I don’t know if i landed and let’s press the for more okay, so this is the slow mode, and this is the fast mode, not much difference between them.

This is fast and this is slow, maybe a little slower. So again, fast mode yeah, it makes a difference maybe twice as fast, but i like the holly stone, it had three different modes and it was scooting pretty good in that high main it was taking it well, the altitude holds stabilize a little better. I think, but whenever the wind picks up it just goes haywire it’s going up again, so i keep bringing it down it keeps going up. I keep bringing it down so i’m going to keep flying until the battery gives out, and let me stop the video for a second. Is the video still going on? Yes, no, maybe not. Okay, Music did the video start or stop i’m, not even sure. At this point, because the the lights behind are just blinking, let me try photo oh it. It fell off. So the battery is done on this. The battery is done. So that means that fast flashing means the battery is low and i’m dying. Okay, just in case it is still taking pictures i’m going to press the photo button, it is still beeping and let’s. Take try taking another video. I don’t know if it is recording right now, because there’s no way to tell the lights are blinking fast. If it is recording, i should probably stop it. Okay, folks, what is the final verdict? Well, i was looking at amazon and right now. The holly stone hs 370 is selling for about 50, and this one is selling for about 35 there’s, a price difference.

The one advantage this has is, it saves the video directly to the micro sd card, so that’s a bonus, but in terms of performance, altitude, ease of control and features, holly stone trumps, this one in every way, this didn’t even come with the protectors for the propellers. I mean holly stone came two batteries, two chargers, all the shebang with that said. If you can get this one for twenty dollars like i did, it was a little over twenty two dollars to tax. Get it because it is a good deal. I think to start a camera drone it’s, a small one and you can fly indoors and probably because it’s not that stable, it will teach you to control something that’s, not too stable. Also, this looks really nice and it has the lights i have. I didn’t get the chance to test it at night, but at one point i’m going to try to fly it on a calm night when it’s dark and see how it fares as a night flyer.