So every day i am reviewing another mini drone yesterday’s was a flop. Unfortunately, if you watched the previous video, so i wanted today to be a success. Therefore, i’ll be reviewing this one, which i believe is going to be one of the better ones or the really good ones. I purchased this one from amazon and it was an impulse buy. I purchased this one because i saw it on one of captain drone’s videos. Captain draw is one of my favorite channels on youtube. He mostly does drone reviews rc drone reviews and in one of his recent videos he was reviewing some helicopters. He was getting into helicopters and he mentioned this drone. Let me tell you the following: i’m just going to sum it up what i’ve learned you know flying a helicopter, and that is that if you can fly a drone that like say a 50 drone, because a 50 drone has no gps in it, you know the Kind you fly in your house, they move all over the place, there’s, no gps! If you can fly that you can fly a helicopter, so the price of this one on amazon was about twenty four dollars when i purchased it, but there was a fifteen coupon, so it brought down the price to including shipping 21.65. There was prime shipping and it arrived overnight – less than 24 hours, amazing, so let’s open it up and see what is inside from the package.

It feels like really high quality, so they included this clear plastic in the front, and here is the drone. So you can see the drone without even opening the box it’s a you know, one of the small drones, of course – and here is the controller and one of the batteries already here. My version should have two batteries when i purchased yes, so the other battery is here in this little hardware package and it comes with two sets, not one but two sets of spare propellers that’s great. If i break any – which i doubt because these are very well protected within these plastic circles – and here is here – are the manuals – there is a user manual and penis are handbook that’s in german, so we have both of them and they gave us their cards. I mean you can’t tell like there is attention to detail with this one. I was expecting that because i saw it on captain drone’s website. He usually, you know, puts up things that are really good nice packaging all good and on the package. I just want to read a couple things to you: racing drone, high speed as swift as the wind, i’m, not sure, and it also says fixed height. That means fixed side. Let me translate it from english to english. It is altitude, hold probably it’s referring to altitude at all, so it has a barometer where you can just adjust the height instead of the throttle for l to the adjustment.

So you put it on a certain altitude it will. It should stay there plus minus a couple inches here in the second little bag. We have a little phillips, screwdriver and also the usb charger so and they gave it the one with this long, cable which i like, because it gives a little bit more premium freedom, where you’re putting it let’s connect one of the batteries over here and let’s start The charging process – okay – i don’t – see any light or anything on this, just wondering how do we know when it’s fully charged, we don’t i’m, not sure, so i hope when i connected it, it’s actually charging and it’s not defective i’m connecting again okay. Now it came on, i don’t know why, so i guess you have to connect the battery first and then connect it to the your usb adapter, all right so to protect the back. Well, this is a really tiny controller by the way, and there is a little screw that keeps the battery cover in place, so probably doesn’t, open accidentally and amazing. It is just taking two triple a batteries. Two all right. Let me get some aaa batteries. I have a feeling that this is going to be a good, successful review, but hopefully i’m not jinxing it all right. So here is the little transmitter and it is nicely labeled which is great, so there’s the power button in the front and it has sound unlike yesterday’s it beeps, the little red light is blinking and then, as you see, this is not like your typical throttle because It’S in the center, it is spring loaded.

It goes back to the center. That means this has altitude hold function, and here is, i believe, what from the way i see it the headless mode. It means that no matter which way so if you, if you are taking off this way, no matter how you rotate it in the headless mode, if you push the stick forward, it will go away from you. If you pull the stick towards, it will come back and then right left, so, no matter how your orientation is of the drone, it will always follow your front back right left. The way you took off that’s can be a good feature for kids learning. For the first time, gaining confidence, if you are planning to do this in long term – and you are new to this hobby – i recommend learn it to fly without the headless mod it’s going to get you confused, learn how to project yourself onto the drone and know Its orientation, instead of like your point of view by imagining yourself sitting in the cockpit of the drone, will give you the ability to turn in any condition to any location. You won’t get disoriented, so that’s my recommendation. There is also this little home button. I think that’s return to home what it does is usually if it took off this way and then flew it away from you, you press that it will come back in the direction opposite that it took off from so it will come probably somewhere towards you.

But if you do not stop it, it will pass you and continue going back towards your back. So don’t do that mistake. Anything else all right and this last button actually has two functions. As you see it says, speed flip. It has three different speeds. So if you are flying outside in the wind, you would like to use the third one so i’m, assuming that once you turn it on, it will be on the low speed there’s. Also, these trim buttons around the power switch, and this is for trimming front back right left. If it is drifting to the right, you get a couple clicks of left, trim to stabilize it so it’s hovering in place and for other directions. The same way, all right, let me turn this off. Does this turn up by one single click? No, you have to press the middle button onto the hdd and then it is turned off that’s a safety feature so that you do not accidentally press it during flight, because if it turns off, you know in one press short press, your drone will come down these, Usually have enough charge to test them out so i’m just going to connect the second battery already here to the drone, and it is blinking really bright, led inside so let’s turn this one on and then it did a couple quick flashes and then usually you go Up down and beeping stopped, so it should be ready to go now and let’s see.

If we can take off. I don’t see a button for one button. Take off so let’s see. Actually i have to make sure that i’m not facing the wrong orientation. Usually red means like it’s the forward, but okay, now you have the right orientation. It is drifting all to the to the right so i’m going to use the trim. As you see, i kind of kind of canceling that Music and trying to Music make it stay in one place, but it may be difficult here because there are a lot of obstacles around that create air current, especially right above the table. So let me get close to the camera Music, all right, Music, i’m still trying to trim it out, yeah also to hold this old drifting, as you see i’m doing correction from time to time and then let’s try the headless small Music. So in the headless mode. I rotate it push it forward, still going towards the camera and coming back rotate it backwards and still doing the same thing continue rotating it and it’s still the same and continue rotating it. So it doesn’t matter. If i’m going back and forth like this rotating, it should go back and forth and i push that so let’s take it out of the headless mode, Music and then let’s try out the flip function, all right! Why are you going now come back, so the parameter is drifting. A little bit. I’Ll be dripping a little bit.

Probably i should be flying it nuts between these obstacles. So let me land it so this is landed so far, so good. What i’m going to do now is take it to this open space and try it again, and then i will have more space to do the flip function and to do that. You long press this and until it starts doing three beeps i think, and then you use right left front or backward the way that you want it to flip and it will do the flip for you. Okay, here we are, i replaced the battery with the fully charged one and i would like to also show you one more function that you need to know. You can calibrate the gyro. There is no separate button for it, but in order to do that, you pull both of this. Stick to the lower right hand corner like this, and then did you see it did that quick flashing of the lights twice let’s. Do it again, so it should be calibrated right now. So if i take off it should not drift too much, but maybe from my previous one, because i i put a lot of left trim, it may be drifting. Okay, let’s trim it out here. It should be more stable, now, trimmed out and the barometer is holding let’s bring it here, maybe drifting a little bit up and down slightly that’s normal Music. We are still in enclosed space, so there are a lot of uh air currents created by its own prop wash so.

But you know this is hands off, as you can see right now and let’s try get it all far away from us and let’s come down a little bit and then do the flip function. So it’s a long press here, Music, it lost a little bit of altitude gaining it back so let’s start from here. So once you press it for a couple seconds, it starts beeping, and that means in that that’s in the flip mode and it doesn’t flip pretty good without gaining too much altitude without losing much let’s do another one to the left. This time very good – and let me show you again, the headless mode so here i press the headless mode and it’s blinking and it doesn’t matter. If i go forward or backward, you know, rotating the you know both ways and it’s still coming back and forth now, either away from me or towards me, and then let’s bring it to the front, make sure i’m in the right orientation, correct orientation. When i switch it there, we go let’s switch back to regular mode, and then i took off this way. Let’S test out the home function, let’s go away from us and when i press this button it should start flying towards us and, yes, it is coming towards us. As you can see, you just have to stop it because it’s going to go past its takeoff point because it doesn’t have a gps. It doesn’t know how far it traveled so let’s move it a little towards that side and see it’s going still going to come back, maybe even rotate it a little bit let’s see it’s going to come back correctly or yeah.

It is still going it’s still coming correctly, let’s move it like sideways. Now, let’s see it’s going to fly backwards or towards us. No, oh, no, okay, so that it has to be flying away from you in order to for the function to work. So it should be flying away if it is backward, then you press that button so it’s now facing us and let’s yes it’s flying in the wrong orientation. I stopped it so let’s bring it back and finally, the speed so two beeps. So this is a little faster, as you can see, it’s moving pretty good three beeps that’s, even faster wow yeah. I mean you can definitely apply this. I mean look at this: go it’s losing a little bit of altitude, but this is good so back to one beep, and this is the lowest speed. So this is the lowest speed indoors. I recommend flying it at the lowest speed, let’s land it and then go outside. Hopefully it’s, not raining the weather wasn’t that good earlier today and all windy. Okay, you have to be persistent on pushing the left stick down until it stops. We are outside in the local park. Fortunately it is not raining. Unfortunately, it is quite windy, so i’m, not sure how this little drone is going to do. I already set it to high rates with the expectation it’s going to blow back let’s, see and hope that i’m not going to lose it onto the street or into the trees.

So let’s do this, as you can see, it’s already fighting the rain, uh yeah brave little soul let’s bring it down a little bit. I think the barometer is having trouble it just keeps going up. I have to bring it down i’m, not sure if the wind is kind of screwing up with its calibration, but i’m i’m kind of like pushing down as it goes back up. So let go all right. I think it’s, maybe something to do with the angle. It is flying somehow all right full falls into the wind full force bag it’s coming quite fast. I hope i’m giving a good views because it is quite dynamic right now and i am using my brand new camera from cam park. I got it from amazon and it has the little microphone that i’m using to capture my my voice. Yeah it keeps okay let’s, bring it back i’m trying to bring it back, yeah it’s slowly coming, but you see it is a full side and it keeps climbing that’s the problem, so i’m i’m going to get it closer to the to the ground. Maybe the wind won’t affect it as much as it sort of let go it starts. It starts to climb, probably something to do with the with the angle it’s applying too much power. Okay, let’s bring it back. I don’t want to lose it, but i wish i could give a better review, but it is crazy windy, but the good thing is yes, you can fly it in high winds, it’s just you have to watch that altitude hold function and you have to keep bring It down so every time bring it down.

Yeah i let go and then it is climbing again, do you see i’m, not touching anything and when i let go it stays stable, but when it’s going towards wind, sometimes from climbs, so it gained a little bit altitude. Coming back kind of lost a little bit of altitude, i think the little pressure changes due to wind is causing that and also the angle it’s flying it’s flying it’s, causing that so now i have to actually increase a little bit the ascent. So you can see probably my fingers. Let me try to show you in the other camera but i’m flying in front of this. So hopefully you can see my fingers while i’m trying to fly the just constant little adjustments. It came on me. There was a burst of wind and then it was pushed almost hit me, but hey i’m, not too worried about it. Hitting me it’s like tiny little drone in okay, so it’s quite stable. Now the wind kind of died down a little bit and you know full steam ahead and full steam backward coming back let’s, bring it and slow it down. Hopefully, you were able to see that okay let’s try it again. Just in case, you missed that full steam ahead and full force back. Oh almost, i have to give it a little bit of altitude because it lost a little bit altitude. Should we do the flip functions here in the venue sure why not so long press on this one yeah? I barely made it probably, if i do it backwards, it’s going to come back now it didn’t.

Do it no it’s, not doing it back. I don’t know i’m not sure why not. Now, probably the battery is low because it is refusing to do any of the flips right now it’s refusing to do any of the flips okay let’s, give you a little bit of a you know, close close up. You can tell it’s really unstable, and i mean the wind, not not the little drone it’s doing great my little hero – and i think this is going to look nice in the evening because of that translucent cover on top canopy. Okay, oh okay, it’s time to land because the bed is getting low. Okay and the funny thing is exactly when this start blinking battery law alarm. This also start uh beeping, i don’t know. Maybe i accidentally pushed the headless mode, no, maybe return to home mode. No, i think it is related to the battery because it keeps doing this yep. It has a it has a battery alarm, so it must be sending a signal to the little transmitter, apparently anyway, the final verdict. Yes, i highly recommend this especially to two batteries. I didn’t bring the other batteries. I had to stop now, but probably are bored of watching me talk anyway, and you know one other year i made in the future is just trying to capture when it’s flying at night, because i think you can fly it at night. It should be visible enough. It’S not dark enough right now to make a judgment on this, but this is good.

If you can get it around twenty dollars, it is a good investment. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles. Some of the other drones have, like. I don’t know one key takeoff, one kid landing and i don’t know what else like this: some of them kind of do, like it rotate around the point or something it doesn’t have everything, but it has enough to get. You learn how to fly drones and most probably this alternate hole function, will help you at the beginning, not the headless mode, but the altitude hold will help you at the beginning, but once you master that i recommend getting something like the eachine e009, which doesn’t, which Doesn’T have altitude hold, so you have to modulate the throttle to keep it at a certain altitude anyway. Third day, third mini drone recommended the fourth one is coming tomorrow. As you know, so we have seven more hope to see on the next video stay safe and healthy.