Yeah i mean we. We are extremely busy people. I mean we do this weekly right. Usually i it. My perception of time may have been worked over the last couple months. I dont know we try to. We try to yeah. It just depends on the uh left hand, side of the screen here, uh anyway, so uh speaking of um, your uh terrible attendance. What are we doing? I thought you were gon na like mention something about like time and stuff like this, because these guys are just go ham on time, signatures and whatnot, but you didnt. No, you failed yeah great job, so were taking over listen to the latest track from arch spire, which is called drone corps. Aviator i dont know, do you know those are words? Do you know what the drone corps savior is. I have some ideas but im thinking. Theyre uh lets pull some names out of a hat and put them in an order. I think its like all right, dart forward, all right, one, no idea how thats going to connect theres the tackle there we go thats. Where did you use your words from? According to, these are the most used middle words on the planet. Oh that we know what those words are yeah, so lets see if there are spires up suits. Yes, oh really take no Applause, Music, Music, Music, oh Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, jazzy, Music, Music, Music, here court, Music, Music, Music Applause, Music, draw chords, aviator, Music, oh Music, wow, Music; okay, it was all the name of science.

This poor guy has got to clean up as hes listening he whistling too well. That was fun. Yes. Indeed, it was. That was super. Super super fun, im, always uh. I these guys are like super talented. I will never yeah you cant, tell you cant, say no yeah, you cant say no. Anyone that says they arent clearly has no idea what theyre listening to yeah. Well as soon as you see, fan, frets yeah lets be honest. Yeah, like a lot of those uh vocal lines, though thats like death, metal, rapping right there like jesus christ, yeah like i yeah, i cant even do that well hes! So, like hes so pronounced too, like you can yeah you can. I can understand him. Oh yeah hes like his nuns ability like clear as day yeah, which that takes a lot of talent, especially in the metal genre, and everything like that too, because like screaming scream, i cant understand what you say you you cant, hear understand what theyre saying it. Just all depends on the screamer, but lets take a listen. Um lets figure out what they were singing about: yeah singing yeah yeah. So we have seen our enemy in the retina of on the hill were made of peering through the many tortured minds of the imprisoned and the grim actions be fallen onto them. We often become blinded by the sheer eye wrenching defacing of the humans. We look into that explains the video uh slightly.

We have viewed remotely into the homes of every psycho psychopathic psychophanic yeah psychophantic sicko sycophantic yeah, okay, birthing unit ooh thats a little bit. They are. They are regretless an exempt of conscience, performing tormenting repulsive procedures. Bereft of emotion on all that remains of our youth, this, the saint that sank from pride to the century. In the wake of the parasitic serpent hatching yeah, this is a death metal yeah. This is a. This is a you song. I dont know what three of those words mean on that and the they use, though a lot in its purest form too. I will admit i will give them that with the hypnotic immunity execute the vile deed watch as they feed them, hair, skin teeth and cartilage digging deeper. Now we view the buried dead. This is why you cant write death metal lyrics. What what women? I tried to write anthems and youre, like so less satan and death than what now im like theres no death on this one. So youre like we dont play fast enough for this stuff. Well, maybe just maybe we should not okay, i actually know that doesnt it doesnt scream us. We shall crawl into the marrow of their corpses. Thats the line theres, nothing more important line to like back up your statement, make them fly and navigate them there. We go. Throw them yeah: if you throw them, they will fly so they make them navigate and that make them fly in that way.

That would be oh with our weave of blackened liquid. We will wake the rest in resting rotted. We will clear and light the path of all that have arrived before us see now were getting a little uh little positivity in the song right see right there through the sirens of the drifted vacant dreaming and waiting they laid dormant in the earth. I try it. Okay, like a flash ball, i out hey lisa for effort at least lets bring it back to the uh, the uh, the uh subtle, debate, im still working so, and then we get into four lines of drone corpse aviator, which was clear as day. Yes very clear and then within a wee we go yeah, so its uh another refrain with the liquids in the death, then one more drone corpse aviator for good measure yep, and then we shall crawl into the marrow of the corpse. I think this is another refrain. Yeah, just the first part, oh just the first part, make them fly navigate them. They will move and yell. Oh theyll move and yell and fight again, but not from breathing not alive but written from their burrow. They will and then they will return. And now it gets into the no no they compared to droves. No gliding. I swear. I oh, i think, im looking at the they will return. Yeah theyre, hey there, im stupid so taking to the air in droves of gliding carrion.

That sounds like a me thing. Piling the many flying with the politar and marrow got a big marrow problem here, its like slight marrow problem. They will move and yell and fight again, not but not from the breathing lifted out of every monument they put up in their honor, all the dead. They buried now propelling in our flying pattern and then more moving and yelling and fighting and theyre not breathing and then burrowing, and then we can do some gliding again more returning, yeah, more marrow yeah shifting in formations they are unknown to humans were blacking out the Air with decomposing gliders, what we shall crawl into the marrow of their corpses and make them fly and navigate them. Okay, so uh marlos story is dead. Marrow flies. Yes, i mean, or dead corpse aviator drone corpses, yeah yeah, i mean corpse – is more dead. Yeah yeah. Okay, so yeah thats arch fire to the tee so yeah they wrote a song and uh aptly titled it yeah. I like it a lot dead flying robots, um yeah, which is most people yeah yeah, so well. This could be a list of the mars buyer anyways. Oh yeah theres, nothing uh, nothing more uh, satisfying than uh annoying people at uh early morning hours with uh. You know some software spire soft soft arch fire. I dont even know if that exists, thats the fact that you cant, like you, said you cant, you cant, deny the mission ship of this band.

The the tightness of this band is ridiculous. The sheer brutality of you guys too im like goddamn yeah, like in this song, portrayed all of that. You could definitely tell that they they had a craft and they have crafted it very slightly. Well superiorly. You can definitely tell they go, do it they go. They they go to a song, not as a song but as a math problem. Oh yeah. Well, they are a technical death middle ground which that math yeah. No, it plays a huge factor into it. Yeah yeah! I can only imagine what bpms are playing yet well. Im sure id like to id like to see their crib sheets for their songs, its probably not even like its just like key bpm number of times time signature and then they just yeah go through that like 12 12 times, because thats the whole record right there, Yeah, but no these guys are always great from what ive heard off of this record this and the two other singles its got ta be a decent record. I cant wait. Definitely so if youre looking for something to uh, you know show how brutal you are. This is where youre at so drone corpse aviator, yes, aka flying dead, robot uh from archbird were taking liberties with that yeah yeah yeah yeah um list yeah theres no liberty there its on our list. Definitely so until next time.