Since my android content on lychee and people wanted to know, when is the ios version coming out for mini 2 mini se and air 2s users and the answer is its available right now, so if you already own lychee and you have one of those three drones, I just mentioned you can now use lychee with those three drones, as well as the other compatible drones that are already ready to be used, but the mini 2, the mini se and the air 2s are all ready to be used now for ios users, Music. I have already posted a few android videos showcasing how the mini 2 and the mini se perform through lychee on android devices, and it was a flawless experience. I really enjoyed it. Some of the feedback i got was that people wanted to see more movement for the following modes. They didnt just want me to be walking around so for this video with the mini 2 ive got me on a bike trying to really push the limits of the tracking or the following mode here to really see how well it can perform and then, with the Mini se, ive got the drone actually tracking a car tracking my car as im driving down this really awesome like empty road, so hopefully thats some more movement that can show you how powerful light she is with the follow mode and in this video, like i said This is specifically for ios users, who are interested in getting lychee for their mini 2.

Music. One thing i found really interesting is that the tracking mode is promoted more so than the following mode, but im actually really impressed by the following mode. The reason its so impressive and so flawless is that its actually using the mobile devices gps and altitude sensors, so instead of using an algorithm instead of the actual camera picking up on a subject you drawing around the box on that subject and then the drone. Actually, you know trying to keep an eye on that box. Basically, now that becomes really confusing when the environments change it becomes confusing when it goes behind a tree and then your drone just stops following you. So, for me, the tracking modes, just arent, that reliable and i dont really enjoy using them, but the following mode, on the other hand, is just unbelievably reliable and consistent as long as youve got a signal as long as youve actually got that connection point and the Mobile device, gps is working, you have no issues and it can track you. You know, through trees and through anything thats in the way you can have zero line of sight as such, like no visibility of the subject that its actually tracking, which is your phone basically but amazingly enough. It just keeps tracking you, through all of the trees and obstacles that are in your way. I do still get a little bit nervous when im using a third party application like lychee, with one of my drones, purely because it is a third party application.

At the end of the day, you just dont know what to expect so make sure if you are to use this, make sure youre being safe, make sure youve tested it before, and you know how to pause the operation make sure you know how to take control Of your drone and pause the actual following mode, so it doesnt continue to follow you after your lets, say its flying too close to something and you decide: okay, im just going to stop recording but its going to continue following you. So you need to make sure you know where that stop button is for the following mode, and i think once youve got an idea of how to use your drone with the lychee application. It then just becomes so much fun. I was really excited to test this out. While i was riding my bike today, because i havent really had a chance to test the following mode with something thats moving a lot faster. Previously, i might jog – or i might just walk around a field test it with some trees, but to actually test it when im on a bike going relatively fast, turning corners. Turning around changing the direction that the drone is tracking me, whether thats from the front, the left, the right or from the rear, it was a really cool test to see how well the mini 2 could perform the following functionality. Before i get deeper into the following functionality that lychee offer to many two users, i do want to give a massive shout out to our sponsor today, which is the fearless drone academy, its the ultimate online drone course for beginners.

So if you or someone you know is a beginner just got a drone or youre terrified to fly it after maybe a recent crash, or you just have no idea how to actually fly the drone because they never teach you how to fly the drone. You just buy the drone, and then you dont really know what to do, which is always a terrible position to be in for anyone out there so thats. Why i decided to make a course that literally has everything you need insights and guidance from a drone expert. Its got so much content and, honestly by the end of it, you will feel fearless and ready to take on any flight. So if you do want to sign up to the fearless drone academy or if you know someone that is a beginner who might enjoy this, then go to use the code dans tube upon checkout and youll save 10 off the course. Moving back to the following functionality: through the lychee application, i found that the mini 2 did a great job of following the controller or following the mobile device gps. It really did a great job. I never had any issues with it dropping out or anything like that, which i wasnt expecting to anyway, but it just did a great job with everything i chucked at it. One thing i did notice that was different to the android version, though, is on the android version. You actually have like a compass design, so when youre choosing the heading, which is basically the direction that the drone will be following, you from you, actually have basically a circle like a compass design.

That shows you which direction the drone is going to be following you from its a lot more visual, its a lot more like its easier to actually read that information at a glance. But for whatever reason on the ios version, you just have a slider. So you just slide between basically the different tracking points, so whether you want to be following from the rear, whether you want to be following from the front, the left or the right or a different angle, from that the thing thats just a little confusing is the Language theyve used, so they refer to it as leash or lead. Now i just like the compass design on android, because its so much clearer and easier to see at a glance. I hope this is something that they add to ios. I dont really understand why its not there. I had to look through the settings and i couldnt enable it anywhere but thats a minor, minor issue, because once i actually figured out what it all meant and what leash was and what lead was, and you know how to actually make sense of what im actually Setting up with the drone, it did a fantastic job, it kept the height perfectly. I was really impressed with how accurate the following mode was and how on point, it was with everything that i actually put in to the settings so in terms of the height thats, something thats so important to me, because ive set the height above the trees above Buildings, above anything that it might crash into and thats something that always worries me that its not actually going to be able to keep that point or it may lets say, assess that im going down a hill, even though im not – and i always worry that its – Maybe going to have a bit of an issue with the height, but honestly i hadnt i like my eye on that, because i was curious to see how it went and it went within like point one of a meter like it was so accurate that i found It never never had.

Issues like it may have dropped down by point two of a meter at times point three, but for the most part it was pretty much bang on every single time and it did a great job of keeping the distance as well. Even though i was on a bike going like relatively fast, you know like not crazy fast, but i was still impressed that it was able to keep that accuracy throughout all the maneuvers. I put it through now. One thing: youll notice as im adjusting the heading. The drone basically swings around to the location that youve set. So if you want it to be at the lead, then itll be right at the front of you as the pilot as the controller, and it will start following you from the front. Now i was pretty impressed with how this worked. I did notice it occasionally swayed a little bit which is kind of expected in the early stages. You know there will be some more improvements and updates to the ios version of lychee, but i did find it was great with every other maneuver. You know when it was on the left, the right or from the rear. It did a really great job. I found that it was pretty much flawless all the time, the only time it had some issues or it got a little bit confused, which i thought was actually a really good test was, as i would turn the corner.

So i turn left around the corner and then i turn right around another corner. The drone would still try to figure out which way the controller or the mobile phone was facing. So youd find that it would kind of have some stuttery movements and then it might swing around to reassess the situation. So if i had it set at the lead point and then it got confused because i turned to the left, it might then try to move around me again and then once it settled out again, it would just swing back and the footage didnt look great for Those transitions, but it was still impressive that it got to the point that it you know that i actually set it to it. Just took a little bit longer because it got a little confused but yeah no major issues. It still did exactly what i wanted it to do. The other thing i love about the settings is that you can literally just use the slider to change the height and the distance, so that can actually create a very unique revealing shot. It can kind of create a smooth movement as well as following you, so it does create a whole new, like element of movement for the drone, which i really like, because you wouldnt be able to get these kind of movements with the dji fly app. You definitely wouldnt be able to move. You know in multiple directions, so you cant, move up and further away from you, while youre adjusting the heading and the way that its following you, because theres no following mode for mini 2 through the dji app so thats.

So cool that you can have all of this functionality and it does work relatively flawlessly like unless youre turning lots of corners and it gets confused. It really does a fantastic job in all the scenarios i put it in. I was also really impressed when i had the drone off to the left or to the right of me. It actually did a great job of keeping me in the center of the frame. I thought thats, where it was actually going to struggle a fair bit because obviously im moving at a particular pace, whatever that may be, and then the drones trying to keep me in the middle while flying. You know on an angle, sideways and keeping focused on the actual controller, keeping that speed that high everything you know. This is quite a complex experience if you imagine how theyve programmed this its got to keep all of those like data points on point really, you know its got to keep the distance right the height right. Its also got to continue to follow you and keep you in the middle of the frame, and it really does an amazing job. I was quite impressed with how it did those side on profile shots. I actually preferred those um when i was doing this test there, because they do give a unique perspective, but then its also really cool to have those leading shots, because its very hard, if you would imagine to be you, know, riding a bike and also trying to Get those shots of the drone following you or in front of you flying backwards, i mean you can try it, but its probably not going to do an amazing job.

So the fact that you can get these unique shots and just one person, its literally just me out there tapping on buttons having fun and i can get some really unique shots from the lychee application. So if you havent heard of lychee or if you have heard of lychee and youre really keen to get it on your ios device, i will have those links below to check it out on ios and android. Some of the other features that are available are waypoint mode. You get panorama mode track mode, follow mode, vr mode as well as focus mode, so theres a bunch of other features within those modes as well. But i just wanted to mention that it is a comprehensive application, even though its a paid application youre getting features in here that you would not be able to get with your mini 2 or your mini se. In this video i was using my iphone xs max. I just thought id: let you guys know that ive had a few people ask me what device im using, but all the compatibility of the devices and the drones will be available through laichis website, as well as on the app store and play store, but im using The xs max, which isnt a new new phone – you know its been out for years now and it still performs perfectly well. The gps works great. The altitude sensors everything works great with those following modes, so just keep an eye on that check.

It out check the compatibility to make sure that your device will work and then it will hopefully function properly in the way that you expect it to before. You actually pay for this application, but that is the end of this video im very impressed. Like i said with the following mode overall, i was really impressed with how light she handled the ios sdk, as well as the mini 2 and the mini se, which ill mention in my mini se. Video so therell be all my separate thoughts over there, but the mini 2 did a fantastic job. It did everything that i wanted and expected it to do and again, like i said, very impressive that this is able to happen. You know like this is impressive programming and an impressive flight controller that gives you so many new options that really bring life to a drone like the mini 2 that you know you might have got over, you might be bored of the mini 2 right now and Its just sitting collecting dust, but an application like this opens up all of these new options and it creates a whole new experience for you so anyway. Thank you so much for watching this video. I really do appreciate all of your support.