The only issue i have is it doesn’t have a straw and the spout to drink out of is so small. You can’t get much out in each mouthful Music. I am aware it’s meant for kids, but it’s the only decent, beautiful bottle i could find so anyway. I use my own straw, but it doesn’t fit properly, so i can’t put the lid down. So if i am out and about i can’t take the straw, i am disabled so having a bottle like this is very handy, just a shame about lack of straw option. In my opinion, such a brilliant buy my three year old, absolutely loves it, and doesn’t want to use any of her other beakers at all, it’s, so easy to clean and the brush supply is handy to help clean properly upon reading reviews. I was weary because some stated their child choked, whilst drinking out of it, but so far so good as she hasn’t choked, whilst drinking from it plus it’s been dropped a hundred times and hasn’t broken. The design is also very adorable ill, be buying again Music. My five years old daughter is in the habit of dropping and breaking every drinks bottle. We have bought her. The saying goes: you buy cheap, you buy twice or in my case four times Music. Fortunately i came across this product. Yes, it’s a tad pricey for a plastic container that holds water, but it’s fantastic quality comes with a cleaning brush and has a nifty locking mechanism on it.