Perhaps, but even without a moment now I will explain everything about a month ago I contacted a company. I did not even know existed, proposing to review to try its new drone that, according to them, would have completely revolutionized the market by changing it from this to this, but it will be true well to find out unbox. We are this package and lets find out what it is attention. I do not know that the drone is this. The company has kept the secret top secret. Not they told me the exact model. I read: it only will find out the only one when it arrives to you. It is since it is an amazon package, since it was sent from an amazon store. I think we will also find it in the store it goes. Well, honestly, i dont know what to think so. We have to admit that I have no particular expectations here. We are. The drone is branded all in now. Tell me if you have ever heard this brand eh. Okay, guys this is the revolutionary drone. The lo gin z6 pro then well, seeing it like this. It seems to me a drone similar to the one that multinationals keep hidden from us. If you dont know what Im talking about that sequel, which talked about it in the tab here at the top right lets, see its technical characteristics brand and l all inn model z6 pro brushless motors weight attention 216 grams.

So you do not need the license battery from 1700 milian for charging time 3.5 hours. Okay, some more interesting specifications such as the camera functions smart. No, we have not yet written a little something below it. Had the gps brushless motors hockey cam 5g – and this already uses the wifi 5 gb long lasting battery without indicating a real autonomy, color tone, fee 3, inhuman optical flow gesture, oh well, quite useless, but part of the spark says sport. I never found another drone that uses it well. Waypoint serchio flight wifi basically is away point again, good guys that tell you lets open it. There is not even a seal. There is the application to download on place tor and ios and lets see whats inside. We have a handbag soon. We will also see how much this drone costs. We have two manuals. A quick manual is a real manual. That is also nice, multifaceted. I have to say this is the very anonymous rigid package classic draw profession from Chinese drone. Oh well, but since it has been sent, lets open. Oh my God, there is really a bit of stuff in here. We have a beautiful orange screwdriver that this alone is definitely worth the price. Is there that spare? This would be the really hideous charger? Guys? Is the charger this is a 1700 milan battery for yours, or this is another charging cable for the battery, but lets see the drone right away.

Lets take the tooth out friends by the way the drone bag is not sealed. This does not give me hope very well. It is covered with paper mum, my boys, this is the drone that will change the market. I do not really know what to tell you anyway. The only positive thing that the known are the brushless motors, the cam, is not stabilized. As you can see, it is fixed. However, it has an internal motor, so it can be polluted through the radio control, but obviously it is not stabilized. We have a v more and now it is also quite light bit like 200 grams. However, it is really very, very cheap plastic on the back. There is the battery to be inserted in its compartment. Among other things, we also have the slot for the micro sd, which is not even such a bad thing. I have to say, lets try to insert the battery escaped. There is some block because the guys net of having taken a second too long to understand it, but above there is a cap to remove and we can insert the battery. Well, we see the ignition noise. Ok, we have front LEDs. This obviously are not standard LEDs and two LEDs rear and also the question is very cheap. The sticks are really soft as well as very long. So I guess it is not a very precise drone in the flight we have special keys photo video.

There is no wheel for the i inclination, but there are two dedicated keys up and down behind. We have nothing on the contrary this that is, this should be the antenna guys. Okay, it is only one antenna there is this: opens we have other keys the headless mode back home automatic landing and take off lets. Try to turn on the radio control benassi turn on the drone. Look. It does not rest on the sibylline, but only on these two central rubbers, so stability is not a thing of the house. Okay lets see if the engines are armed, ok, but first more or less like in the drones of five years ago. There it takes a bit of take a bit of gas bit flooded, but part guys on one hand its ok. It was ok to evaluate its quality, the door of the house, in short, among other things, the eighth, also that, above on the power button, we have four LEDs that we they indicate show us the residual charge status of the battery. It does not seem clearly a revolutionary drone, but perhaps little more than a toy drone. The cam is not stabilized, so I do not think it can work miracles. So now we have to consider the price guys if this pain should cost 100 euros, or so it could be maybe interesting as the first drone to learn to fly in the end, but if it cost more than 100 euros.

In my opinion, I dont know how much it can be worth. So what do we do now lets look for this drone on amazon and lets find out together what its price is. His name is lolin z6 pro, so friends lets go on amazon together. I dont know how much this drone costs so lets look for it lets see, then guys i swear. I didnt succeed to find this drone on any store of amazon italia, america. What, in short, you try if you have more luck, let me know with a comment, but I was able to find the price of this drone thanks to every email that was sent to me by the company, one of the different and mail, its price is 249.99 Euros guys, then, for 250 euros. In my opinion, we are not really lets, say it clearly, with 50 euros more. We take a dj mines that all another story is always from amazon: the aci link below in video descriptions. Unfortunately, what these companies that maybe are startups trying to make a name for themselves do not understand is that there is really a lot of competition and they cannot afford to launch a drone of this type that maybe can also be nice, nice nice to learn for The little ones, but also for those who do not like also adopted a drone, because maybe he also wishes well, if you want a video, let me know a video of the flight but propose it for 250 euros.

I think its madness well guys. This is all, I repeat: if you want a video of the flight of this drone, let me know by leaving a comment below and I will try to record it in the next few days. Obviously, I do not expect absolutely the quality of a gemini, and if you notice that the build quality it is the one that is the truck is stabilized. The optical sensor is very small, so I think it is little more than a toy drone, but I await your comments below in description, and this is really the revolutionary drone or not well lets talk about it together. If I found on amazon, let me know with a comment and licata mine below I add it to you in video descriptions is to say that this is all friends. Now I greet you and I give you an appointment at my next video as long as you always want here.