Today i have another eachine drone. If you watched the first episode, then you already know, eachine is great. It makes great drones, great little airplanes and that e009 flew great. It was very inexpensive and it performed above my expectations, and now we have the older brother, e010. So let’s see how this is going to fare. I got this from banggood a while back for 10.83. I was buying some other stuff, but the shipping for this one was about two dollars out of that whole package that i ordered, and so it ended up being ill over twelve dollars. Let’S see if it is worth it i’m just going to go quickly today, all right everything laid out here. We have the drone nice looking green drone the batteries over. Here we have the basic small controller it’s different than the one that came with the e009 four spare propellers, just one complete set the little usb charger with the proper size, adapter and a lot of paperwork. This is the german version. This is the english version and i’m assuming this is the italian maria, so deutsches italiano and english manuals, three manuals and then extra battery for free, i don’t know that’s, probably an offer i’ll take a look at it later on this specific charger that the light turns Off while it’s charging and once it’s charged fully charged, i think it’s going to turn red like that. So when i connect the empty battery, it turns off.

The transmitter takes two double a batteries. By the way, there are not three manuals but six manuals, because this is english. The back side is chinese. This is german, the back side is french, this is italian and the back side is spanish, so there are six different languages and i skimmed over the english version, and it is probably translated by a program because it doesn’t make sense, but i will try to decipher It for you, so if you look here on this one, it is saying hi, low, speed, that’s understandable, but he says carefree mode, that’s, headless mode, a key to returns a one key return function. This is says: 360 degree, rotation, that’s, probably the flip function and yeah. So we will figure it out and also somewhere in the manual. It says that, in order to flip, you have to press on the rod this rod. This is stick not route but anyway, and then it will get into the flip mode. But then, at the beginning this says this is the 360 rotation, so we will all figure out during the flight testing. I just connected the battery and, as you can see, the lights are blinking and i’m just going to turn on the transmitter. The throttle stick is all the way down the left stick. So this light is blinking. You go all the way up, beeps once all the way down and the lights on the drone stop blinking now for gyro calibration.

Usually it is both stick, but on this one it is just the right: stick going down and left corner, so it should make a beep and then that the drone should blink. As you see it blinked couple times, the gyre is calibrated. This doesn’t have any one key takeoff landing, so you do it yourself, so let’s start flying and see if it is stable, quite stable. If it is not, you still have here the trim functions. So if i want to bring it all back, i can be this trim and a little bit and then, as you see, it’s like drifting back a little bit, let’s bring it back, so you can see it’s not out of the view quite stable. It doesn’t have altitude hold, but once you adjust the throttle i mean it is quite steady. You have to just modulate slightly very small movement, it’s, really nice. It is drifting all to the to the right so i’m going to give a little bit left trim. Now. It seems to be coming a little too much to the left. One should be fine and it’s coming a little towards us, so i’m just going to away so you can just trim it out and then also since we are in enclosed space, it may be creating its own prop wash and then creating those kind of things. So i think at the center it’s fine and the long beeps indicate that this has been centered.

So if you go to right and come back and it’s centered, okay, so let’s try. If how the flip works. I think this is the flip button yeah. So the beginning part of the manual is correct. You use this one and it is okay, so the battery is low. I didn’t fully charge the battery so it’s now blinking because of that, but before it goes completely dead, let me try to return to home function. Wonky return function, and i think it was this one this one over here, it’s coming towards us and to stop it. You just push it and you just have to make sure that the drone is facing in the direction it took off. Otherwise, if it is facing like sideways a little bit, let me show you like this and you you press that it’s going to go the wrong direction. Actually, all right, that’s, my fault. I think it was coming in the right direction, so they take that into construction. It looks like let’s do the calibration again: okay, it did calibrate it so let’s take off this way, go this way and then i’m going to rotate it about 180 degrees and then so right now like, if i press it’s coming towards us right, that’s good, but If i rotate 180 degrees like this, let me bring it back a little to the center so now it’s facing us. If i press this it’s going to still going to come towards us yeah it it, it is really working all right.

I think i depleted the battery no, not yet so in this it doesn’t matter the orientation. Even if it’s sideways you press it it’s coming towards you that’s good. So this is a real return to home it. You just have to stop it from moving once it is flying past you now now the battery is dead, but we can’t test out the rest outside so far. It is doing really good. We are outside right on time the sun set already. We have very little daylight left. It was a long day at work folks, but the good thing is the wind died down. It was raining before it’s dry now so let’s test it out outside, as you can tell, there is still breeze coming and i am on the full right. So let’s increase the the mode. So this is a two beep faster, more let’s see there’s the third one. No, it is two modes, so this slow mode and fast mode, two beeps it’s a little faster. So this is not really an outdoors flyer like the one yesterday, the yesterday’s one had three settings and it was scooting pretty good in that crazy win. This is the full speed ahead and full speed back and it’s having trouble just flying into the wind a little bit. Let’S do some first before we deplete the battery again. Oh, that was all too close, because the wind was pushing it let’s. Take it get it all away from us another one: okay, so let’s try the one key return so i’m, going to rotate it towards the ring a little bit.

Oh it’s, i didn’t push anything it just it’s having trouble coming back so let’s bring it back. Yeah. The wind picked up a little bit i’m going to go a little closer to the ground, because the wind seems to be all uh tougher up there so i’m like full steam ahead and it is having trouble coming back. I think the battery is going low because i was pushing it all the way forward and it wasn’t coming in from time time. It was going back to you know being flat instead of flying into the wind. So yeah yesterday said a lot of oomph. This not really, it is fun, little airplane. I’M. Sorry, one little drone. If you are just going to fly it uh in kong, weather, kongwin and outdoors let’s do another calibration. So you pull this in and then it’s just blinking. Should we calibrate it? I don’t know how much batteries has left again it’s in the high mode i mean i’m. You can see i’m full steam towards the wind and it’s barely going. If i start coming down, it is like slowing down so it’s still on the upper right hand, corner and it’s coming back yep. I wish it had like a third speed mode, but now that this is it i’m, then this is. This is full steam ahead. You can see – and it is uh still drifting back i’m – going to try to land it now because uh yeah, closer ground is not a problem and then oh yeah, the battery light came on it’s, just blinking, let’s uh.

Okay, this successful landing, uh short battery life. Again, uh in order to get here quickly, i did not charge the battery fully, so it was 85 percent full. According to my battery meter. That may be the reason, but uh it depletes this little battery pretty quickly is a good drone yeah. It is it’s not bad at all it’s as good as yesterday’s. I don’t think so. I didn’t even get to test one function, that’s the headless mode. I don’t, like it anyway, i’m sure it’s working fine. We tested the one key return home indoors. It works. Well, no matter what your orientation, it will come back in the opposite direction that you took off from. So if you take off with the front facing this way, no matter which way it is when you you know, click return home, it will start flying the opposite direction. But if you are off to the side a little bit, you know it will fly on your right or left hand side, so it may be able to bring it back. If you have panic and then press that button. So this is a you know: good cost, effective one uh sanrok is a much better one, and i think that gd65 was the the model name. It is more expensive. Of course it is uh right now showing us 25 on amazon, but they have 20 20 discount. It will bring down to about 20 plus tax. You know, prime shipping, so if you need something that’s either faster, maybe you want to practice a racing.

You get that one. This is great for indoors. We have seen it’s very stable. It doesn’t have altitude hold that’s. Okay, this could be your second drone after you practice, your flying skills on an altitude hold drone. So, yes, this is good and i recommend it if you can find it for about 12 or less and get it well. Forte is over six more drones. Waiting to be reviewed tomorrow is a new day it’s going to really hot. A heatwave is coming to new england, but i’ll be out inside and then outside to make another review and hope to see.