It goes now ready one two three, oh, my god, Music Applause Music were getting coffees. Wow, dude thats, a lot of milk caught in our faces. Music wave free fly sent us this camera and it does one thing very very well and that shoot super slow motion were not talking like 120 240 iphone frame rates come on were talking, crazy were talking 4k 448. 2K. 1440, not 1440p, 1440 frames per second. So a lot of filmmakers like ourselves, dont, really get a chance to shoot super slow mo. Yes, you can shoot 4k. 60. 1080. 120.. Very few cameras even do 4k 240.. So this does double that in 4k. Yes, its 12 000, but i think the closest competitor to this is the phantom flex or something yeah, and that thing starts at like 100k. This camera is really cool because its such a niche camera. It does one thing really well because of that i think its fun to build like a project or a video around what it does so today were out here, obviously going to get to some funny clips, but were also going to shoot a spec running company caleb And i both like to run so weve got some running shoes and were gon na shoot like a fake spec ad, like you would actually for the shoe brand using this camera. Getting rowdy dude so hack on this camera. To get the highest quality 2k is to actually shoot 4k by 1088p, so its gon na be really wide and really skinny, and then you can crop into the 2k.

That was a hot tip from free fly, because the 2k in camera is typically for scientific purposes. Only if you dont care about the image quality – and you really want to use this to like watch a molecule break apart or something sciencey or a motor shake or propellers how they spin uh thats. Why you use the 2k really high frame rate, but right now were going to shoot 4k by 1088, so really skinny and then 833 frames per second okay, Music. Okay, so we broke the monitor shout out to the atomos shinobi monitor for not being waterproof at all. So lets get to the running spec ad, all right shot, one for the commercial here we go here is the shoe the on something clout whats, it called cloud ultra, pretty good. Looking shoe first shot, we have is, were gon na start the clip with it tossing up so a cool, slow motion, just spinning through the air Music when youre shooting products. You want the products to look as nice as possible. The shoe is looking a little frumpy. Some stuffing socks nice, ideally its like spoons, Music, oh man, it looks good when it gets close like that. That was sick, okay, shot one done slum. A product boom in dirt flies off the shoe yeah rolling. That and just do it sideways, like youre. Coming back on the trail, i didnt even watch the frame because i launched both of us.

Oh what that frame is insane. I impressed my boss. Okay, so were gon na shoot the opposite direction on the trail, so we have some flexibility in post. I think we definitely have it there that was sick. This thing is so much fun. Okay, i know like earlier. In the day i was less comfortable with it now im flipping around this single dial, its so easy. You just hit record. You can basically view every single shot after and make sure you got it, which is so fun uh, but i got kind of a pov like i twisted the camera and it looks a little bit like uh. What are those called the drones that it looks like it looks like an fpv drone, but its handheld with this, and because the bush, because the bush is in the foreground, you just feel all the movement like youre, really sensitive yeah, also caleb brought like four beanies And they all have lenses in them. Dont tell them that also keep your uh keep the dust out of the desert. Hold it upside down. Yeah lets see how it looks if on doesnt want to buy this uh film from us, then theyre crazy. Then its content for dad stride so no worries dude, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, oh yeah, dude. You look strong dude, you sure youre not ready for your 50k. All right. We got a couple more shots. I think right now we are. We have a clip of me in the bushes a lot of cool foreground elements, and then we have me hitting this dirt when my toe leaves you see dirt.

Just like, like you hear the sound effects like you see the drama in it. So now, though, the trick we really want this shot, where its almost a full foot so 50 mil in the frame as he goes up right cause this whole spec ad is about the shoe, so its very shoe focused so its gon na be pretty much all Shoe and the last shot will be a wide of me with the logo, give myself a touch more grace, yeah. Ah good, lord okay, i got ta, i got ta be ahead of the movement yeah. I dont know why its like the hardest, like this video, okay, i think we wrapped, i think it was im happy with some of those shots, dude right that either. I think overall, the dad strides on moment collab its its a hit whats successful, yeah uh. The cameras i got like when were comfortable throughout the day using it too, so thank you, freefly for sending this to us. If you guys are interested in the camera, obviously its linked below but um without further ado, should we roll the film here is the final spec ad? Hopefully we dont know what it looks like right now, but hopefully we sauced it up in the edit. Let us know, in the comments make sure to subscribe, check out the new channel as well: okay, bye, Music, Music, Music, so were back toothpaste, toothpaste now, youre good. I look handsome i cleaned up too miles is a celeb down here in uh yeah san clemente.

How great is she at talking isnt that just crazy, she can say so many words, Applause? Are you taking photos of daddy, yeah, nice, wow, youre, awesome kind of camera? Is that its pink did? You guys need any help today. Um were just were making a camera housing yeah so like what you would do for the shoe is like right there. That was a test clip for what were going for right, its kind of sick with, because youre front focus. So, look at all those sparkles dude that looks so. Okay play click the button down once okay. Here it goes, you see the frame, click it down. Real, quick, wow youve got really deep eye. Sockets, i know just so you know were real, were real as heck around here two full whole milk. We asked for 12 ounce. She gave us 16.