If youre new here consider, subscribing and drop a comment below so we can welcome you also below youll, find show notes some links and also some goodies, so be sure to check those out check out these beautiful flutes made by ron stutz of native sunrise. Flutes ron came on my radar a little while ago, and we started carrying his flutes after a few students of mine introduced me to him and talked so much about their or his flutes and um. I was gon na set that down and uh. They were just going on and on about it i was like i got ta, get a hold of this guy and see what his flutes are all about. So today i have a couple of flutes that i want to show you weve got one in the key of a. This is a mid, a made from maple an f sharp from walnut and then one of his drones, and there are two different finishes on these flutes. The a and the f sharp have a lacquer finish, and the drone is less shiny and just has an oil and wax finish okay, so this is the key of a and one thing that i really like. Look at that you know what this stuff is called. You start were starting to see some more of this stuff on uh flutes. This is lichenberg burning and it can be. It can be a little bit dangerous if you dont know what youre doing so make sure you know what youre doing if this is what you want to do, but ron definitely knows what hes doing with this.

So this flute made from maple has some turquoise rings on it here and then kind of a fabricated broken end. Look here on the end of the flute, a couple of things that i love about all of rons flutes that are standard and youll, see this across the mid range flutes, the lower flutes, the higher flutes it doesnt matter. This is a standard that he does so one thing is the the block area youll see that the block gets nested down inside this recessed area and that helps so our block doesnt twist i cant twist it now. It can still slide back and forth like this um. The other thing has blocked design. I like how it has these these uh grooves here right, so uh these little valleys, and so the leather just stays where it needs to the other thing. Thats really super cool about rons flutes, and this is on all three that i show you today, as well as some other flutes that ill be doing a review of, or have already done, a review of. Is you see this whitish stuff, underneath the block and also in the flue? This is ceramic, and what this does is. It is a it doesnt prevent wet out from happening because we still blow warm and moist air into our flutes. So there will be some moisture that happens, but it severely reduces debilitating the voice of the flute when it does wet out so youll still want to dry it out when youre done, because thats just good practice to do so anyway.

Those things that i showed you carry through to the next couple of flutes that ill show you, but i just wanted to play this flute for you, so you get an idea of how it sounds. So this is in the key of a this is a4 or Music, mid air Laughter, Music, Laughter, Applause, Music, really, nice, bright and very responsive sound. So the next one is in the key of f sharp. This is a mid range. This is walnut same things. Its got some tur, its got one turquoise ring on it same block, design, wet out grooves in the block really really nice. This has the lacquer finish on it as well and heres. What the f sharp sounds like Laughter, Laughter, Applause, really, nice sound ill. Give you a little close up of this theres that bark design that ron does. I love that see it again here on the end of the flute, such a beautiful flute, a nice looking flute and a wonderful sounding flute, so lets move on to this. This probably has the most intrigue in the room weve seen a lot of drones, weve seen the drones that look. You know side by side over unders the a frame drones like um, like a high spirit, flute or something like that. And then we see flutes like this, where the mouthpiece theyre, theyre, two flutes right and the one on the bottom actually has see here. The one on the bottom actually has three holes that you can play and the one on top features the uh, the complete flute.

This is in the key of g. This is the oil and wax finish on this particular flute. So you can see here on the mouthpiece. This one does the top flute, and this one does the bottom flute. Okay got a little rustic appeal here to the mouthpiece and then you can see theyre almost identical turn it a little bit. You can see the holes on the top okay and again, a brace back here, very sturdy, brace here, so i feel like this flutes very solid. Sometimes when drone flutes, we see a lot more bracing with drone flutes, especially like a frames or made like this. They need solid support, so here we go im going to play just the um, the top one, so you get to hear it as a single flute and then ill bring in um bring in the drone side. So here we go Applause, Laughter, Applause, Laughter Applause. Now over here the drone has leather straps, so i could essentially take those three leather straps and close all three holes. That gives me a standard drone open up one. That would give me the ability to like, if i covered the the two but left the the last one open. That would give me a major, so that would give me a b flat. So then, i would play the flute like a diatonic major flute or just gives you a little option or you can just cover one one hole so that way the bottom two holes are open.

That would give you a fourth and then, if you left them all open like this, you get a fifth, so you can play it as a solid drone, like the drone flute, is playing the one note for this demonstration im going to do it a little bit Different in that im going to keep my left hand on the top flute and my right hand on the bottom flute, and so now i can change the harmony that im working on so really really unique, and i know sometimes when we play this its like uh. What am i doing im having to think again about which hands doing what and how they move, and when you play like this, there will be some sour notes that dont really work well together, but there are some that are just beautiful together, so lets hope we Can find those today Laughter, Music, Laughter me occasionally, i can yep i can reach on this one, so i can take my pinky and cover that one too Laughter so really really great flutes from ron stutz native sunrise flutes, like i said, hes kind of a new Flute maker on my radar but weve been weve been talking a lot. We carry a few of his flutes in our store if youre looking for a flute like these or some other ones, he does a lot of things. He does some custom work, theres, a certain wood that youd, like i cant, speak to what he has available or what hes able to do um, but pick up the phone or shoot him an email.

And if you do tell him, i said hello, um and um yeah, so that covers native sunrise, flutes thanks so much for watching and if you have any questions post. Those in the comments uh below well come through and well hopefully answer those for you. Youll also find some links in the description below to some goodies. Some free resources, thatll help you grow as a flute player and achieve more in your flute journey. So until next time.