If you watched the first introductory video, you already know that in the next 10 days, i’ll be reading 10 mini drones, starting with this one eachine e009. I got this one from banggood for 9.80, there was some shipping fee, but it was shipping from u.s warehouse. You may ask what are all these packages in there? Let me show you there’s a reason there are so many packages. These are all the same ground and total of 12 of them. 12 drones. Really, yes, 12 was exactly the same. Not exactly some of them are blue. Some of them have green propellers. Why 12.? Well, my younger son is having a birthday party soon and i decided well, it is summertime. Hopefully, the weather is going to be nice and what a better time to teach some young kids about flying, rc drones – and this is a perfect opportunity to get some more people into the hobby. So i got 12 of those and we’ll be giving those out giving some lessons and letting them get a taste of rc flying starting with a mini drone like this one. So, as i said, 9.84 cents and i bought them in peso 4 because that minimized the cost of shipping per drone. If i went to five suddenly, the total shipping went up from like two thousand forty cents to like five dollars. So i ordered four four in four packs times three and each of these costs less than ten dollars and fifty cents shipped to my door.

I think it’s a great deal and you will see why let’s start doing the unboxing and then charge the battery and fly it. What does it have contained again? 2.4 gigahertz controller. It has a gyroscope. It has high low speed adjustment that’s a good thing. I always like it and it has 360 degree flip flips and rolls that’s kind of like a one button, aerobatics i’m, not sure if it has altitude hold. Probably not. I didn’t see it advertised nice little tiny drone, as you can see here, and i ordered it with just single battery i’m. Just going to take the battery out. I don’t even have to probably take it out, but so that you can’t still see the drone while i’m charging it, and here is the little controller on off switch. This shows the gyroscope. Probably it is for calibrating. This is high low adjustment, high speed, low speed, and this is like the 360 trick, and what does it need? It requires three triple a batteries, and then here is the little bag of goodies, and the most important thing right now is the charger, because i want to get get it charging as soon as possible. So this is like the regular i think molex connector just goes in like that, and here is it so i’m going to connect it to this little usb and the light went off. So that means that it’s charging – you never know, sometimes the light – turns off and it’s fully charged, sometimes lights turn on when it’s fully charged.

In this case, probably the light is going to turn on when it’s fully charged and what else do we have for spare? Propellers make sure that if you break one you have to replace it with the correct name or a number, you know they. Usually they call it one: two or a b, uh it’s, difficult to see on these tiny ones. Let’S take one out and see yeah this one says b. I don’t know if you can see it here, but probably it’s very difficult to see, and then this is the prop remover. So don’t, you know, pull your props out. You basically wedge it in underneath and then you know just carefully pull it, so it doesn’t really pull the shaft of the motor fresh aaa batteries. And in my previous video i was saying these are great for learning to fly helicopters because their controls are like helicopter controls, not necessarily their response. But so you know you bank, the right bank left, like this bank backwards back forwards to go like that. So if this is the front, you know just right left forward backward, and this is the throttle control you have to in this one. If this doesn’t have altitude hold, you have to adjust the throttle such that you’re hovering. If you want to go up, you increase a little more, it will go up and if you want to come down, you’ll decrease the trial, slow, it will come down, you will be adjusting the throttle and then next to throttle this is usually called rudder, meaning that It yaw so it rotates the drone like that.

It’S the same way exactly the same in helicopters, so it’s a great way of learning how to fly an rc helicopter let’s test it out. I know the battery is not charged yet but i’m go. Usually there is like a 40 charge from the factory i’m going to connect it very quickly and take a look because i want to test it out so here your batteries in, and this needs to go into that little slot it’s a little difficult for large fingers. Large hands, but it went in the light came on. What you have to do is turn on the control. It will beep once it is blinking and then what you do is put it all away from it all the way up with the throttle. So it blink and then the blinking stopped all the way down and it is ready to fly okay, so let’s finish, charging and test it out all right folks. It is time to test it out first indoors, okay to take off, you have to modulate the throttle. So i’m going to do that now, Music and it is flying as you can see. You have to be modulating the throttle i’m trying to show my hand as well as the drone Music and its chair may not have been calibrated, probably because, if i let go, let me show you it kind of comes that way. Do you see i have to push it forward, so let me land and do a gyro calibration.

I think this is the gyro calibration, so it kind of blinked and stopped blinking so i’m, assuming that the gyro has calibrated let’s, try again Music still coming to the back a little bit. I wish it had a little bit of like a trim buttons to trim it out, but no it’s, it’s, okay, now it’s still drifting a little towards me, i’m, going to switch to high rates and it’s zipping trill faster. As you can see, i think yeah i’m going to use the high rates outside since we are in close space i’m going to take it back to the low rates. As you see maybe hurt it. Let’S, do a flip there’s not much space, but i can probably still do it. So you have to give yourself enough room between the ceiling and the floor. So let’s try again pretty good, so let’s do it to the side. Music. Oh bounced a little bit. It is really good, i mean i am enjoying it and i cannot believe i paid basically less than ten dollars for this let’s land it i just realized. There is also a trim function for the right: stick, meaning forward backward bang right left. So, in order to get into that mode, what you have to do is press this stick in towards the controller one, and it will beep now you’re in the trim function so i’m, giving forward string, for example, and to come out of it one more press, so Let’S see now it should be moving forward by itself, so i have to adjust.

It see, it’s moving. If i let go it’s moving forward forward by itself, let’s trim it back backwards, so one press and that long beep means that i am at the center. If i go right, two clicks left it’s in the center, so you know when you are in the center, so let’s leave it in the center and the way it is it’s good, because i i calibrated it with this button. So every time you press this button, it will blink the lights, will blink for 2 3 seconds and then get off so and turn off, and that means that it has been calibrated and should fly nicely. So the gyro has been calibrated, fantastic, another functionality, and this is not explained well in the in the manual. I had to figure it out and now it’s time to go outside and test it out see if it is any good in in a breeze, because the weather forecast is showing six to seven miles per hour right now. Okay, we are out in the local park. Everything is set, i calibrate the gyro one x. One other thing i wanted to mention is this: little drone comes also with all these protectors already installed, and these are great if you are just starting and you are practicing at home when you hit furniture when you hit walls, these will protect the propellers, so you’ll Break less props, so it’s a great feature. The breeze is coming from my right hand, side this side, so let’s see if this can handle it i’m, going to start with low rate and see where, where we have to take it, okay, let’s go so far.

So good handling. Okay, let me try to get it by both cameras: okay, i’m, going to take the high rates, so i can just bring it a little easier. So here what it is, look like let’s bring it back, wow and the it is quite fast in the in the high rate, it’s going well all right, let’s, bring it back sideways over here in front of the other camera i’m going to try to capture it. Close to my other camera, without hitting it hopefully that’s, a catwalk turn bring it back. The breeze is pushing it forward away from the camera, but i mean it is doing good and i think, with the lights, the green on the front and kind of blue uh light on the bottom. Coming from the back, this shouldn’t be too difficult to fly outdoors. Let me bring it again to the other camera close to the other camera, oh by the way, the mosquitoes already start eating me alive. This is perfect for practicing, especially in the in the breeze, to learn how to fly helicopters, because all the helicopters are less stable. Unless you buy one with the gyro already and that’s, not 3d, like a learning one, this is this is pretty good. Okay, so final verdict. Right i mean you cannot go wrong, it’s, a 10 drone that gives you all the basic functionality, plus the 3d flips as well right here and it is hardy. It is hardy.

It can oh by the way it it doesn’t have low high. It has three speeds. I just realized. This is the low speed. This is two beeps faster. This is three. Let it go scout pretty fast. So, yes aerobatics it doesn’t. Have this small, it doesn’t have headless mode. Do you need headless mode if you are really trying to learn how to fly helicopter airplane anything do not use headless mode. Headless mode is good for kids getting started. Maybe so when you rotate it, you know you don’t have to guess. Which way is the front it’s? Always if we pull it, it will come back to. If you push it will go away from you don’t you set this mod. It will give you bad reactions, you’re, probably about to get drilled, we’re gon na start playing this way. Oh okay, i’m. Almost done i mean you have equipment here. Yeah i’m, almost done i’m finished. My video just you’re gon na get drills. Sorry folks, i got interrupted by a soccer coach trying to protect my camera. I thought i was out of the danger zone of the soccer players. I was way behind the goal, but he said that they are going to start some drills. So ask me to move anyway. Where was i do? I recommend it? Absolutely if you can’t, find it and buy it from banggood the price changes up and down for 10 bucks. Even you know, 12 dollars get it.

This is very manual, i think, that’s one of the reasons i love it because it doesn’t have the headless mode which will teach you bad habits, not good. It doesn’t have the altitude hold again. You won’t be able to learn the throttle control with altitude hold. Now it has its own purpose when you are just like learning, but this will make a great learner, maybe a second mini drone to start practicing throttle control start practicing outside. It has not two but three speeds one beeps, two, three beeps the three beats. Look pretty good in the breeze. It has some lights that you may be able to fly at night. I haven’t tested it, but you should be able to see as long as you don’t move it too far away from you. I mean think about the ten dollars that you spend on stupid things right. This is not one of those stupid things. This is a great investment. If you want to get into flying rc aircraft, any of them, you will gain some 3d situational awareness. You know you can rotate. Is it moving away from towards you? Your control start imagining yourself inside the drone, rather than like looking at it? Which way should i turn so? This will come naturally with practicing with this little drone mini drone, and if you are going to get something one of these pay a couple dollars more and get the version with three batteries or just buy some batteries.

This should not be too expensive couple dollars. Each problem get some more get yourself like a power bank and then charge your batteries that you are using on the field. If you have three four batteries, you can fly this thing for the whole day until you are bored to death, but it is good. You can’t fly in indoors. You can fly outdoors perfect. Ten dollar span and i’m really happy that i got the other 11 because uh some some kids are going to very happy and i may be introducing them to rc hobby at least that’s. What i think so two thumbs and eight fingers up for this eachine e009 mini drone. It is fantastic and it was just our first drone in this 10 day challenge. So please stay tuned for the next one tomorrow, which one i’m going to review tomorrow. I’M.