It is the hdlrc moto woop 90.. It has been reborn from the original version, which i kind of had mixed feelings about the original version. It was okay, it was kind of fast, it was not really a freestyle or it had some wash out and some tumble. This one seems to be doing better with the new trend of a little larger motors and something that can handle 4s. We have a really compact, 90 millimeter frame on this design. We have the new als motors on here. These are 1305.5 motors and we have avon two inch props with the downward thrust on here. So i’ve talked about this before it has a nice unobstructed, airflow, underneath this aircraft, which makes it hover really good and if you’re trying to cruise and get out there and do cinema that’s the kind of whoop that you want. So it is noisier, i think, than the 2.5 inch cine whoops, because we have a little smaller prop on here and you have pretty high rpm. So it is, it is quite noisy when this little guy takes off it. You know it’s out there, but once you get out there and cruise in it’s not really going to disturb anybody top mount battery on here running analog video with the zeus f7 on board. These are 13 amp, ese’s and kind of nice because it’s all under 250 grams. We have cable here already for your action camera. So i just spliced in – and i had my smo 4k running within a few minutes of the solder job, so carbon top plate with the front bar brace – and we have this undersong tpu camera it’s kind of hanging there, so it it has a pretty nice tune On here as well, so we have a nice tune and a nice cruiser quad, i wouldn’t say it’s a freestyle beast or anything like that.

But this quad is the one to get if you’re looking for something that’s compact and that you can put a camera on and you can do some cruising so a nice analog offering from hglrc around. I think it’s around 179 dollar price point on the website and also an hd version of this little guy, so let’s go outside now and let’s fly the reborn motowub 90.. Here we go Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, so Music, Music, all right guys before we get into the meat of the review. Let’S just go ahead and do the weight 97 grams under 100 grams, that’s, pretty good. So with the 4s 650 we’re. Looking at 156.2 grams now with the smo 4k camera let’s see what we get probably going to bring us in right around close to 190. 188.7, so not bad under 200 grams for everything for your total takeoff weight with a camera, all right guys welcome back from The flight test, so motowoop 90. let’s go ahead and break this little guy down now: 13 amp eses, zeus, aio flight controller. We have analog video on here and it is the new zeus, analog vtx, and this zeus, analog vtx is running up to 350 to 400 milliwatt. I believe now the zeus: aio comes in several different form factors here for the escs. This is the 13 amp version, but it says that the input voltage on here is three to six s i wouldn’t suggest running.

I would not suggest running this. On 6s, you’ll probably burn this up with 13 amp ese’s i’m lucky to get away with 4s, and you get to hear the honest truth on this channel. Some people say i don’t talk about the the cons of quads. They need to watch this video and a lot of my other videos. Now this cinewood has its place. It is a cruiser. It is not really a freestyle god like the coppice or the gap, rc cine log 25. This two inch offering i feel like at the top end of the throttle for freestyle, is underpowered um, so it does have bl heli32 on here. It does not have a current sensor, um peak current amp 15 amp for five seconds, so uh with a 4s battery. That might be why this little guy was bogging out, but um so that’s the that’s, the kind of cons about the moto whoop 90.. I think that the the pro of this configuration here is that it’s durable it has a really nice tune. The top mount battery is nice. It is much more compact than the 2.5 inch quads, but at the end of the day i feel like it’s. I don’t feel like it’s slow, but i feel like it’s underpowered at the high end of the throttle. Stick it’s, not quite what i was expecting for the 1305. You know these motors are the same size motors that they’re running on some of the 2.

5 inch quads. So sizing down the prop, you have less airflow and less punch at at the high end of the throttle. So i feel like flying all the 2.5. When i went to fly this, i feel like i’m kind of lacking something and missing something so um. If you want something compact and a little baseball field, type flyer grab. One of these, i feel, like crossfire, is kind of overkill on this one. When my my top flight time on this was about, you know four and a half minutes if you’re, if you’re flying a 4s 650 on here and you’re getting out to five minutes, i would be surprised even some of my newer batteries had a little bit of Sag out, because you have what happens here, is you have super high rpm with the same size motor with a smaller prop, so this little props spinning faster than what you typically have on the 2.5 and the 3 inch quads that are running 1305.5 motors, so um She’S trying harder is what’s happening. The tune on here is great. I like the fact that it does have the new zeus vtx on here as well. The hammer antenna works great. I had no problems with that. I got great reception. Those uh antennas mounted back here with this tpu mount and the yvonne props. I knew that these would fly smooth if you go back and look at the footage. There’S not there’s, not a lot of jello in the footage you can see the prop guards.

In the view, but when you record from your smo 4k or dk’s gopro you’re not going to see any prop guards so um that that is um. The way that the video is going to come out for you. But i felt like it was durable. I’M happy that they included some extra ducts in the box. You get two extra ducts. You get also. The schematic here for the zeus, which is great and this being an f7, is one of the reasons why it has a really nice smooth flying flight controller and in combination with the with the avon two inch props it. It flies really smooth. They have a lot of receiver options on here, fly sky, we have tbs crossfire, you can do the r9m or the rxsr from flysky or the rxsr is actually uh. They have that labeled wrong. It says flysky, but it’s. Actually gon na be fr sky freesky. So that’s interesting that’s on labeled wrong on this this page, but you know 13 amp escs and it says 6s 306s on here. There is a 6s version of this flight controller, but this is not that so don’t fly this quad on 6s. You want to stick to 3s and 4s, so a 3s650 will fly good it’ll be a cruiser if you’re a brand new guy start there and then work your way up to 4s. If you want to do some high throttle punch out with some flips, but you don’t want to full throttle for a long time on 4s with this quad.

So my suggestion to you guys, since i do honest reviews, is, if you’re going to spend 300 on the dji version of this it’s, going to put you up into around the 300 range, i would suggest just getting the uh, the holly bro coppas or picking up The gap rc cinelog 25, both of those quads right there a little quieter, but they also get around an eight minute flight time. So if you’re gon na spend the same amount of money, why would you want, like you know three and a half to four minute flight time when you’re kind of juicing the throttle so that’s my honest opinion on this one? I think, if you’re looking for something smaller, which some people are, i don’t think it’s that much smaller, but it is, it is noisier as well. So those are the cons about that. Otherwise, it flew great, not a lot there’s, not there’s, barely any jello in this camera right here with the tune on board, so the f7 is like really primo. The zeus is doing great for me and i had great reception coming back to my goggles. For my 030s, my daily drivers over here with my new fox here, drone camps, 9 db patch internet that came out so they’re, going to start selling these so pretty soon. I’Ll try to find a link for you guys and put one of those links down below, and this is called the foxier oreo.

I don’t know if you can zoom in and see that, but the oreos coming out and they have drone cams versions of those for you guys so pretty cool. But i like the quad, and i just think that there’s for the price point there’s better offerings out there, so um, keeping it honest with you guys, as always i’ll put my top five inverted two inch and and 2.5 inches and whoops down below. My suggestion is to go 2.5 or 3 inch, but 3 inches a lot noisier than both 2.5 and 2 inch, but i feel like the 2 inch category is lacking in power for me, so it kind of feels like an indoor whoop. It will do great indoors, but outdoors it’s, not quite as good as the 2.5. The 2.5 is just the same. Can you tell i’m a fan of 2.5 yeah so anyway, guys? This is the truth, and you heard it right here on the channel today’s, honest review. I appreciate it if you subscribe and like always guys um stay, humble and be kind to everyone you fly with and out there on the internet, we’re all people right. So i appreciate you watching. Please do subscribe on the channel guys.