Isn’T that true led lights are freaking awesome and there have been various attempts to add led lights to quadcopters. But none have been as freaking cool as the product that we’re looking at right now and the product we’re going to look at today. And that is the gemfan moonlight props. These are led light up props and, as you’re going to see, gemfan has solved one of the big challenges with getting props to light up so we’re going to take a look at how gemfan has done what they’ve done, how it all goes together and uh. Yeah i’m joshua, bardwell and you’re going to learn something today. This project is near and dear to my heart, because i was involved in a rotorite episode where we tried to make led light up props and what we did is probably what you would do if you were trying to do this, we took a little tiny, tiny Leds and we glued them to the prop itself, and then we tried to find a way uh to put a battery somehow up here on the hub, so that it could power the leds and it was a disaster gluing. The leds on just a just so much work and to their credit they stayed on, but then getting the battery. These things are spinning at like 30 000 rpm. If the battery was even slightly off balance, it all just went bonkers. It was a mess and that’s one of the reasons i’m, so impressed with what gem fan has done.

They have come up with a much much more clever way of doing this, so what gemfan has done is i’m going to show you how it goes together, but they have put the led here in the hub facing outward and they have put a a. I don’t know what you want to call it it’s not printed. I i think they have like embedded inside the plastic or something these little markers that then scatter the light from the led and cause the prop to light up, and you may notice well there’s, only one led and only one prop lights up: yeah it’s, spinning at 30, 000 rpm it’ll be fine, but this is a really really elegant solution. It means that the props themselves are the same, prop pretty much that you would be using any other time. There is a little bit of material removed from the hub to make room for the battery and the led to slide down in, but so so, presumably the hub may be just a little bit less durable than if it had all the plastic there. But overall, this is a really clever solution, so let’s see how it all goes together. This right here is a tiny, flexible, pcb it’s got the led on it here and it’s got an on off button. Here there was a v1 of these props that didn’t have an on off button and basically you just ran until the battery died. Jim fan added an on off button, so that’s pretty nice and that led is going to slide down into this recess facing out and then fold down, and there are some alignment tabs right here that this will fit down over to help keep it into place.

Next, we need some batteries and gemfan does not ship these with batteries, because that would make the shipping more complicated um the batteries are here, are the batteries you need. I just bought this 10 pack off amazon. Now this battery has a positive and a negative side. This is the negative side here and the flat side here is the positive when you install these in the hub. The positive side faces in towards the shaft the negative side faces out towards the tip of the prop. The props come with these little copper sheets here, and one of them has a little v shaped cutout and one does not you’re going to take the one with a little v shaped cutout and you’re, going to kind of push that tab inward. So it protrudes a little bit and that’s going to make sure it makes good contact with the battery we’re then going to put the positive terminal of the battery against that little tab and the flat one right there and we got to install this inside the prop I’M, not actually sure what’s going to be the best way to do this new shape. Tab against the hub positive goes in. Oh here we go, this is going to be the way to do it and then the one without the tab goes on the outside and what i don’t know how well the camera is going to pick this up, but these tiny little tabs here are making contact With this trace to allow the current to flow and do that same thing on the other side, okay let’s see if we can do it more efficiently, bend the tab put this one on the inside: oh yeah, it seats down in there real good that’s that’s.

Clearly, the best way to do it take the battery put the positive terminal of the battery facing the hub and press it in and then take one of the flat sheets without the little: u shape tab and put it on the outside and push it down. Oh yeah that’s that’s much easier. Now at this point uh you may think that it would turn on and work, but i think it has to be all squooshed together to actually work. So i’m gon na put this on a quadcopter and they come with these little plastic tabs which again these have the same three alignment holes. So those are going to line up with the pins on the on the hub i’m, just going to do a visual confirmation that the pins are lined up, they don’t yeah. They don’t really stick in there that hard. But if you were to crank down the nut without the pins lined up, of course, you’d have a problem and then oh, it turned on there. You go and i guess to turn it off. I see it’s the pressure. I see the pressure of the nut turns the turns the button on. I haven’t quite figured that out yet until this very moment and we take the nut off, i see we got to lift this up there. We go that way. You don’t kill your uh battery anyway. Those are the gem fan, moonlight props, v2 and, if you’re looking to get led on your quadcopter, this is this might be the coolest way to do it.

Um yeah, you can put leds on other parts of the quad, but there’s. Nothing like a great big circular. Prop disk lit up through the air, really nothing matches it so links in the video description. If you want to pick these up thanks to gem fan for coming up with this really cool way of making this happen – and i got ta say thanks to rotor riot and specifically chad capper the whole time we were making that rhodoride episode, and it was a Lot of work and an enormous pain in the butt to get those to work i kept saying is this: even that cool? Is this going to be a good episode like and i have to say, and he kept chad capri kept saying? Yes, this is awesome. This is going to be great and um. I have to say that he was right. I still don’t know if it was worth all the trouble we went to, but now that gem fans made it easy. Yes, this was really freaking cool chad. You you you all right, well, that’s, going to do it for this video thanks for watching chad. Capper was right about something happy.