I have a really cool product that i want to share with you uh on the channel, and that product is called the medifly it’s designed and made by a company called bionic bird and is a biomimetic radio controlled insect inspired. Drone biomimetic and lame terms just means that it’s invented to mimic the natural, so it basically uh flaps its wings and flies similar to the way an insect would now. This company is also known for the metabird, which is an ornithopter and is controlled via wi fi. On your cell phone using their app now, the metafly does come in two versions, which are the standard and the upgrade kit. So let me start by opening up the box, so we can see what’s included inside, so it comes with an instruction manual and an extra sheet that further explains in detail how to assemble the rudder properly. Next, we have a bag that contains two sets of wings. Two sets of tails the rudder and a pair of landing legs. You also get another smaller bag, with a mini screwdriver, a usb type c cable and a special connector for charging it and here’s another, even smaller bag. That comes with aluminum grade thumb, rockers for the remote controller and what appears to be a small screw and two clips, and these are what i believe they call the balusters for trimming the wings over here on the right side. Is the metafly’s body nicely tucked in place and i’ll show you guys a close up of it in a few? Next, we have the remote controller, which is pretty basic.

You have an on and off button in the middle, a connector slot for charging the meta fly directly from the remote using the provided, connector attachment and an led light indicator right. Next to it. Both joysticks are spring loaded, which is interesting and on the back, is the battery compartment, which houses four double a batteries which are not included, and last but not least, is the power bank which allows you to recharge the metafly up to 15 times, which is uh. Pretty cool, so let me run through the list of specs for the meta fly: real, quick, first of all, it’s ultra light and weighs less than 10 grams, which is quite amazing. It has a custom developed 1.6 watt micro, cordless motor with an aluminum heat sink along with a patented gearbox and steering system. It also has an onboard 3.7 volt, 58 milliamp hour, one cell lipo battery, which gives you an eight hour flight time on one single charge, and it takes around 12 to 13 minutes to fully charge the battery. It operates on the 2.4 gigahertz frequency with the range of up to 150 meters, and it also has a speed control option that works by adjusting the tail up or down and that’s pretty much all of the technical specs for this little guy. Now. What i’ll do is i’ll visually show you guys how to assemble it and after that we’ll go ahead and take it out for a flight test: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, so Music, so Music, foreign, all right! So the first thing you want to do here is press the on and off button.

You can’t see it, but it’ll turn blue and you just want to press uh the on and off button on the remote it should automatically pair to it. As you can see, if i press up on the throttle, the wings start to move and if i go left and right, uh you’ll see the rudder move as well, so you want to have it at 75 percent uh throttle to give it a little bit more. You know thrust and you just want to gently, let go, and if you let go of the throttle, you can glide it now. One thing i wanted to mention to you guys is: these: are the ballast i don’t know if you can see them and what that does is that you know it’s for trimming uh the bird. So if it drifts to you on one side more than the other you might want to, you know, move this to the side a bit and level it off all right. So let’s try this again. There you go Music, oh and it fell up there, Music it’s, pretty fun huh. I like the way it just uh. If you let go on the throttle, it just glides and that’s pretty cool, and when you run out of the eight minutes, you’ll notice, the throttle start to get weaker and the wings will flap less and that’s. Just uh telling you that the battery is getting low. Now, if the battery goes full down to zero it’ll, just stop flapping and drop out of the sky, so let’s see how much juice we have left in this little guy.

Here, oh just got to get the hang of it at first um. The most important thing is to trim your wings and yeah let’s. Try it one more time now the ballast moved a little bit and yeah the battery is pretty much toasty, and did you see that so that is when the battery goes dead. So now i’m gon na go ahead and charge it. You see a green blinking light, and that means that it’s charging once the light, stops blinking green and just stays on uh. That just means that it’s fully charged so i’m just gon na sit it right here and i let it do its thing and we’ll give it another another shot. Music, look at that gliding! So there you go the metafly by bionic bird. I honestly have to say that it was a lot of fun flying this thing and it’s an entirely different experience than flying a quadcopter that’s for sure it was sort of therapeutic for me to watch it soar in the wind. Now it does take a few tries to get the hang of it, but once you get it locked in the rest is a breeze. Now the flight time is only eight minutes, but having the included power bank really helped, because you know you can get more flight time out of it and the charging time is not that long at all. I believe it only took me less than 12 minutes to fully charge it so uh yeah, if you guys, are interested in getting one for yourself or as a gift for someone i left the link below to where you can find it anyway, that’s a wrap.

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