Welcome to the fifth day of props and wheels 10 day mini drone review challenge. Today we have something a little different. We have holly stone, hs 370.. I got this drone from ebay a while back for thirty five dollars. Free shipping and with the taxes was ill over thirty seven. Why is it more expensive because it also has a camera it’s, a camera drone, and currently it is listed as 50 on ebay. You can find from various sellers. Holly stone is a better known brand of higher quality, more top end brand, and i have high expectations of this drone let’s open the package and see what is inside well, it looks like very nice complete package. We have this a nice good, sized controller transmitter and by the way this is a fake antenna. You can remove it and put your phone holder here. They switch very easily it just like clicks in and then, of course we have the drone. It is not foldable but that’s. Okay, i, like the shape of it, and it comes also with these propeller protectors. You can just install them, looks like they go in like this over here they click in i mean if you are new to the hobby. These are good to put on, but if you are flying it outside, i wouldn’t put them on. The reason is: if you get this into a tree, you know it becomes a christmas ornament. It just hangs from these and if they don’t have it, if it doesn’t, have these protectors there’s a the likelihood of a hanging is less so, but if you are flying in indoors, definitely by all means put these on gave me two batteries.

These are modular batteries. Proprietary i’m. Assuming so, if you want to get more batteries, you have to buy it from holy stone and it’s good and bad at the same time, because it makes it better installation very easy, just push it in it just goes in and then clicks, but at the same Time you only can buy these from holly stone or you know their sellers. Amazingly, it came with not one but two chargers, and these are again specific charges, for these goes in, like that’s, not one of the regular plugs and then one set of spare propellers a small screwdriver, a little pamphlet about the battery caution in different languages. And finally, the instruction manual and i had holly stone brand before and they usually have very good illustrations. You know great explanations, you know colored inside so it’s a high quality. You can tell the quality of this just looking, how it has been packaged, how it has been presented. And finally, there are some screws: i’m, assuming these are spare screws in case you have to remove the the propellers and any of the parts and then lose them somehow. You use these extra screws let’s check what type of batteries this takes and how many the battery compartment is held in place by a small screw, and this takes amazingly two aaa batteries. I guess it doesn’t require too much power and right now what i’m going to do is connect the batteries and actually both of them for charging and then start reading the the manual because i’m going to need that i’m, assuming i will have to download an app On my phone i don’t see a slot for sd or microsd card, so it will be sending the videos and photos that you are taking directly to your phone’s memory i’m, going to use one of the partially charged batteries to show you some of the functionality by The way battery goes like this, so this larger tab goes to the top from the back of the drone.

The front of the drone is where the red propellers are and make sure if you break them, these two are not the same they’re. All four are unique in color and in the rotation so make sure that you replace the broken one with the correct one. For example, this one says b1, this one says a1, and this is the black one a2, and this is b2, so make sure it’s. Not just red, replace any red, there are two different types of reds and two different types of blacks. So to turn it on you, long press, this power button on top and the light will start blinking, and then you turn on the transmitter. Now this light is blinking as well in order to pair them to bind them. You go all the way up with the left, control stick and then all the way down. So the blinking change a little bit and it will do be beep. So now it is bound, but you have to every time you turn it on. You should do a gyro calibration if you crash, if you hit something, you should do a gyro calibration to do the gyro calibration on this one. You need to push both sticks to the lower left hand corner like this until beep and the light on the drone will blink a couple times now the gyro has been calibrated. Can we fly it? Let’S? Try it out, nothing is happening. The reason is, first, you need to arm the motors.

This is a safety feature and to be able to do that, you know you either pull these down and out like this, and then you can’t stop it again or inwards and down and inwards. So it is a good feature and then it they will be just spinning on the really low speed idle mode and there are several different options. So, first of all, i really like that three of the controls have trims everything except throttle, or actually this is not a trial control. This is the altitude control because it has a barometer where you set the altitude. You do not set the throttle to go up and down. You are not modulating the throttle. If you push it a little bit, you know it will go up like that. If you push it down a couple of times, it will every time it will come down a little bit. If you hold it, this will keep rising. If you hold it down, this will keep descending. So it is altitude control. You are not controlling the throttle it. It is adjusting the throttle to keep it at a certain altitude. The right left, bank and front forward bank. They all have trims and also the rotation right left rotation have trims as well here. So it is super helpful and then there are a lot of functions on this one. This is the return to home button. So if you press this suppose you took off in this orientation right.

If you press this button, it will come back on the opposite way. It took off, if you, you know, rotate it and should come back still in that direction that you took off from. But if you turn yourself like this and you’re flying this way now that’s not going to work, so you should always be facing in the direction you originally took off from for this to work, and when it comes towards you around you, then you hit the stick Back and forward, i think, with this one, stick back and forward to stop it from coming. If you don’t stop it, it will keep going. This is emergency, stop i’m going to test it later. Is it just one short click or a longer? Click click? This is a one key, take off and land buttons, so once your arm and then press one of the take off it will take off and when it’s flying press lane it will land and then here are the photo and video buttons. Once you connect your drone to your phone app by the way i already downloaded the app, i will show you uh momentarily, then you know one press to the photo button on top you’ll take a picture and one press to the video button will start recording a Video and you press it again, it will stop. This is the headless mode. So, no matter so, if you took off this way right, the front is facing this way.

You you took off no matter how you rotate the drone. You know when you go this way. It will go that and then, when you pull it left, it will go left it doesn’t matter which orientation it is use headless mode only only if you are not planning to do this hobby for a long time. Maybe you are just trying it out and you want to have fun fly around, try it. But if you are getting into the hobby of flying, rc drones don’t use headless mode, because you will never learn how to properly orient the drone. When it’s coming towards you right becomes left, its left becomes real right, so you will get confused, learn the way you are supposed to do, which is imagine yourself sitting in the cockpit of the drone and then modulate your direction according to that, it is a process. It’S not going to happen overnight, it’s going to take a long time. If you have a simulator practice on a simulator, it will save you grief i’m serious in the middle just below that red led is the speed button, so you can select between low, medium and high speeds. You know you press. It should turn on at the low speed. Oh actually, it started in the medium speed. So i press this once three beeps mean it’s the highest speed. I press again it is one beep, so it came down to slow press. It again took two beeps it’s in the medium, so make sure that you know this when you turn it on, it is in the medium speed mode so to go back to the low.

You have to press this twice and hear just one beep. Now you can fly it indoors, it will react slower to the controls. And finally, this is the flip function. Usually you you press this. It will start beeping and then, depending which way you move the right hand, stick. It will flip around that direction. For example, if it is facing like this right, you are flying it this way, and then you press the flip button, it’s beeping and you push this forward it’s going to the front flip and then, if you pull it backward for the back flip and vice versa, For the right hand left so very nice, so far high quality i put on the prop protectors because i’m not familiar the flying of this drone and i’m in close quarters indoors at the low ceiling height, and i want to protect the the propellers. So i added them later. I may take them off, but let’s do a quick test flight indoors. I turned on the drone. Let’S go through the binding process, so turn on the transmitter go up and down on the altitude stick and then the lights stop blinking. Let’S! Do the calibration calibration is done, let’s start the motors unlock the motors and then let’s go up and hands off very hands off let’s, bring it a little closer, so you can see it very stable, maybe just drifting slightly but that’s normal, the propellers, the air from The propellers you’re in the close closes creating its own air currents and let’s put it in the height speed.

So this is the highest speed, it’s going pretty quickly and then that’s one more press. This is the slowest speed i’m going full speed ahead to the side side to side and let’s, bring it back to the medium speed and side to side. Let’S. Try the hit this mode over here, so it’s doing that funky, quick to blinking, so rotate it the other way it’s still coming towards me, rotate sideways still coming towards me, and i pull this. Do you see it doesn’t matter which way you are going like? You? Can be rotating like this, it is going to go like that. So let’s come out of the headless mode and let’s try to return function, which is this button over here this one it is coming and stop it. You just move the right joystick and it will stop so it’s working. It is going to work, though, if it is a sideways, for example, or is going yeah, it is still coming the correct way, that’s good that’s good, so it is working, no matter what your orientation is maybe facing you like this, and then you hit it it’s Still going to come correctly towards you, that’s perfect, really happy let’s try to auto land function, so this is the land button, no that’s, the emergency stuff. I’M. Sorry this is the land i’m glad it didn’t, stop so okay and then now take off probably it’s not going to work. If i just hit because i have not unlocked it, i cannot also unlock it by pulling these low and middle, so it’s unlocked very good.

Anything else we want to test take off landing: okay, i’m, going to test the emergency stop, but when we are actually very close to the ground, because i don’t want it to fall too high and so long press, you press it about 2 3 seconds, and it Will come down all right? I think we have tested everything and next i’m going to download the phone app and start taking some videos. So i downloaded this hsfpv v2 app i’m screen capturing, so i should be able to show it to you before i get that started. I need to bind to the wi fi network provided by the drone, so let’s turn on the drone and then do go through the process of binding to it. It’S all good and let’s do the calibration as well. Is it good yeah? It is good it’s working. So now i’m just going to go to the networks, the wi fi networks and see what is on holly stone, fpv, 44a, 58c. Okay, let’s connect to that one! Do it. It is connected, done, come back and start this hsfpv2 app now here on the okay internet. May not be available, i don’t care, so there are, i think, several models, three models on the screen, so this is ours, hs370 and i’m going to select that and i’m just guessing. Yes, please allow and record audio my location as well that’s, fine, all right. So we have some video all right, hey.

How are you doing? Okay right now, it’s, not recording, but let me take a picture by pressing the photo button. Let’S see. Did you take it? Oh no. I pressed the video so it’s taking my video all right. Let’S! Stop it, there should be something blinking. As you see, the light on the back is slowly blinking, and that means it is taking a video and press it again. It should stop, and here i’m seeing it’s stopped as well. I can also take pictures of start video from here press this video button. It is recording right now, hello, again, stop that and then i’m going to try the photo smile right. Okay took a picture so let’s try it again here from the phone control. Oh pressed wrong button, no yeah! I want. I want the photo and took a picture all right. Let’S, take this fake antenna off and put the phone holder and without hitting any of my phone’s buttons, let’s install this and let’s fly over here. Okay, it’s ready to go and i’m going to by pressing that video button again i’m going to start the video taking all right and then let’s arm the motors and let’s. Do this Music, i’m, going to put it in the calm, slow mode, let’s go towards me and a little higher. Maybe so you can see my face actually not my feet only here i am, i think, let’s bring it back. It’S too close to the it’s drifting.

A little bit because it’s too close to the ceiling, but you can see me probably let’s – rotate it around slowly and bring it down. So you can see it in the other camera as well and go forward rotate. You know come back. Do it like four passes around us turned around, say hello and land? Well, this is excellent and let’s okay stopped it, and now i can stop taking the video and then maybe take a couple pictures. Why not? I just have to remember the picture. Taking is the other button, the top one let’s get into the frame a little bit better, maybe my face as well. Should i go down yeah it’s, getting all too close to the ceiling for my comfort. So here we go. Okay, here are the pictures let’s land? It there was the one key landing function here we go it’s planning itself and perfect all right, so let’s do a quick recap before we go outside so so far. What are my initial impressions? I’M extremely impressed? I was hoping i’ll be impressed because i know the holy stone brand. I had another review as one of the smaller drones on camera, but i wasn’t expecting just setting up the the app on my phone and then taking videos picture would be this easy because i tried other brands and they had. They were finicky. This is seamless it’s, very easy. It took me like two minutes to get it up and running, and the instructions are very clear.

They provided qr codes here for iphones and android phones. You just open your camera and then scan that, and it will take you to the to the correct app on the store, excellent. It came with two batteries. That’S great, i may end up buying more batteries, so this is going to be a long review. I’M. I apologize for that, but there is so much to cover on this little drone that i got for 35 dollars, i’m really impressed and i think it’s a great deal if you are just starting. You know taking pictures and videos with you with a little drone. It is not going to be artistic quality, but you are going to have fun. Believe me all right. The next is outside flight test. See you there all right. We are outside local park, it is around 7 30 and we couldn’t do the flight earlier. It was very windy. Even now it is around 12 13 miles per hour, that’s. What my weather app shows. So i adjusted everything and hopefully the video will work so i’m going to press this button on the bottom video button, and this should say it is actually video taping right now to my phone and hopefully the room will be turned to that and the right, i See it’s blinking the red light: okay, let’s take off start to all right, it’s already finally run and i may have to change the speed. So this is speed.

Number three probably i mean you can’t tell it’s fighting the wind, although not bad, but it is blowing and i’m sure the media is all jittery let’s turn you around a little bit and then come towards me Music. I don’t know if the attitude is okay. I cannot fly and look at my cell phone’s screen at the same time, and hopefully it is giving me some footage not of my legs, but my face a little bit yeah. The ring is kind of pushing it out. So this is this is not a gps drone. It is difficult to hold it in one location in the wind, it’s close enough, probably and let’s go up a little bit and see how bad the wind is now going. That way is not a problem, but coming back, maybe an issue actually it’s going pretty good. This is full throttle rotating around and bring it back. Okay, it is all the way back and then the wind is pushing and i’m trying to bring it back. The wheel kind of took it away from me a little bit uh, it is struggling, i mean i’m full throttle backwards and it is a struggling, maybe getting a little closer. That really keeps changing, but hey. If it can’t fly in the spin, it can fly almost any other condition, so it is breezy and it’s, not constant wind and in this area in this park there are a lot of obstacles around trees as well as homes, and it makes it turbulence.

There are pockets, but it’s, worse than pockets are better, but it is difficult to kind of adjust for everything, and i have another two friends coming. I think they are attracted to the drone yeah i’m, not as we can tell i’m, not a good ground. Flyer. I’M. Still learning, especially in the wind, i think i have the orientation nailed down but it’s, just the because it’s on high rate, it rotates too quickly on me so i’m trying to stabilize it and so that you can just see a little bit of better footage. But i think this is going to make him nauseous with footage from the camera. Let’S try to get there Music with the dogs over here, just to make it more fun, Music, okay, all right! The final verdict. I really like this little drone. I, like it a lot. This cannot be your first drone this. Actually, i change. I change that this can be your first drone because you can learn to fly it indoors and i highly recommend learning to fight indoors or when there is zero dead wind. So because it does altitude hold and it is quite stable and you can just fly it in the low speed mode until you feel comfortable with it. It is perfect for that. So yes, it can be your first drone, but it is better to practice on a cheaper one with altitude hold and all that before you know graduating into something.

This is slightly larger than mid ones in terms of size. So yes, i highly recommend it. I love how it’s done this is my second hardest stone, drone and i’m going to land it now, because it’s getting retired from just constantly modulating all the full control right now and let’s see if i can actually land on that helipad – and i did i did. Okay, i don’t know how much of it you saw, because it is difficult to tell where this head camera is looking. Let me stop the video here. Hopefully it came out pretty good and yes highly recommended. I love it. The size, the design, everything and it is very expensive right now it is selling for fifty dollars at this on ebay, look somewhere else. You should be able to find one. I found for 35 plus free shipping class tax for 37. I got dead and two batteries. I haven’t used the secondary and it has been flying probably about uh five, six minutes that’s. What the video camera showed perfect. I mean i mean i was working it at high wind. So definitely i think in calm when they definitely can fly seven minutes of advertise.