I will tell you about this. Eachine model 520 s drone. It is a cheap drone because it costs less than 100 euros and is the best drone with the lowest price I have seen so far online. In fact, it has. The gps has a 4k camera, but not stabilized, so I feel a little affected by the movements and having the gps obviously has all those functions that characterize drones, equipped with gps. So the return home stabilization in fact remains perfectly still floating in the air. At the point in where we leave it is in case of need, it returns exactly to the point from which a small economic drone took off the act, both those who want to learn how to use it and have all the characteristics that the superior quality drones Have obviously removing the quality of the recovery by removing some another detail, but we are spending less than 100 euros, unlike the present of a DJ. Who is the rich in features that a camera has a stabilized that shoots with a really high video quality but costs about four times as much? So if you want to learn how to use an outdoor area and are looking for a drone, that is not exactly a toy, but we have to add height and all the respect and equally abundant distances. Then this drone can certainly do for you equipped with a radio control to which you can obviously connect the mobile phone and which allows us to see from the phone display everything that needs to be captured by the camera one day with an SD card.

That is inserted in the lower part. once connected to the computer. We will have the high resolution footage now. We will see some footage that I did in this month of use and already, but before moving on to the video shooting, we look at the package with which it is sold. It is a box with the illustrations. Some information on the lower part then informs us that it is a gift, is equipped with gps, a the key for the return home, the driving mode without head, then airless the control function of the same, a camera in hd and the speed control inside the package. We find the radio control with these two antennas that open in this way, four par. It is there that the drone in question opens simply by overturning these arms and in this way, turning it on and ready to fly to photograph the radio control and drone association. You must first turn on the radio control will emit a beep when the drone is switched on will emit other VIPs that there confirm the association in this way they are already associated now. All that remains is to search for the wifi network generated by the drone and then connect the mobile phone to the drone. Once the wifi network is generated, then just click on it to connect then open. The application it is already in this mode is connected which allows us to see on the display of our phone what the camera takes as it sees In this case, the resolution compared to the one where it showed some time ago is already much higher.

Unfortunately, the camera can only be oriented manually in this way, then orient it up or down with an angle of about 45 degrees for how much it concerns the shot downwards, and we can raise it by framing it even slightly in the other, but unfortunately, with a Shot that is not facing down during the flight, you also take the propellers, it can be a pleasant thing or not, but honestly, based on the type of shot could be ruined. I have to admit that some videos made with the shooting of the propellers. However, he was sincerely sorry. They reminded me a little of the shots of the walls made on the plane. Lets look at the application on the upper left side. It gives us the altitude and the distance at which the drone is located. With respect to us, information on the speed and information on the satellites that it hooks with the gps in this m, oment is not connecting because we are inside the battery charge level. This is the signal strength. This instead is a gear that is the possibility to enter some settings regarding the type of command so in way 1 way. Two c was the possibility of interacting on the various heights, the type of map that we can see, then standard, hybrid, etc. and then some settings concerning the camera so whether to see the preview in hd or in full hd on the mobile phone or, if you Turn the shot upside down.

This is the map that appears on the top right corner. You can click on it to reverse the type of shot. Then we can have the map view in full on the mobile phone and see it about what is being filmed or vice versa. We could invert the type of shot we could even controlling the drone via these virtual joysticks. However, I absolutely do not recommend it, because it is not very practical. This instead is a function that allows us to pass some stunts to the drone. Honestly, I have not even tried it because these things I do not like these commands for landing the as the command for take off, and this is the command that divides the screen. There gives the possibility to see in vr mode – and this is the gallery that everything that has been taken – this is the one that is currently the only photo that has remained saved on the mobile. These are the videos that have been downloaded via wi fi on the mobile, and these instead are the videos present on the memory card. Through these commands, we can take photographs or record videos, and through this rate, we return to the main menu which gives us the possibility to choose. Among all the various gifts of the pershing brand are really many more or less complex, and the ours is the 520 being. It is distinguished from 520 by the type of camera resolution, so we click on, go, fly and ask us if the drone has already been calibrated gl, i say no and asks us to rotate the drone clockwise until the calibration confirmation appears on the display regarding this Type of rotation, the beep changes type of rotation asks us to rotate it in this way.

Ok now it is calibrated, continue to do the recipe of the gps signal, but here it does not take well, so it will not hook up to any satellite, and now we look closely at the remote control, while standing the drone to avoid giving some wrong command And make it take off which inside the laboratory, then these are the joysticks in mode 2. We have the possibility to make the drone raise it lower. It rotate it on itself to the left, make it go back and forth or make it move left or right. These accounts are used for calibration headless driving, make it go home, take off landing, l, switching on and off the stop button, which must be used in an emergency, turns off the drone and makes it fall in the event of where there should be any danger. This is the rate to be able to take videos. This is the case to be able to take photographs with this is instead we change type of speed. At the first press, we will hear a geek confirming that the clone is flying at the lowest speeds, taking it again put in two bits that confirms us. The drone will have an average speed by pressing again put at three beeps, which will be of the maximum speed on the back. We have the housing for the mobile phone, but, despite being very large, as you can see, there is a risk that they would come off made a groove, something that would hold him still would have been better.

In fact, it happened to me a couple of times that he took off is taken from he slips off closing the phone falls for carla, so I printed this gadget in 3d. That allows me to use the even larger phones, so I can now easily mount larger phones by placing them above the the inside of the remote control. There are 4 stylus type batteries that are inserted inside this flap once this life is unscrewed, and I have already used it many times again or three tacs out of four. So, in any case, they have a very high autonomy instead, for, as far as the drone is concerned, the battery must be positioned in the back. It takes about a couple of hours to recharge and I was able to fly even for 20 minutes, but without exaggerating with the flight so doing a little relaxed flight. I managed to push myself up to almost 20 minutes. I remember well. R1. 18 minutes. These are the two antennas, and this is at the input for the micro sd card, on which the videos and photos are recorded and then to be able to download them. You have to connect it directly to the computer. You can use microsd cards with a maximum of 32 gigabytes of capacity. The weight is less than 250 grams, so it is possible to drive it even without a license on the front. We do not have sensors, even if they remember the sensors of the dj.

Instead, in reality, they are two LEDs. It is only very useful because also on the lower part, there are two blue LEDs. So during the flight, even at night, we can distinguish which is the front part of the back being able to orient it correctly for the flight. The surface is soft pleasant to the touch currently a bit abused, because although I did fly a lot – and I have to be honest – it never gave me any problem, maybe every now and then, when I walked away tie it happened that the video then the preview On the mobile phone was not very fluid, however, it never lost the signal as well, because the maximum height reached was 80 meters, so it can safely keep signaled smoothly, and now we can really see the videos recorded during the flight and the videos taken by the Built in camera on the women I made you shooting the drone during its flight, and these are the shots taken with the video camera. A integrated on the throne should have a resolution of 4k, even if objectively, you do not appreciate that dot. You saw at the bottom right was me from a distance of about 80 meters. As you can see, there are a bit of bases and the quality is not the maximum, but for such a low figure sincerely at these shots, no drone offers them. This is instead, a test of reactivity to the drone commands during the flight is objectively responds very well and reacts quickly, and now we take a flight on the bed of a river that it seemed much more fascinating to me seen from human height.

But once I got up in flight, I was a bit disappointed, even in this case, as you can see, there are many jolts, unfortunately, not being stabilized when it rises, as in this case 80 meters high. Unfortunately, the wind influences and therefore these movements are seen so jerky, even if now the reproduction is accelerated to 6, but in any case the movements are perceived for perfectly and they are definitely not pleasant and now lets enjoy some night flight. As you can see, the blue lights allow us to perfectly identify the position of the drone. Now lets do a displacement test and I will try to stop you near an obstacle that the gift and reacts perfectly so I I get up in flight to perform some night shots. The first shot that comes to mind is that of take off in reverse. I really like this guy who shot during this video. You have already seen him several times now. We also see some night panoramic shots. Lets see how he behaves. Shooting poor visibility, as you can see, the panorama is certainly pleasant. However, the camera video camera certainly does not have a very bright brightness. However, it allows us to take advantage of the video I said a little while ago, for we would certainly not be able to obtain with cheaper drones that I realized that this drone not having excellent quality, certainly offers us the possibility of making shots that are really Pleasant is to be shared on social networks that also to be kept as a souvenir.

These other flight shots were instead made on a very windy day. Look at how the trees and plants move in general. I wanted to test its ability to remain stabilized thanks to the gps, actually, mud stall. You can see that it is fatigue, but it still remains stable. In one point, it does not literally move, despite the gusts of wind, very, very accentuated, so I decided to take a flight and get away even with this wind and the shots of the state are the ones you saw a little while ago above the olive grove, But the story changes completely when the wind drops look at how it remains perfectly still above me, when there is no wind another take off in reverse at the bottom right. You see the my shot as the shot moves away, but look at this little dot and the drone and it gets further and further away. I have to am put that the drone still flies with a lot of stability. Now the time has come anyway to return to the base, so I make it land on the roof of the car right in front of tripods. It has taken its flight back to you and then guys. So what to say about this group, as you have seen, bona well stabilized lifts off with a height respectable enough to get away and allows us to get the shots that, even if they are not stabilized received in sectoral area.

So sharing on social or a simple reminder that in our holiday go just fine. What that I really liked the fact that it is perfectly stabilized. So once you leave the inner controls, it stops in the exact point where it is, and that allows us to learn how to use a drone having the real commands of a drone that can much more and us eventually allows you to take a next step by Buying a higher quality drone, so lets say a school drone that allows us to learn, but it can also be a drone that already has good quality. Drones wants to support its fleet to expand it or, in any case, to use it in those points where it is better to use a drone that does not cost so much said. I hope that the you liked the video I remember that they leave you the link to be able to buy it. I also remember to write to you my channel put me trips to the video I have always liked you found it useful click on the bell to activate the notifications and see you all in the next uploads hello from riccardo.