On the one hand, you have theremin esque noises that call back to the classic alien sci fi of the 60s, a sound that most people associate with the genre Music. This sort of sound, though, is also considered a little corny and cheesy by todays standards, but in prime, its elevated and given gravitas by being merged with dark, alien, chants and distorted vocals Music Applause, Music. The theremin notes provide that alien association with the rest of the track, modernizing it corrupting this classic sound and giving it a sinister edge. Booning up 2004s metroid 2 echoes youre quickly met with its menu music. One of the greatest examples of this style, its ominous nasty, unsettling creepy, but hypnotizing as if someone or something is trying to coax you into starting that new game Music, it sounds like otherworldly. Dark powers are revving up and coming for you. It makes it a thrilling prospect to step into the unknown and see if you can survive it. This premise is where the potential of metroid is at its strongest. For me, the idea of descending into a place humans, werent supposed to tread into spaces with alien ecosystems and technology that defy science and reality, as we know it encountering eldritch horrors, light years away. An interactive medium is a great space in which to create this kind of experience and with an emphasis on solitary exploration through labyrinthian maps, where you collect alien tech that helps you both explore further and survive metroid.

The series has always especially been uniquely positioned to deliver on this. To some degree, it usually does within the technical limits on offer. At the time, echoes is probably the metroid game that capitalizes on this aspect of the franchise the most, which is why its one of my favorites it delivers aesthetically, contextually and mechanically on maximizing the thrill of this type of experience. Focusing on this aspect, the journey the descent into the unknown is something i wish. This series would put a major focus on for as long as it exists, when contact with a team of soldiers in pursuit of pirates goes dark on planet aether. The government sends an independent contract to samus aaron to find out what happened. Samus comes equipped with proprietary battle, armor gifted to her by a race of ancient highly evolved bird people. It can morph samus into a ball and double jump. The soldiers have been wiped out completely, some of them are being reanimated and samus gets sucked into a parallel dimension with corrosive air, where an evil version of herself sticks. A group of monsters on her its all kicking off basically echoes, is one of the most satisfying single player journeys out there and it all begins by chucking you into a cave full of zombies, with no idea whats going on and stripping you of all your abilities. It places you at the rock bottom of the food chain and what remains of this ecosystem.

The title doesnt start with a bang, but with a crawl and crawl. You will in metroid here, as you proceed battered and confused through the dead things begin to make a little more sense when samus stumbles into a mysterious temple suspended in the air and retrieves some unidentifiable, alien tech from the remains of a monster trying to break in. She kills inside this giant temple youll meet a friendly, alien, called umos, hiding here from the chaos with what remains of his species, who are frozen in suspended animation. He manages to offer some context. The dark creatures, known as the ing who killed the soldiers and took your abilities, are fighting for control of the planet with the previous occupants, the luminoth, a group of moth like aliens who keep their planet habitable through four energy converters. The ing showed up when a meteor crashed on the planet, not just bringing the creatures with it, but hitting the planet with such force. It broke reality and split the world into two dimensions: the original light side and now a dark world. The ing inhabit using the mysterious tech samus retrieved from the creature in the temple they intended on gaining control of the energy from the four energy converters to divert all the planets energy towards their dark dimension, stabilizing their reality, while eliminating the light reality. The ing are already in possession of the energy from three of them with the last one located here in this temple, so all that remained for them to have complete control of the planet and win this war was for that ing.

We just killed to reach the next room. I got ta say its definitely cool to stumble onto a planet and unwittingly prevent its occupation about five minutes before it was about to be complete by just doggedly choosing to keep surviving there. No matter what samus now in possession of this energy siphoning tech must use it to reclaim the planet, energy. The ing have stolen from those three lost energy converters, not so conveniently for her. The ing have it stashed in three energy converters of their own throughout dark ether, each in a different major region. Now, in most metroid titles, before this one, the game usually starts with an uplifting, jig or bop to get you excited for the adventure after samus lands at her destination, and if it doesnt kick in then so as to provide an initially unsettling atmosphere, it will kick In around the time you enter the first major level or area metric. Prime 2 is different. You start with ominous unsettling music and youre welcomed to the first major level, the aegon wastes with no fanfare, just a desolate drone for a backing track. This doesnt just bring out the stark baron nature of the wastes themselves, but puts into perspective that theres no hint of a jolly adventure here in echoes youre on the back foot to such a degree this time around even 40 minutes into the game. With your mission. Well underway the games background music is still saying: yeah.

Good luck with that you can show up and delay an invading force occupying one last room, but repelling them. Single handedly is going to be an almost hopeless task, mechanically. The game hammers home this point by stepping up the challenge from past entries to make it to the energy converters youre going to have to dip in and out of your current reality to the ings dark version of the planet. Here the air can kill you standing in dark aether will deplete your health at an alarming rate. The luminov have set up beacons which will protect you from the toxic environment. If you stand next to them, both contextually and mechanically. This whole dark world scenario. Ups, the tension significantly jumping through to the twisted dark world. The first time you play echoes is daunting. You dread having to step in there. Youre gon na have to fight explore figure out where to go. While the atmosphere itself tries to kill you if metroid excelled at conveying isolation and claustrophobia in the past, echoes dark world ratchets things up even further its one thing to be alone on an alien planet, light years from help its another to be there and in another Separate reality that repels you, if you merely stand in it, a lot of the reason, the tension of the dark world works is also because of how the save system works here. Save rooms double as checkpoints. If you die, you go back to the last one.

You saved at and theyre scarce enough to make you consider your next move carefully. The charge beams ability to attract health and ammo pickups gains further functionality in prime 2.. It can be useful for getting pickups without leaving the sanctuary of one of those protective light bubbles in the dark world. The way health is handled in prime also, i think, only works with this harsh checkpoint system. You can find pickups that over the course of the game will give you a ridiculously long health bar outside of bosses. No single fight is likely to get you killed. This game wants its challenge to be derived from surviving in a hostile environment, and to do that, it reduces the importance of individual battles. The battle is getting from one save point to the next in one piece: having accomplished something on the way boss, battles maintain their challenge by either being far away from the previous save as well simply hitting hard or by forcing you into lengthy encounters with multiple phases. I enjoy these lengthier fights and i think they fit with the world of the game. Youre, fighting colossal otherworldly monstrosities that no human was meant to even interact with whistling them down to nothing should also be a colossal task. A real war of attrition primarily puts the player in the shoes of the underdog, the human trespassing in the realm of the gods, with the way it crafts its in suit. First person perspective in a lot of first person games its easy to feel less like youre.

Seeing from the eyes of the character and more like youre seeing the world through a camera strapped to the characters, face prime overcomes that by making you not play as just a person but a person in a big metal power, armor youre, seeing from behind a visor When alien gunk splatters cover the tv screen in other first person games, it looks bad because blotches splashing on a flat panel isnt what people see when something gets in their eyes from behind a visor. In a game, though, it looks great, it makes use of the fact youre playing the game on a screen to deliver a convincing effect theres something very compelling about seeing this world through this lens. Knowing that the only thing protecting you from a deadly atmosphere is some metal and a bit of plastic covering your face, little extra touches complete the effect. The way you get to see your eyes reflected in the visor after a nearby blast is an obvious one, but other tinier incidental touches go a long way too samus landing from a big jump, causing a thud, sound and shaking the screen makes the weight and heft Of the power armor clear, leaving her idle and seeing her head slightly, bob says that theres a living breathing human in that suit, too cool immersion, coveting, visual and auditory touches, of course, arent. All interfacing with this world from within power. Armor is good, for it also allows for the seamless integration of mechanics, such as switching lenses for different circumstances, using different lenses to see what the human eye cant is, of course, a great advantage.

The power armor gives samus, but its also cool, to see the game use her reliance on this technology against her like when an enemy downloads, a virus into your suit tanking, the frame rate of your visual feed and forcing you to reboot the suits operating system. Its great how far these games go to make the power suit youre in feel like a tangible tool, youre making use of, and not just an aesthetic element made to make your space person look cool on the box art, while air that kills you and enemies with Targeted frame drop attacks will test your survival skills. It could be argued that your navigation and puzzle skills arent tested nearly to the same level as they now could be, given the changes to design elsewhere, youll be jumping back and forth between the light and dark world. A lot but theres not much interplay between the two realities mechanically, they overlap each other on the map, but that rarely matters outside of moments where the path forward is blocked in one reality, forcing you to jump to the other to progress. There are a few instances where using a device will activate something in the opposite reality, but thats simply a case of jumping to the other world and using it there, its very obviously telegraphed. When that needs to be done. You see that the device to open a door or something is in the other dimension, so you jump over to use it there its not much of a puzzle, and i think the developers knew that, because even these sort of instances are fairly few and far between.

I think the reality is, though, that complex dual world puzzles and challenges requiring switching back and forth multiple times seem fairly unviable in prime 2., when you consider that, while relatively fast, it still takes several seconds to load in the opposing environment, i can imagine having to Jump back and forth quickly and repeatedly for some complex puzzle getting annoying. This puts prime 2s dual world design at a disadvantage compared to games that can switch back and forth instantly because of their visuals or hardware theyre. On its easy, therefore, to criticize the dark world and echoes with the concepts full mechanical potential untapped here, but that doesnt take away from how good its inclusion is. For me sure the dark world overlaps with the light world and a few things done in one world affects the other. But to me that comes secondary to its purpose of raising the stakes and challenge creating the oppressive atmosphere that it does its an extension of the main game world that adds an oppressive edge to this journey. Its. What helps make your quest through aether as daunting and challenging and thrilling as it is and thats great regardless duality is at the core of prime 2, as youd expect from a game called echoes both mechanically and contextually. The luminov are essentially giant moths fans of the light while their counterparts, the ing, are parasites and predominantly take the form of these arachnid like aliens that burrow into the ground and hide from the light in the shadows, the ing, stealing the luminos light energy and using It against them is fitting moths, of course, can often get burnt by the very light they pine for the galactic federation and their counterparts.

The space pirates make an appearance in this game too. Both have opposing goals and ethics, but are quick to make rash decisions and not fully understand just how in over their heads they are. We have the light and dark world, but we also have the light and dark beams two weapons that complement each other with certain enemies being more susceptible to one or the other one burns. One freezes and enemies killed with one will drop ammo for the opposing beam. It all adds a nice little extra layer of strategy to the combat this time around and, of course, theres dark samus. After infiltrating a space pirate settlement in the wastes, samus comes across dark, samus, again stealing a powerful energy source faison from them. This time, though, its on the fight here is a simple one, where its merely about blasting dark samus enough before she blasts you enough. But i think this fits this first bout with her its like a duel between two gunslingers, a war of attrition where youre not trying to prove you can outsmart or trick dark samus, but that you have the grit to go toe to toe with her through sheer Strength and battle technique alone and come out on top her battle. Music fits her perfectly as its ominous and sinister, but with a frantic pace to reflect the doppelgangers, chaotic demeanor. It also has a sick electric guitar solo cause. Those are radical and this is a cool fight.

I also like how this fight takes place on neutral ground. The space pirate based on aether the area theyre in gets torn to shreds, as the battle goes on and its fun to imagine the space pirates. Looking on in horror, this fight happening essentially in their living room. The duelists battling on without a single moment of consideration for what theyre destroying around them. This is another aspect of prime 2. I really like the amount of different factions and players on aether and how, through the scan system, you can learn about all of them and their perspective on events piecing the story together yourself, primes move to take this franchise about exploring and collecting items and add more Story into the mix by making that story, a series of collectibles as well is a great choice. Much like how you piece, samuss power, suit together by finding things in the environment through the scan system, you piece together the events of the game. By doing the same, i think prime 2 is where this system shines the most thanks to the variety of different perspectives. You come across here, one of my favorite little stories. The log system helps with is the failed, dark, samus space, pirate collab event. Halfway into the game, you can find out that the pirates saw the first altercation between you and dark samus and while they are horrified to discover there are two samuss, they hope to use your conflict with her against you by brokering a deal with dark samus.

The faison energy she craved from their base in exchange for your life before the second fight with dark samus. You can see what looks like the pirates attempting to carry out that very deal they mentioned and it doesnt go well for them. It gives the world a nice added touch of realism, that the pirates are observing what youre doing and have a scheme like this going on in the background when youre not around shooting at them. I also like the scans you can read from the galactic federation troopers. They give more context on how they were picked off by the ing, with some added flavor in the form of two scans referencing. An argument over whether accounts of samuss feats are accurate. It adds a nice little extra layer of texture to this universe, to know that your actions in prior games are a subject of conversation throughout the societies of this fiction. Some idealize you some are skeptical of you and some are afraid of you. The luminous end up coming off very sympathetic with recent battles. Having happened all over the planet, their corpses litter the game scanning them will reveal how they met their tragic end. Youll learn about luminoth, who decided to end their lives rather than be possessed by the ing or even family members who died in close proximity. It really makes you want to stop those who cause this. Many elements make the world of echoes compelling to explore, and one of them is just the sheer variety of things to see.

The primes go hard on making almost every room have some kind of unique alien looking asset to look at, which is what makes this series feel like theyre the definitive games about well, exploring that the environment remains so realistically diverse and enticing to discover and ponder its. So cool, even each save room in this game you go into, has a unique look, which is something even this franchise doesnt always do i really like the cold washed out look of prime 2.. It really fits the dark mood of the game and the solitary quest youre on this is my favorite look for the power suit. I feel like its more dull metallic look here, highlights its purpose as a tool for getting a job done, rather than as some awe inspiring piece of iconography. We, the player, should be reverent of thats trying to draw attention to itself its a dependable tool, but the look accentuates that its the human within with resolve and nerve thats, getting the job done at the end of the day. The aegon wastes are a pretty oppressive place to spend the first third of the game. Youll spend your time there at the mercy of the dark worlds, atmosphere receiving heavy damage from moving around areas within it. If youre scrappy enough and get through both dark samus and the pirates, though the first major boss awaits against a morbis, a giant worm or series of worms, i guess who guards the first energy converters power.

Unlike some of the later bosses, this boss, doesnt have much of a puzzle element to it, but its still engaging both visually and in terms of challenge. The giant worms in this fight have a startling sense of scale when theyre combining their strength to create some ultra mega beam, youll be in the dark world too. So youll have to take into consideration. Where is best to dodge since being out of the light pockets. Youll be taking major damage. A morbis can even disable the pockets for a short time making for a pretty hectic fight. Theres an excitement to this battle, knowing that, if you can just take this thing down scramble from safe zone to safe zone at the right time and make it through, you can make your first real dent in the ing horde. Your reward for sticking it out to here is the dark suit. Samus, not only co, ops, lumenov tech here, but also their aesthetic, the dark suit. Doesnt, stop you taking damage from the dark worlds, atmosphere, but reduces damage taken significantly when subjected to it. Finally evening the odds a little light pockets are still something youre going to want to stay in, but you can take more risks now being able to spend more time out of them. The second major area is the torvis bog. A swampland filled with streams and vegetation intermingling with the technology of the luminous. Just walking into this area provides us with a great example of how well thought out and directed the prime games.

Are you come down the lift into this unknown place the soundtrack quiet as you walk through the first few corridors? Only when you walk out into the first large area of the torvus bog does the levels theme kick in Music Applause, a theme that starts slowly but grows more confident, as it settles in much like how you might be growing at this point in the adventure Music. The torvus bog theme is still understated and down beat, but, unlike previous level themes in this game, you can start to feel this track is getting a bit more of a groove on slightly hints at a more upbeat tone reflecting where the player is currently at. In the adventure with the dark suit and the first energy converter online, you finally have a bit of a grip on the situation here. Theres still a lot to accomplish this track knows that, but it also knows that at last youre getting a groove on yourself youre, starting to feel a bit more yourself here. The act of exploring this world has become slightly less daunting. Music youre, getting back into feeling more comfortable once again, being samus, aaron, planet, cartographer and whats noteworthy. Is that this feeling that usually kicks in pretty quickly in a metroid game only happens in echoes like a full third, the way into the title and theres still a lot of tension and uncertainty in the air torvus has a terrific melancholic atmosphere that epitomizes metroid.

I think, being out alone in a dark, dangerous place that is at once, both hostile, yet beautiful hanging in there on your own, in a lonely, isolated place but persevering and not letting that knock your determination. A lot of that hope in prime 2 gets sucked straight out of the game whenever you enter the dark world, as the soundtrack gets reduced to unsettling hums and drones and makes it feel like the air is thinner here. I like how the dark worlds version of torvus turns the roots of the trees into what almost looks like wires corrupting the environment deeper into torvus. There are these submerged tunnels that perhaps lack the visual splendor of the upper areas, but make up for it a little by playing a beautiful new rendition of the lower brinstar theme from super metroid Music, a real calming classic, which the level definitely needs. Once you discover. Youll be moving pretty slowly down here for the most part until you get the gravity boost im. Glad that echoes doesnt have a soundtrack that coasts on using music from previous metroid games, but i think one or two returning tracks is fine. Lower brinstar is just a perfect fit while being down here. Youll also be facing a boss, which is, relatively far from a save point dying to this boss, can cost you a significant amount of play time im, not against challenge like that in principle, but making the level you have to redo one where youre moving slower and Having the fight not be some tense showdown with an ultimate foe, where you could really feel that tension adding to things but a shootout with a big slug, i feel creates a mismatch between the intensity of this situation.

Gameplay, wise and its context. I think one of the most intense stressful parts of this game shouldnt be a fight against a big swamp. Slug, the boss, guarding the second energy converter, is chika. It has two stages but im a much bigger fan of the first, the weird kidney looking monster of phase one just has a much more intimidating alien abomination, look to it than its transformation with its giant wasp appearance. Big wasps are probably the one type of enemy metroid overdoes. Rather than being this dynamic frantic fight like amorbis. This one requires you to be a little more measured using your radar to be ready for a counter attack when the lava form emerges from the toxic lake and later knowing where to position yourself, just right to the wasp forms wings with the new multi missile, lock. Im a big fan of small directorial touches like the boss, music kicking in during the pre boss, fight cut scene. Just gets you pumped and psyched to get into the fight here, as the music builds before the cut to gameplay sanctuary fortress is where the third and final converter is hidden theres. A much more energetic mood up here, which is fitting, given that the tide is starting to turn in your favor. The music in this area is more energetic, but so is the environment itself. Robots performing maintenance, buzz around machinery, spins tiny bug, bots move and scatter across the walls outside what i can only describe as reverse cyber rain moves up, perhaps pushing the level and keeping it afloat.

Whats surprising about echoes is how much gameplay gets squeezed out of the morph ball this time around, even though it doesnt come equipped with new abilities. The scope of its use has increased compared to the previous prime, with two boss, fights being purely more ball encounters one focusing on clever bomb timing and the other on efficient use of spider. Ball tracks its good to see the morph ball, not included out of obligation but expanded upon with plenty of creative implementation. Here, the main boss of sanctuary fortress quadraxis probably pushes the morph ball to its highest heights. After crippling this gigantic machine. You then spied a ball up its leg, so you can boost ball onto its floating brain and drop a bomb in it. Its such cool and creative boss, design, contextually and mechanically. This use of the morph ball is badass. The moment you realize the game is actually expecting you to do this its hard not to let slip a smirky grin before fighting quadraxis, though youll gain access to some cool new abilities like the echovisor acquired after beating dark samus. For a second time, the helmet view in prime lends itself very well to a visor based around echolocation, allowing you to see and disrupt signals being used by the enemy. The puzzles you solve with it arent very complex, but well give that a pass, since throwing the ability to see with sound into your game is not something im gon na scoff at either way, especially when it looks this cool.

The ability also carries the titles name and, at the end of the game, well be seeing that not go ignored. Remember its purpose is to let you see echoes the screw. Attack makes its first appearance in 3d, metroid and youd. Think a first person game, letting you triple jump into a third person perspective to bounce off walls, would be a terrible, janky idea, but echoes just kind of does it and it works fine. So i guess all us armchair designers should just stop speculating about what theoretically should or shouldnt work in game design, just like with the morph ball, prime doesnt shackle itself to one perspective for consistency. If a better perspective for the task at hand exists, remember real players, dont play, they invent the game. With the three guardian bosses down and the planetary energy, they were guarding back in your hands once again powering the light world. The eng are now on the back foot its time to enter their hive and destroy their emperor and reclaim the last of the planetary energy its clinging on to, but to do that youre going to need one final ability, all three converters under your control power up Together to grant you the light suit, the light suit negates all damage caused by the dark worlds. Atmosphere and the game understands the enormity of earning this ability with the most opulent and striking item acquisition. Seen yet, and with this, your victory lap begins to gain access to the emperor inks layer.

Youll need to collect nine temple keys scattered around the game world, some of which are only accessible with your light suit, its immense just how different it feels to walk around the game world now compared to at the start, going from being pushed around even the air. Being damaging to having a fully upgraded power suit that decimates enemies and tanks damage plus that dark world atmosphere no longer harming you well, the hunted has definitely become the hunter going about this victory. Lap youre the apex predator, its easy to almost feel bad for the ing you encounter now because they just stand zero chance. When you stride into a room starting off at the mercy of the dark world. A crushing obstacle to overcome and reaching this point where it can no longer affect you, is immensely satisfying and, after all, youve been through. It feels earned here up until here in echoes you spend most of your time dealing with one third of the game world. At a time, aegon wastes torvus bog and then sanctuary fortress, but now during the key hunt they get to form one giant hole using the knowledge you now have of these three areas. Youll have to find new shortcuts and jump between each region efficiently. You get some clues as to where the keys are hidden that refer to the room theyre located in. So this final scavenger hunt, doesnt, just let you flex the power youve gained, but your knowledge of this worlds layout as well.

Metroid is all about exploring, but also about being observant, while doing so once you gain a new power up or ability, you have to recall what youve seen to figure out where it could be used. The victory lab is this challenge but expanded to its largest scale. Yet in this title, its satisfying to draw upon your experience to effectively track down these keys, someone unfamiliar with this now fully interconnected massive map would find such a task daunting. But for you, at this stage, its a chance to demonstrate youve mastered this environment. Its also a good time to get any extra stray collectible upgrades before the final boss. Before i get to the finale id like to rattle off a few extra little details, this game includes that i think make it a little more special. The dark beam will turn off protective bubbles and the light beam will power them up. But once you get the annihilator beam which combines dark and light ammo together, shooting a bubbles crystal will make it go a hellish red and suck enemies into it to be eradicated. When umass is telling you before visiting the torvis bog for the first time that hes seeing greater numbers of ing congregating, there hes not pulling this info from nowhere. There are little luminous cameras in torvus that he uses to gather this info later in the game. You can return to the galactic federation landing site where some space pirates are investigating the same logs.

You looked at earlier on how the feds met their unfortunate end. Guess theyre curious too. The pirates bring some metroids with them to aether, and once things go south they start breaking loose. You can see metroids feeding on their once captors in dark aether, as well as on one very unfortunate pirate being toyed with in their enclosure. In the first room of the game, where you touch down in your ship, the place looks deserted later on youll find the deceased luminous was in that very room. Hidden behind some blocks on a higher ledge gives me a shudder to think there was a dead native right there. The whole time echoes includes an optional hint system, contextualized in game. As a scan, your suit is doing to find hidden technology. It will give you a general idea of where to go next, if youre stumbling around last for too long a nice touch is that it will refer to the item its detected as luminoth technology if its new, but if its one of the powers stolen by the Ing at the start of the title, the scan will refer to it as chozo technology. The bird creators of samuss original power suit turn into a morph ball, and you can see your little bugs get attracted by its glow. I mean you got ta love that this is a very detailed title. The only touch i wish they had added would have been more dynamic animations when transitioning out of the morph ball.

Samus just looks like a bit of a dork. Sometimes, when you do this in game, some, like badass aerial landing animation, could have been cool when transforming back into human mode in mid air. Once all the keys are collected, you can enter the dark sky temple where the emperor ing guards the last of the planetary energy, as is befitting of the final boss for such a long game. Its a three part encounter that asks you to make use of the full breadth of your offensive capabilities. The first phase has you circle, strafe around a stationary target, the second morph style youve got ta bomb, the enemys giant, cocoon before it emerges into its final phase. A giant spider like monstrosity that charges around the arena. One of my favorite attacks from the first form is the emperors ability to open mini portals to the light realm and then back to the dark worlds. To get its tentacles closer to you, its sick. It shows how powerful the ultimate ing is. I also wonder if umos can see the tentacles popping out on his side. I do like how, even in the final boss, the morph ball gets a workout, its good to see your full moveset made use of here. I think the way the fight builds is really great. Its like you start the fight and the emperor ing is all confident, proud and standing its ground, but once you batter it, it retreats into its shell only for you to go nanana at this point.

After all, this work, you aint getting away everything youve done. All the hardship youve suffered on aether was in service of getting you into this one room with this one foe, whos. Finally, on the back foot and the game acknowledges this by dropping the titles main theme. No longer as an ominous tune to draw you in when you boot up the game Music, but now as a triumphant final call to battle its taken, the entire game. But this is the first boss theme with a real sense of triumph to it. Its still frantic and fast paced enough, though, to give you that feeling that victory isnt, quite yours, but its so close, you can taste it. The rhythm of the fight reflects that too. The emperors final form is strong and imposing, but its wide gaping mouth, with its final weak point exposed within it just gives off this sense that its finally truly vulnerable wailing consecutive fire into it as it recoils, is extremely satisfying. Seeing the thing responsible for your and everybody elses pain on this planet, recoil in fear of you is euphoric. The emperor ing fight is like the entire game, condensed down into one fight. It starts off disorienting and daunting, but you compose yourself get your bearings and then show it whos in charge its one of the most satisfying final bosses, and it would be a great ending on its own. But echoes goes one step further. Its easy to be on such a high, defeating the emperor ing that you may forget, theres still a loose end to all of this dark samus with the emperor defeated and the planetary energy he was holding on to yours.

The dark world has no energy left and is collapsing, and this is when dark samus decides to pop up again for one last showdown. You may have forgotten about her for a moment after beating the emperor, but the second she appears it feels entirely inevitable. Even they seem to know that the classic metroid escape countdown level music from the first game becomes a boss theme here, while you duke it out as the dimension crumbles in on itself. Completionists of the original prime game will already have surmised that dark samus is the metroid prime samus defeated at that titles conclusion somehow, having managed to meld with her dna while it was dying to survive in prime 2. Many things point towards this too, such as scanning. Her revealing her genetic makeup contains your dna logs, where the pirates claim to have observed, dark samus, chilling with metroids or just the fact that she would much rather float than use her legs metroid style. Here, though, her face revealed with three soulless eyes, reminiscent of the three ball like organs on display every time, samus bumps into the titular metroid during her life. Well, i like to think this is maybe where samus herself puts all the pieces together and figures out what dark samus probably is a shadow that wasnt cast by the war on aether, but one from her own past. I think in that moment it would become obvious to her that this long quest, defeating dark counterparts in this title was never going to be over until she vanquished her own.

This one is her mess to clean up. I love this kind of scenario where the main antagonist is dealt with at the end of the game, only for the true final boss to be against your rival, who has similar abilities and whose greatest ambition is to see whos best between you, its as if to Say the ultimate challenge is always going to be besting yourself here: theres, no, better battle to end the game on than this, as it brings things full circle, the title started off by having dark, samus own you and proving to her that that was a mistake, makes For a satisfying final victory on aether in the second fight with dark samus earlier, you had to use the dark visor to see her when she activated her camouflage here at the end evolved the dark, visor no longer lets you see when she hides like this. In probably ekkos definitive moment, you have to activate the echoes visor to track her when she turns invisible here. In this moment, the echovisor is being used for its ultimate purpose to track your own echo. So you can kill it and put this whole games battle with dark doppelgangers to bed for good its easy to play metroid for a bit and get the idea that samus is some stone, cold emotionless, empty vessel, but the reality is we spend most of the time With her, when shes on the job she doesnt have time to goof off shes, focused and determined, while fundamentally in places she doesnt belong, but the split second, the job is done.

Shes pumping her hand into the air, as she flies out of a crippled, dimension and cheekily waving goodbye to an ancient civilization of alien wizards, whose respect shes forever earned echoes, is one of the darker harder journeys. Samusaran takes part in so just how casual she is taking off like this was no big deal just another job in the can really adds insult to injury on these jokers who thought she was easy prey in the grand scheme of samuss life. They were just another mission accomplished: samuss attitude in these games, far from being a unnoteworthy blank slate captures a lot of the soul of the primes for me. Theres, a careful patient, calculated determination in how she approaches even the most dire circumstances or daunting situation. She carefully goes about figuring out what she needs to do and then methodically and deliberately takes the steps needed to execute contrast that, with her echo, dark samus who acts erratically and on impulse hedonistically consuming. And while she takes samus off guard at first, she cant match irans modus operandi. I think theres always an inclination to want the media that matters to us to take a turn into outward emotion and on the sleeve earnestness to somehow validate the time and respect. We have for what we enjoy to reflect our passion for it in that way, but i dont think metroid is a series that would benefit much from that direction. The way samus and, by extension, the player succeed in these dark, crushing scenarios is by keeping emotion and impulse in check power.

Armor beams double jumps, they alone, arent. Why samus? Iran can succeed its that state of mind that keeps her alive. Her inquisitive, yet calm and controlled approach to things echoes, makes this cool, headed approach to problem solving all the more inspiring as calm perseverance manages to mend such a dire situation here, a situation that, on your arrival, was minutes away from being unrepairable. It says that that spirit can lead you to success, even when setting off from one of gamings most demoralizing starting points and bring things back from the brink. The way we connect with the events of metroid isnt via some tearful scene, between characters or learning about some tragic backstory that happened off screen its about the journeys and stories we experience in the adventure while playing the game. The rivalry we as a player build with dark samus as she gets in our way. The way villains in the series put us the player through hell in gameplay, with elements like the dark world and how we fight on to make them regret it. The prime games, with their in suit perspective, accentuate that angle, its about you, the player going on these journeys and growing these relationships between you and the pirates, the ing dark, samus and the villains in prior games. Much less emphasis in the primes is placed on the backstory of samus and her connections formed prior to the games, but that really works in a game about feeling alone and insignificant in the bowels of an alien place and fighting to survive the legend that matters isnt.

Anything that happened before the game, its the one you create when picking up the controller when such an insignificant part of the universe, one human in a floating tin, can stumbles by chance into an otherworldly conflict and chooses to step into that darkness and not be broken By it, while metroid prime is technically in this game in the form of dark samus and the classic metroid creatures do appear as an enemy to encounter here here and there metroids arent at the center of this story, the ing and the luminoth catalyze. The events and you play as samus aaron a human but remember in the chozos language metroid means ultimate warrior, so whether the metroid creature even makes an appearance or not in a metroid game. It doesnt matter because these games arent about a floating jellyfish theyre about being the ultimate warrior and few games will make.