Welcome to my channel well were out here today with a bionic insect, and this is andre. Youve seen him in past videos hes going to help me film. This insect as its flying around this product is by bionic bird and im going to show you some information on it right now, assembling it. What comes in the box, everything else so check this out. This is the box your bionic metafly comes in, and, if you flip to the back of the box, youll see all the specifications for this little guy opening the box youll find a set of instructions showing you how to assemble the meta fly as well as all The components you need, a micro screwdriver, is supplied to help you out at the bottom of the box. Youll find the remote control and the metafly. Please note that a set of joystick covers are included, but please do not press them on very hard, or you will break the joysticks to power the remote. You will need to supply your own double a batteries to power up the metafly, simply connect it to the remote, and you will see a blinking green light on the remote showing that everything is charging all right. Im just going to inject into this video a simple demonstration of how the flight controls work so watch this im going to take it off the charger on the very back. You have a power switch im going to power it on.

If your remote is on. First then, this would automatically connect to this. Youll know youre connected because you have a blue light in the center and when it stops blinking this – and this are connected so now watch this. You have joysticks here. So if i want to go left to right, look at the tail see that i can turn but hold it like that. You can see it thats how it turns left to right when it flies and, of course, when you want to flap the little wingies. You just use this joystick here and we flap and the more you go forward, the faster it flaps and you can slow it down its pretty simple and if its turning to the right or the left, one theres no window right here on the arms theres. These little weights theres one here and one there, and you can slide them to either side. So, in other words, if its going too much to the right, it means this weight is too heavy slide it inwards or if you want slide the one on the left outwards and you can adjust the steering its that simple, its very durable. I have smashed this. Many times in my house, in this backyard and im sure in this video that youre watching now uh andre and i probably have smashed it many times as well. It flies really well, but one little thing when theres a breeze, its really effective, because it weighs nothing and the tail at the end is your forward speed.

You can move it up and down you just move it youll hear it. Click click click, click thats for fast speed, and this is for flying indoors. You can put it way up and that will slow you down. So you see, if youre flying this way, you can see it its sort of like a brake system, pretty cool its like flaps on a plane. All right lets go fly this okay, so were back andres back there and were gon na try to fly this now. I have it on the charge mode and im gon na pull this off and now im gon na turn it on, and hopefully by the grace of god, it flaps okay. So here we go somehow im gon na launch this from my hand, all right, i got ta toss it im gon na put it on, and then here we go im gon na shoot it right at andre over there. So let me move this way: ready, andre yeah. There we go, follow it andre, follow it andre, follow it Music. I cant bring it back. Andres gon na toss it anytime. Now my tail is is up to make it go slow, so this tail, you can adjust it like this here and it should go faster, see these gentlemen over here. They are all spectators. They are gon na get an insect in the head im gon na im, not gon na. Do the steering yeah all right, better, better! Well, actually, this time stand beside me yeah.

So here well, stand like this and come on this way. Okay, we got ta were recording yeah. Why does no one ever notice all the cameras? Everybody always talks to me here – put the gopro over there look at this. This is what happens every time. Captain drone does a review. I have spectators, an audio its like a live show here, ready, ready and go there. You go see now that i can see the motions i can fly. It thats pretty good, pretty good, okay, just a just a slight toss. This time i have lost it. Its going the wrong direction, its the winds, got, it yeah all right, cool product, really good ive tried it in my house, but my house is much too small for this baby, so it doesnt work. Are you using the gopro? You can point it at this too. So i get another angle there we go: oh no youre in the picture, but you can do both that works here. We go all right, cool product uh out here in the wind in this area. Here it does fly for a bit, but when the wind takes it yeah, not so good, i have tried it in my house and my house is not large enough to fly this around, so i bang into the walls. I would say this is made for flying out in a park or in your backyard, where theres, no wind, its a very small one, bionic bird does make other items like birds and they make other items that fly around, that are quite small, really cool tech.

A lot of fun for you, your kids, the family, to assemble it and then go fly it. I think you have a great time, especially since it comes with remote and the remote charges, everything up its a sweet product. So im going to put links below go check it out and if i get this flying again before the end of this video, then youll see some other footage at the end, all right take care guys catch the next one thanks again andre Music Applause Music.