Basically, a ufo uh, pretty cool and what it is is i got one for uh christmas from my uncle and i just wanted to review it and check it out. Real quick. The picture i have up right now is of something i believe its called a scoot uh scoop mini or something, but the one that i have is the force one im pretty sure ive got the force one. I lost the packaging, but you know theyre about the same thing. Really they they act the same. They have little uh cameras, uh like little uh sensors on them, so they dont bump into things now its. So they dont bump into things hard, because its still going to bump into stuff and youll notice. It like write itself in the air if it gets flipped over or sometimes itll just go to the ground. But it goes to the ground pretty softly and its a nice squishy material, so it doesnt hurt itself or anyone else for that matter. Having it fly around the house, it bumped into a couple things and it didnt knock anything over it. Just kind of you know meandered its way around the house, so she has no idea what this is about to do. They have no idea what this is about to do. I hope hes leaving hes leaving too so is the cat everyone just left. No, no! You stay right. There uh cause im gon na turn on the power for this thing and were gon na see what it does huh powers on dont.

Do it: oh god, Music, oh wow, it flips itself back over its coming at me, Music and its dead. Well, that lasted less than a minute, so i decided to bring it to uh a place that would have more room for it to fly around, so it could uh better uh dance around you know without impeding impedaments turn it on and just let it go. It seems to really like the hallways: it didnt want to fly up into the air. It mainly just kind of searched out the hallways and went that way, but see you can see it, how it lightly goes away from the wall and then every once in a while itll actually make contact with the wall, but its pretty ginger the way it does. It and because its so lightweight it doesnt really hurt itself so its not destructive. Overall, i thought it was a fun little experience and i enjoyed it and i think its worth it because its its like under 20 bucks, so its a fun little tool to have and uh play around with yeah my uh, my recommendation would be yeah its worth. It its a fun little uh fun.