This is the new flywoo firefly hex nano it’s, a little baby hexacopter that runs on 4s and can carry the insta 360 go too i’m excited about it because it’s a little small option to be able to carry this, go to and it’s actually pretty quiet. So let’s go ahead, get it tested, get a sense of how good this thing is, so that we can decide whether or not something that we can use for content creation down the road let’s jump in this is actually the hd version of the firefly hex nano And it’s got a cadx fpv nebula pro in it. You can see there’s a little tiny stack in there. That’S got the hd system built into it, so we can run this with the dji goggles and by default it comes with a crossfire micro antenna. So you have, you know the best possible control situation for this little guy now, i’m, not sure what kind of flight times we’re going to be running. But i would imagine that, combined with something like this, the lithium ion pack from flywoo we’ll be able to do some pretty serious, cruising i’m going to guess right now at least 10 minutes, but we’re about to go out in the field and find out this little Guy uses six 1202.5 5500 kv motors, with little like just under two inch props by default. It comes with a left hand antenna to match your dji fpv air unit system and they sell it with this little mount for the insta360 go to, though now i have a little bit of a criticism because it kind of pushes the button, if you don’t kind Of squish it up like this, so i’ve squished it together, so that i can get in here hold down the button turn on the insta 360 go hit the record button, etc without having it accidentally shut off or hit the button.

Because of how tight this little mount is like this thing is not going anywhere using the flywhoo goku system, they’ve created their own little hexacopter six in one esc, and this whole thing runs off of an xt60. So i’ve got a 4s gnb 520 battery on there. I think they recommend 550 but i’m going to try it with the 550, with a 650 and with this 3 amp lithium ion pack and we’re going to use all of those to kind of get a good sense of what’s the best pack. And you know what are the different options for this little guy we’re gon na do a little bit of freestyle, we’re gon na do a little bit of long range and see what kinds of different performance we can get out of this hilarious looking little machine. Obviously, you can see that this has prop bumpers, so you have the ability to kind of bump into things, but it’s, also very easy to take off by just replacing the motor screws in the box. You’Ve got a whole bunch of extra screws. These are going to be the shorter screws to use with the motors. Without the prop guards got a bunch of different spare pieces. In there tons of spare props an extra battery strap some zip ties more zip ties stickers. You get the rest of your nebula because they stripped it down to put it into the quad instructions on the flight controller, all of that’s really good to see, especially with the extra props.

I also have the analog version of the firefly hex and let me tell you these props come off pretty easily and they’re, not super durable, so having a bunch of extra ones is really really nice, but combined with the prop guards on here. I think it’s going to make it a little bit more user friendly for somebody that’s getting used to this so i’m really excited about the power that this is going to have in the control that you’re going gon na have with the insta360 go to combined with The form factor and it’s just kind of a unique little bird, especially when you’re plugged in you got a ton of little. You know: glowy shiny, led lights, which i think is kind of fun, so i’m excited to see what this looks like up in the air. So let’s get over to a field and get this bad boy up and flying so i attempted to get out and film this before my wife left for work but uh. I forgot like an sd card for this camera and the controller for the insta 360 and all this stuff. So now me and james are out here at church a attempting to film a video, so we’ll see how this goes. I apologize in advance if it’s, just a complete nightmare, so now we’ve got insta360. Go is rolling. This camera is rolling, dvr is rolling here’s, a clap. Sync all right, let’s see how this thing flies.

Music. All right. First thing i notice out of the box is uh. This is definitely the low quality version of the nebula it’s, like barely better than analog, which is probably necessary for the uh, the price and availability right now, but yeah. This is does not look very good compared to other hd setups we’ve, already crashed and we’re gon na go walk for it. Uh the latency was definitely running higher. It was running at like 40 milliseconds, where typically my different hd setups are running at 20, or something like that so like it was very latent it’s, not a good sign, not a good start. All right let’s go get it. I don’t know how long the range on this thing is, but we’ll see james good yeah all right, so i got ta not forget that i got my kid there. I got ta keep an eye on him as well. I think i might have bumped off a prop, or it was also. This is a little bit long, so it’s probably hard to take off. Oh yeah, the uh prop guard bent in a little bit and was getting in the way of the motor, but all good other than that yeah. The latency was the weirdest part, though for sure like that’s. Why i hit the tree. I was not confident where the machine was so let’s. Try this again: it’s pretty quiet, it’s a little shrill, so yeah right now, i’m running at 36 megabits per second or milliseconds, where, like normally i, this would be running 24.

tune’s. Alright, i feel like so. I feel some loose things like, but it might be balanced with that camera up there. I might need to move the battery back like you can see when i punch the throttle here in the dvr it kind of jiggles a little bit so we’ll have to see what that’s all about ooh tried to do a little bit of a you know. Rolly thing and it got a little squirrely it’s, not a lot of wind today, so we don’t have to contend with that at least um. It flies a little bit under power, yeah there’s, so much latency dude. This is so weird let’s. Try some range let’s see how far we can kind of get around this corner. Um there’s a little bit of like so latency, is messing with me and then it’s definitely a little bit underpowered um. It could use a little bit more juice good range over there. All the way around the corner, it could there’s some people playing softball over there, so i don’t want to go bother them too much. Track’S nice on a line. But as soon as you try to do anything, acro it’s like you, can see how much it’s just kind of like bro i’m, already at 13 volts. So my 50 5 200 milliamp hour 520 milliamp power battery is not happy already we’re coming in to land at 12 2.. So we really only made it like three minutes on that battery, which also surprised me, so the the hexacopter obviously is going to use more amp hours as you’re going because there’s not as much juice in the tank, so let’s try taking off the insta360, go just Running it on dvr, see if it flies a lot better as a result of that and then see if the tune is more appropriate for it because again i’m adding a bunch of weight in a place that it wasn’t necessarily expecting it so cancel the recording on The 360 pop off the battery nice and warm see motors are nice and cool they’re, not bad at all i’m.

Sorry again for doing kind of all this rushing so now i’m, putting on a 650 for cell instead of a 520 but i’m taking off the weight of the insta360. Go alright, so let’s try this without the weight of the hd camera, plugging in and let’s center up, so much papier that’s for sure. Latency is still an issue. The color on this camera is so purple. It’S funny tune definitely still needs a little work. What’S up guys can we get along. I want to fly with you. Let’S go flying let’s go flying yeah. It definitely has a better feel to it. Without the hd camera sounds pretty cool, just letting her cruise dive down this tree. I am impressed with the range on this nebula, even though the picture is not great, but for this little guy running at 700, milliwatts not with not even with the mod it uh, it is punching through things better than i expected it to like. I kind of expected everything to be a little bit down on power down on range, but it seems to be doing a pretty good job. Let’S see how this does in a good dive you’re in the middle of these trees and dive her in not bad, but so even without the uh what’s going on here, what’s this person want, i don’t know what they’re looking at but they’re looking at something anyway. The uh but yeah i am impressed with how the uh the range on this thing is.

Even though the picture quality is not great, so you can see i’m up in the above, the clouds and there’s a lot of wind up there it’s doing okay with it, but i think there’s. I should try to play with the tune on this, maybe for a future video or something because, like it’s just a little bit too loose. Something is not quite right, but it definitely you know: it’s got power when you need it and with the hd camera it did okay, but yeah this tune definitely needs work. You see that bounce back so like here. If i do a front flip that’s not a good tune, the uh, the way that the color changes on this camera or the exposure changes on the camera is a little bit sketchy. But it goes quick. It comes back quick, but yeah. It really does feel. Like i’m flying analog, i also just realized i’m flying in 16×9, which is kind of funny, not something i usually do. I’Ve definitely gotten used to the latency it’s still running at like 36 milliseconds compared to the 25 28 that the standard air unit does but it’s definitely still there definitely still noticeable and it’s, not helping me be precise, that’s for sure and i’ve also gotten used to The way that the picture looks like it’s, i can still see scraggle branches, ninja branches, all that good stuff, it’s, really pretty good let’s go underneath the tripod here, but yeah it’s, just a little squirrely needs to be tightened up, it’s just very loose all right, so That second battery with the 650 without the camera, it was uh, landed at 14.

5 and it was about four and a half minutes long. So i got a much better battery life out of it, the second time around, but still a little shorter than i thought so. Let’S put that lithium ion battery on there and see what kind of just flight times we can get if little james here will. Let us right bud right, bud. Don’T know how long you’re gon na give me. You know what i think this might be a lost cause. This thing is huge compared to the other batteries. I’Ve barely got this on here, it’s held on by that much, but it’s on and we’re just cruising. So hopefully that won’t be a problem. I think this is going to be pretty bad, but we’ll see she’s working hard i’m. A little over 50 percent throttle probably 60 percent Applause. Okay, yeah definitively. I don’t recommend using a lithium ion pack it’s, just not enough power. So all in all i don’t know if i’m super impressed with the flywoo firefly nano hex like i had a lot of hope for it, especially with its size, nice, burp, dude, but it’s. Just a little it’s, a little underpowered it’s a little bit amp hungry it’s got that nano vtx in it. That is not very high quality, though i am impressed with the range on it. I don’t know like if i was going to be choosing between this and the flywoo hex explorer, which i’ve already made a video on it and its little brother, the quad version of the explorer.

I i would pick that over this like this, is i wonder about potentially using this, or it has a quad version of it? That would be probably pretty good for flying the little little baby. Uh insta360 go on it, but the i don’t know if the hex version really has a a purpose for it right now, so um i’m excited about it, but i don’t know if it’s my favorite thing. I think i would still go with the the flywheel explorer. So be sure to like and subscribe put that in your mouth you’re not putting it in your mouth, not not your thing, not interested in that one, hey guys! Let you know that a bunch of the uh merch is just about to come back in stock. So, by the time you’re seeing this, we should have everything back up uh, if not maybe you’ll see a pre order, but uh just let you know that it’s, all there it’s you going and purchasing. This allows us to keep going out and making more videos. This has been the flywood nano firefly. I hope that the information about this has been useful. I wish that it had a little bit more to it compared to the flywheel explorer line because it’s a cool concept, especially being so small, but out of the box i’m. Not really stoked on it not super sold on it. So i think i want to play with the tune a little bit make sure that we get a little bit more, a little more preciseness out of it and in the meantime i guess he dropped it.