I never fly with people, so i need you guys to i dont even know about setting channels. You cant be on the same channel right. You just want to pick channels like so. If theres four of us wed, probably fly channels, one three, five and seven, i call one shotty three taken one. You know ill, take five, no ill! Do that, for you do you want to you know its? You know its crazy. I just want you to have this button on the side with the dji digital fpv system, because its never been easier to change channels available on rotowright.com. It is Music, this happened and then i just never wore them out in public. But then i happened to be wearing them and my buddy was like: where did you get those pants and i was like? No, i actually just was painting and he thought they were like designer painted pants and i im trying wearing them. Do these look good or bad, i mean i just assumed you picked them up while youre down here at some fancy shop. Are you serious, yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah? Should i wear these pants out in public or not you do you youre wearing them in public yeah, yeah youre not well shoot. Now, im really gon na choice. Now ive never heard of painted pants being a fashion statement. Oh well, listen guys! These pants are available on rotorite.com hundred dollars, just that no, these, these pants that pair the one hes wearing by these pants ill take them yeah ill leave them with the one place.

Youre not supposed to go well drew didnt want channel five, so i took it. Oh my gosh, and then he was on channel five hes in the one place you really shouldnt go i mean we see signs every now and then that say no trees, passing and stuff, but like electrical dangers, stay away. Applause. Thank you really appreciate that Music. Why is there security whats happening, yeah, hes kind of looking into it now, but i guess i have no other options right now. So is this is this? Where were going there? Okay, any spots better than no spot, you do not fit like. Should we do this? Instead of the ranch, i think this is a better spot for the ranch sure all right. Everyone thinks that this show is just like super smooth, and that was that what they came here they dont want to hear us just complain about our job. Our awesome dream job of like driving around to cool spots and flying is really hard, and i know we make it look really easy, but like sometimes its its stressful, they dont they dont you dont care about that they dont want interesting. I think its interesting. I guess i mean i assumed i would show up and wed have like a manager who, like goes to the spots and like finds them all and theyre all like legit and ready to go and weve got like sponsors there. Is that what you actually thought? I figured there was catering right like um what you actually thought, probably have some dps on site.

I just assumed this was a big production youre on youtube Laughter. You heard me, people watch youtube. Music were going to go to this. One abandoned ranch place, but we realized that on the way there we are right at this three whole spot and guys this three hole spot is one of my favorite spots in california, its just like super tight, but really flowy. So i brought the guys here and were going to hopefully get some awesome, freestyle Music, so Music Music lets get the party Music Music Music. You got something good. I mean happy with my clip um relative to your clips, like i dont think you know like, like youve crushed this spot, like everything that you could do here. Hes already done so like i dont, really know that im gon na come in here and do anything thats like gon na blow anyones mind unless they havent seen your video, so dont watch bobbys video, yet watch it dont enjoy this video and then, if you want More go watch barbies, video, Music Music. He just did the whole rail Music. Moving on moving on Music, wow, Music, Music, me Music, oh Music, Music, Music, uh, Music, Music, Laughter dude. That was a perfect lineup too. I just i knew i wasnt gon na have enough power to pull out, though, because it was from the moon, sean that was one of the hardest crashes ive seen and heard third person. Oh, my god, okay see you cant break the skyliner, the gopro still recording.

That was from the move. Man it literally hit the engine you got. Ta have durable equipment if youre gon na fly like that, i fly like i dont really care. If the drone hit as long as i make the trick one time out of 10 im good, this episode is going to be super great. We flew a lot of awesome freestyle spots and you know we have like the best parts in the world here and they are absolutely shredding the spot: hey, Music, no, Music, Music Applause, Music. So this looks good or not. You look great, drew okay, okay, keep it up, i think its its about how you wear it.