We call it the digi boop all right, so this is ron from oas hobby aka, mr oas himself, the creator behind the digi whip. So what were you thinking with this thing? There wasn't a digital product that we could do both indoors and outdoors and have a good fun flight experience with both of them really it's the solution for digital product that can go indoors and outdoors. One reason i never liked. Switching to the dji digital fpv system was because the size of the air unit was too big to fit in just every ordinary size quad. I wanted to fly hd on something really small, so i could fly through trees, so i could fly through tight gaps now with the kx vista. We have that hd capabilities and now essentially you've taken that platform and put it on a smaller sized drone with ducks that can fly well outdoors, but can also fly indoors. I think it's the perfect solution for what we're going for all right, let's fly, told me. I'M not used to flying threesome. What do you think power wise? I think the power is good. I think it's just a little heavy. The vista adds a lot of a lot of weight like i'm, flying it at mostly full power but i'm knocking into everything and i'm, taking it back off so that's nice yeah i'm, not really on the throttle, but it's got good power. I do like these tiny drones, because you can really just fly them with confidence.

I feel like you're starting to get used to carrying the weight a little bit yeah. I am it just takes some getting used. It seemed like you were at first just trying to fly like you would your five inch. This is really fun. It'S like flying through all the gaps, lower speed yeah like i'm, not saying i'm, going slow, either it's. Just like you couldn't do this. This is so cool, probably the five inch quads. You could do this, but one little extra blip of the throttle. I don't know you. I don't know that you could fit through some of these oh yeah. Some of these gaps are definitely not fitting. This is awesome and even if you hit stuff you're still good dude go over to the building. My battery's done. Oh, you are done. Oh seven point yep yep, so only downside. I can really see to this. Quad is the flight time wasn't? Really that good? I probably flew around for a minute and a half actually air time, and i was ripping it for probably the first 30 seconds. The power itself is really good because you're flying with more power, it also drops the voltage while you're flying, so it just kind of makes it feel a little unresponsive. But when you're just cruising around the trees and everything like that it's a lot of fun, there was no way i was going to do that with a 5 inch quad.

I want to get a shot at this thing. I really like that you can get to the bind button without a special tool, because normally, when we're sharing a drone like this having to get out that little poker tool makes switching the goggles that it's linked to kind of annoying, so that i can just quickly Link this to my goggles i'm, happy with that Music it's, just a very different flying experience, i'm kind of having to like hold myself back from doing what i would normally do, which is like bigger, more swoopy thingies and just like get really in this tight area And just enjoy cruising: these are the perfect trees for this. Oh yeah, you got to get on the throttle earlier, because it's got some weight to it, so it has power, but with that weight, oh that's cool it's a little sketchy weight more when you're dropping yeah. When you drop, you got to get on the power a lot earlier, but this building. This is pretty tight. Look at these little holes here, so i want to try and dive one of them, but i don't know if i have the power to pull out so there you go. That was pretty good that's a good one: Music it's stable upside down, that's nice. It just the weight, so it's got weight, but at least it does have a really nice. Really nice float to it as long as you get on the throttle early enough, it's, really not a problem.

Only downside i'm, really seeing so far, is that the flight time is not really there. Well, you could you could get a larger battery yeah but then way more weight and then you're still up in the throttle more so you're just there's a certain point where, like even if you go to a bigger battery you're not going to gain flight time, because You just have to use more power to keep it in the air. What do you what size battery you don't, really flat on ron? Uh 450's, i think so. 450 yeah i've got a 450.. You fly 850. 850.. How many you got a lot. Let me see your bigger battery. Third, i just want to see if the weight to power ratio is uh is affected. Much by the battery. The c rating is based on the battery size. You also have to use more power to keep it in the air because it's heavier now you think this is a soft run. I think it really depends on your fly style and what you're concerned with right. So if you're concerned with flight time and you're not trying to you, know, pull out of a dive like these guys are doing, then a bigger battery would suffice. If you're more concerned about being able to do cool things, i think you can go with a smaller longer battery sounds more powerful. It sound it's got more power, but i do feel the weight so let's see.

Does it pull out? Oh yeah? What have you with the thick battery dude it's it's i'm – so not calibrated that's, so weird, because i could do it first. Try on the smaller battery. I remember my first pilot there we go oh and it pulled out um i don't know vanity. I might like it better okay, so i actually off the bat just covering it. I, like it better now because i'm, but you do feel the weight oh yeah, but like the power is better, it seems that power's more consistent, so you have that weight to deal with, but on that smaller battery, every time i gave a throttle, my voltage was Sagging big time and now it's staying more consistently up there in the 12s nice nice. That was full power. I was full power we're here now, there's something you've been doing with the vista to improve its performance, what's that yeah so there's a feature in device settings called auto temp control. What that does, is it basically allows the air unit or whatever unit you're, flying to not overheat so yeah? If the drone is sitting plugged in like it is here, it's getting it's already really tight and the vista gets really hot. When you've got everything hooked up correctly, when you arm the quad, it should always go to full power yeah. So the way auto temp control is supposed to work is that when you are not armed, it reduces your power output to help the device overheat less.

Sometimes it doesn't always work 100, especially on the vista. This is an awesome product, but i just it just seems like sometimes that auto temperature control doesn't shut off with the disarming, if you guys are having issues with the vista, whether it's on the digi woop or just your own personal use with the vista just go. Turn auto type control off and just be sure to not leave it plugged in for too long. Otherwise, you will overheat. The unit it'll burn your fingers, it won't do that it also. It will not. You cannot record unless it's armor, because it's in low power mode, when it's not armed it's in low power, yeah that's, a weird little quirk that's, definitely a good okay! Well, on the most recent firmware as of today, these are just some quirks that we've noticed when flying the vista, as opposed to the full size air unit directly from dji turn off the auto temperature control, and be aware that you might not be able to start Recording until the drone is already armed vanity, what did you think of freestyling with the digi woop? You know i enjoyed it, but to be honest with you, i got a little bit bored. I just felt like. If i had more power, i could pull off some more tricks. I think i need to do something else with the claw like i need to do more with it. Well, i think your style leans more towards like cinematic stuff, so i want to know if you can get some micro cinematic footage, okay and what better thing than good old drifting? Oh Music, shoot Music earlier, Music Applause holy crap.

This is actually a lot of fun. I'M, getting more used to like the throttle in the drone itself. It feels like what it would feel like if you scaled it down so ron's original spec for the digi whoop used 1106 6000 kv motors for the rotor ride version. We are using our dab motors, which is an 1104 7 500 kv. Yes, so you lose a little, maybe low, end torque, because that motor is smaller. Yes, but you're gon na gain more high, rpm, yes, which for us i think we like, because we can. You know kind of maintain a higher speed it's going to give you more agility because the motor is going to be a lot more responsive. The other thing i liked about the 1104 is it lowered the props to be more even with the ducts. All your other line of plots typically have a higher kb. You know motor, so it makes sense for for the motorbike version to have that, and it does give you all the responsiveness of the tyre profiling that you typically do anyway. So that's fantastic right, but either way with the oas back or the rotor right spec. You can fly with a three cell battery as we've been doing out here, which gives you more power when we're in a little bit of open area. But if you're in a maybe a tighter area or even indoors, like you, originally envisioned this, for you can step this down to 2s right.

Yes, you can step it down to 2s and tyler over at their rotor right, tyler crane. He did a fantastic job with the dumb i'm, not going to take credit for the tune because he did it, but what it is is when you plug in a 2s battery. It automatically recognizes the 2s battery and changes your rates, changes your filter settings and then, when you go outside and plug it in through the rest battery, it changes your rate changes your filter setting so there's. Nothing you have to do whatever battery plug in the drone knows what you're doing it'll change it so that the tune is optimized for that lower battery, and i think we got to find a little indoor area plug in a 2 cell and see how does it Stack up when we're trying to fly even tighter areas. This is kade. This is the rotor ride intern. Am i looking in the right spot? Hello? No kid. Have you ever been flooring, a drone before wow? You know, we'll start you on the two cells see. If you can see, if you can handle it Music but i'd, like more power for sure, if i were to buy this swoop, i'd probably go for the three cell, but i definitely think the two cell is doable. You don't have to change anything. You just use either battery that's, true, so what's nice with the two cell. Is that lower power, the lower you know, responsiveness, i think, makes it a lot more controllable.

Yeah i mean you were flying through a lot of these tight gaps. It was definitely lacking the power, so let's see let's step you up, let's step you up to 12 volts let's, see what you can do with that. Oh big boy, 12, volts, Music, Music, Music. I feel like the 3 cell experience is, in my opinion, more fun, but that's also because i have more experience, despite what this guy says for someone who is either just getting into the hobby or doesn't, have as much space as this wonderful warehouse right here with All the gaps that you could possibly want, uh, it might be better just to bring it down to two cell. I was noticing, with two cell. I was kind of right here on the throttle which there's not a lot of you. Don'T have a lot of power. There, but when you have a smaller environment, you don't need the power, but when you have a bigger ish environment like this, i was probably around like 50 and when i needed the power, as you saw with the dive gate and everything, i could just really go. Wild with it, the batter is being so cheap because these small batteries don't cost a lot of money. So the nice thing is, you can just get the same drone and buy a couple batteries at both sides and then, depending on what environment just fly the correct battery yeah. Personally, i think i would always just fly three cell.

I think i'm with you that i would rather just get used to the more power and just like learn to control myself and still be able to fly the smaller gaps. What if i was just starting out, it would probably calm things down a little bit: i'm. Gon na raise the camera tilt up just a little bit i'm gon na try and just create a little bit of a race track in here and see what i can do with the squad. Music Applause yeah. Oh yeah. We got a little bit of a little broken light. There, probably a live circuit. All all things aside, though, i could get very addicted to this, because it's now it's got the feel of like a bigger five inch, quad like and the size. These elements i'm flying through i'm flying around i'm like oh, this is like really fun, because i can see everything and i saw the lights. I just the timing was not there but, like you know, go up through the dive gate and whip back around in the speed and hear the sound and the feel of it, like it's, really fun to fly it's it's. I was like okay, i'm gon na come to the track. I'M gon na fly like get some footage for the episode i'm.