I was practicing with one of these mini drones, called the snapton i’m. Definitely going to flip this around because the uh lettering is backwards, but yeah it’s called the snapton drone. Um click on the link below i get a small little bit of commission of it but um. I tell you what learning on these small little micro cine whip drums really helped me a lot saves you a lot of time as far as uh getting out there and practicing as far because this is nothing nothing more than just a toy drone. You don’t have to worry about a camera. The beautiful thing about this drone is, it shows you, duration of your drone. It gets you familiarizing yourself with what’s the front of the drone what’s the rear of the drone. It has a white light, uh red light in the back black propellers for the rear and blue just to help you orientate yourself and how the drone and what what uh heading direction the the drone is facing. Um that’s very important when you’re flying around uh hi. I still get my practice in with this when the weather is looking like this um really enjoy this drone uh it’s about 30 40 bucks. I believe, on the on the website. You get a small little coupon code. I’Ll add the link below um here’s, the controller um i’m, a pincher i’m learning that i’m a pincher not so much a thumber Music, but yeah it’s a great tool um to help you learn.

It has a function of automatic takeoff automatic landing. It hovers um and the beautiful thing about the hover believe it or not. It helps you see which, which angle the wind is hitting the drone at. So you, just literally you just do micro corrections to try to keep the the drone level and uh totally enjoy it. I totally enjoy this this this tool, it’s nothing more than just a practice tool, and the beautiful thing is, if you bump into something you don’t damage the propellers that much i don’t know if you can see it here um. I ran this against the wall and it’s sped up, but it’s cheap and it gets you. It gets you it gets. You fly time. The problem with the big drones is you can’t really fly it indoors. Like the drone, i showed you um, but i highly recommend uh picking one of these up just to get your uh your flight time in um, that’s, really important, uh, yeah, it’s, it’s, small, but it’s the nice thing about these drones too guys it’s, you get your You get your flight time in and it helps it really helps with obstacle avoidance too um, and i i and i and thumb pinching coordination uh, because eventually i want to move to fpv drones. I think those really are really cool, but you know everything is a step in a process, so you got to start small. I i got. I was gifted to that drone, which was really nice, so um yeah, just got ta, be safe and get your practice in it costs really nothing um i’m doing it indoors it bumps into something you won’t, you don’t have to worry about cutting yourself or hurting anybody, Because it has those bumpers there’s a light on it too.

Here we go it flips to it. Does a little cool tricks highly recommend this drone, if you’re, if you’re wanting to practice um, because i i i’ve heard other pilots talk about a you know, if you want to fly these things, get your thumb, your uh, your joystick time in and it’s. True with anything and they’re, literally just micro, just little small little micro corrections or little micro inputs, and you get it it’s much different than playing a video game that’s for sure just to put just as far as the sensitivity goes uh but yeah so it’s. A four axis mini drone. I hit the link in the bottom, so you could pick one up uh, but yeah. Thanks for watching and again comment like and subscribe i’m open to any questions i’m fairly new at this uh this this thing i ended up getting a drone simulator too, so any chance i get. I literally just try to hop on and get get my piloting skill piloting skills in because that’s important, that’s what’s going to save lives and potential injuries too. The more you practice so don’t go a day without trying to practice because you’d be surprised and how how how good you get and i was off and on. But i was off and on about a day or two days, two or three days apart and i was really impressed in how i controlled that big. Drone too, i was like wow this thing’s fun, it’s, easy it’s, not easy, but it’s it’s easier because of the the experience you get so don’t, don’t uh, just don’t discount these small drones and don’t pass them up, because i much rather wreck this than expensive.

Fifteen hundred dollar, twenty thousand dollar, or even thirty thousand dollar drone.