I dont know what that even means. I thought it was a beef stick, its a honey stick. This is a pretty cool little underpass from the tracks you fit yeah. Is there another car coming nope were here to park at uh, proctor west virginia were gon na. Do a demonstration today and uh were gon na, hopefully answer some questions and fix a problem that we have with our mini 2 drone. We did a video last week about the return to home function of the dji mini 2 drone, and we reveal kind of a problem that weve had ever since ive hit the return to home. For the very first time when i hit return to home on jack. He only turns 90 degrees and then hell return home sideways. We got a couple of comments from a couple of viewers that recommended that we do an imu calibration, so we did a little bit of research and we found out what the imu is. What is it? Emulsify butterfly so the imu is the inertial inertial, not emulsion. I got ta read this emulsify youll be blending, it really good. I got it, you ready, imu imu means inertial measurement unit and what it does is it uses gyroscopes, accelerometers and magnetometers within the unit to detect changes in rotational attributes like pitch roll and yaw as well as acceleration. So i have absolutely no idea what that means, but i think what it means is it basically keeps the drone level and straight were going to go.

Do this calibration and see if we can get this thing fixed, i think you can use the drone as a blender all right. We do want to thank three people uh for the recommendations from last weeks, video we want to thank joe blackman. We want to thank legend pilot theyre, the ones that recommended that we do the imu uh calibration, but then we also want to thank sean from love sundays uh, who recommended that we do a video on it. So thanks guys appreciate your uh, appreciate your input, appreciate your advice and were going to see what happens. Another swing man, my pants, are falling down. So what were going to do right now is were going to demonstrate the smart return to home, where our drone, for some reason comes back home at 90 degrees. So it comes back sideways, so lets demonstrate that just got lightheaded were gon na, go ahead and record. The flight too christy says dont step in the goose poop. All right lets get this thing started up in the air. Take off the home point has been updated. Please check it on the map i like to do this forward backwards, side to side up and down test before we actually take off, because it helps me know that the drone is doing what its supposed to do. All right so weve got all the settings done were all ready to go were going to aim towards the river were in normal mode and im gon na keep it in normal mode, so lets lift up to about a hundred feet, give or take.

I think a hundred feet is good enough. You think 100 feets good enough honey, well get the gimbal set down to about 10 degrees. That seems to be a pretty good. A pretty good angle. Let me go 150 feet because theres some pretty tall trees here 400 is good. Were gon na go 150 feet up and were going to go south? Is this south were gon na go south along the ohio river theres geese over there gon na go out about? I dont know six or seven hundred feet going out about 21 miles, an hour which is the normal mode speed a few hundred feet out. Man, those trees are tall. What do you think, maybe 800 feet theres a lot of traffic going past, so im, not sure if you can even hear what im saying well go out to 800 feet or so all right. The drone is right. There im gon na im gon na, raise it up to 170 im gon na go ahead and raise it up to like 170.. I guess, if i hit return to home its gon na its gon na, do that anyway, all right lets hit return to home. Well demonstrate the return of home im gon na cover the speaker on the back of this uh controller, so its not as loud this time, thanks guys, all right, so lets hit return to home, go home, hes turning hes turning 90 degrees and hes starting to come Back so its still doing it sideways hes, coming back sideways at 20 miles an hour im trying to cover up the speaker, but its still pretty loud and there he is im going to turn him back forward.

So we get a view of the river, so were about halfway back hes, almost right overhead, already hes passing us hes pretty much right overhead now! Well, let him let him land see how close he is to the pad actually well lets check that out its not that close, all right so now, im going to do the imu calibration got to have the drone folded up like this. In order to do this, but you hit the three dots you scroll down to imu normal you hit, calibrate and hit start and itll just give you the prompts, and you just got ta follow the prompts so were at 94 95. This says place the aircraft on the flat. I guess its the right side. I thought there was an alligator left side. I think theres up. I think this is the last part im not sure, though 97 98. Oh, we got to put it upside down and 98 percent. This is a pretty easy thing to do restarting aircraft. Let me turn it up on its right side. Hopefully this was a success were gon na post this video, even if, even if this doesnt work, calibrations successful, so thats pretty cool, so i think weve done calibrated it were gon na go, do one more test with the return to home and uh, hopefully guys this Works well see and since weve recalibrated, the imu lets go ahead and give this another shot so were gon na record.

I think im screen, recording yeah im screen, recording im going to get the drone started, take off get them up in the air Music. Let me check the satellites, real, quick theres, a bug that just wont leave my leg alone. Weve got 16 satellites, i think were good there. My phone screen just went dark all right. We just have to keep the drone within uh within sight, thats a given so well go up to. I can see the screen a little bit. Well, go back up to 150 feet. How far out did we go honey? 800? Okay, no, okay, theres a fly! Thats! Really tearing me up right now, all right we got to fly that way into the wind. We got ta go the same direction. All right lets go, lets go for it were still in normal mode. Keep our eyes on jack got butterfly butterfly reminds me of somebody. I can see the uh. I can see the screen a little bit better now so thats good about 400 feet out, got about 400 feet to go and were going to hit return to home, and i i hope that this works. I would love for this to be the solution that weve been looking for since uh. I dont know january may april march, im about as good with months as i am with math. All right so were 800 feet out. Im gon na hit return to home. Here we go, you ready, go home hes.

Turning turning turning turning turning turning turning turning. Oh, he stopped at 90 degrees again back on it that didnt work. I have no idea what the solution is. Then i knew this imu thing was gon na work. Man, it made sense, but it didnt work im just gon na. Let him fly home backwards, then well, thats, a result right christy went to the swing set, shes shes lost interest, guys you see where we are in relation to the pad, go to the right. A little bit go ahead and pull him to the right. Just a hair looks like hes, pretty far away, probably just have to hand catch him, im, not sure where that beeping comes from either. I thought my finger was over the speaker, but its not and its starting to sprinkle on us its actually raining now guys, im gon na tap the cancel landing im just gon na land them in my hand, and call this today, softly windy, come on buddy there. You go all right, good job, well, thats a result, not the result. I was expecting yet again how come im always wrong with this stuff, all right guys. Well, even though that wasnt a success, it was still a lot of fun to do, and we again want to thank you guys for your comments and for your ideas. So if you have any other ideas that might fix this problem, just leave them down. In the comments maybe well readdress it in the future and well try one of your ideas for a future video.