I love this thing that it can actually glide the more i fly, the more i’m getting hooked to it. All of the bird attack bismuth raheem, assalam, alaikum and greetings alicia now here and welcome to the outdoor flight of metafly from bionic bird. This is a biometric drone. That means a flapping wing a little bird with lots of cool features. Let’S take a look at what comes inside the box and then you can see how it flies outdoors. You can fly it outdoors or indoors it’s all up to you. It flies both outdoors indoors and it is absolutely so much fun. Trust me on that. So let’s get to it so let’s get this a flight and have fun with it alright. So this is the metafly remote controlled flying creatures, there’s experienced wind flight and also says it’s an upgrade kit. This means there is a standard kit as well. This one is produced by bionic bird it’s, a biometric drone. It says on the box right here, it’s time to forget about drones and experience flight like never before. Well, i have experienced flight like never before with that go bird eagle, which is big one, but this one. They claim that this can fly indoors as well. In the back of the box, it gives a feature. Wireless range of 100 meter 320 feet flies indoor easily yeah seriously. They said that it speeds up to 18 kilometer per hour or 11 miles per hour.

They wrote pmh, it should be mpa 100 charge in 12 minutes crash proof thanks to elastic hamlet, legs and wings. Can take off from ground? Oh, i didn’t see that this is like kind of little landing gear right here. Awesome, okay, only 19 centimeter length i’m, not sure what is a standard upgrade kit, but it just showed that the upgrade kit has these uh colored profiles like wings and stuff, like that. It also has a power bank in it nice very, very nice, let’s see what’s inside. This is what i received in my box, so i have these. Probably this is what is upgrade kit about, because i have the colored profile: wings: okay, they’re, like very fine thin material man, i’m scared to touch them even okay. This is this. Then inside we have a user manual which is i’m going to study and we have sticks for the radio control, i believe the usb cable and the kind of battery charging. Yes, this should be the battery charging our charger. Okay, a small screwdriver. Then we have a radio control, hey where’s the bird man hold on. Then we have a power bank, nice, 1500 milliamp, 3.7 volt that’s nice i’ve got a charge, oh hold on there’s one thing, and i believe this is the bird huh hold on. Let me see yeah look at that Laughter, what a little bird right here there you go. So this is all i got in my box.

It’S raining a little mild winds, but i believe the meta fly should fly still some wind. So i put the tail down to number four there’s some water on the wings. I don’t know how it will affect the flight because it might make the wings heavy oh trash. Can why do my rc’s love trash cans so much? I was able to dodge those trees. Look at that in the wings it’s a little difficult to control. You have to control the rudder a lot, but once you get the hang of it look it’s gliding! Once you get the hang of it, you know how to control it it’s really very, very easy to fly. Okay, let me go to this little open area so that i don’t have to dodge trees more. I have flowers and everything matches the bird. You know that this bird can fly here in the flowers. Oh, there comes another birdie. Look at that Laughter: hey. Can you make friend with my little butterfly sweet man? Look how beautiful it flies. I love it. You know. Kids are definitely gon na love it because this is very, very easy to fly it’s easy to fly easy to control. Oh the bird attacked it it’s actually attacked it. This time i saw that man i saw that the bird says i don’t like you here. You robotic bird get the hell out of my place, my space, so we are violating the airspace of that bird right there, glide man.

I love this thing that it can actually glide. You know my that little eagle, gogo bird eagle cannot glide actually, but this one look at that you can stop flapping the wings, let it glide and then take it out from there start flying again, flapping wings again, look at that that wasn’t, like nice, quick dive There huh i’m learning to glide. This thing look at that that was nice man. This is a lot of fun and definitely i have a lot of flight time as well lighting. I love that circling around dodging the tray battery is still going on. The bird comes again, and here goes the dogfight maybe again come on birdie i’m violating your airspace here. Circling around to see if the bird will come again or not here comes the birdie again. That bird is like really dude. You got ta, take your bionic or biometric bird away from here. It could have been beautiful landing if it was smooth, but hey man, it glides that’s. What i love about it. Okay, here we go and let’s see if the birdie will come again to attack us or not gliding. I think i need to set the wings balance because it always makes the right circles, which is good, because i can like go hands free with that nice dive. Oh oh landing in the flowers, just the ballast a little bit. I just disbalanced a little bit to the left. Oh winds are coming, but hey let’s, just try it still flying you.

Don’T want to flap wings too fast. If you are trying to go against the wind because it will just climb up in that case that’s what i have learned now – it’s much better control, it’s not going right all the way. So, balancing the wings is very easy on this, and then you can have much better flight. Oh sorry, i’m trying to learn to land it in hands actually which shouldn’t be a problem because it’s such a little lightweight thingy. You can just turn off just put the throttle to zero, let it glide in your hands. No, i didn’t do that there so flying again, coming against the wind slow down, ah there’s a butterfly there as well butterflies. Like you know, this thing looks like me but bigger, but that bird is like get the hell out of my airspace. Okay, man i’m surprised battery is still going on. I am surprised, there’s a lot of flight time here they said to say, like eight minutes or more, which is nice man, because you don’t get bored flying it. It’S not noisy, it’s kind of quiet wind is coming push. Buddy push against the wind, come on better fly, you can do it come on birdie push it. Okay, wings stopped and it landed. That means the battery is very low. Yeah. The blue led is blinking and it’s time to charge this bird, so so easy just turn. It off put the bird on the radio just like this press.

The radio button power button turn it on and the green led will start blinking. That means the bird started to charge so people. This is metafly biometric, flapping wing, bird rc bird, and i can tell you the more. I fly the more i’m getting hooked to it, it’s really easy to fly and so much fun that you just can’t just stop flying it. You can fly it indoors outdoors. I even managed to fly it in my room. You know such a small living room. I managed to fly it there and you know: flapping wings, it’s, just very natural, very realistic, so they’re right if bionic bird company says that forget the drones it’s time for biometric drones or these flapping wing bird rc bird drones. I agree to that because you know those drones they’re, just getting boring, totally boring. This right here is totally on a different level of fun and you you’re just gon na love it once you fly these flapping wing things you’re gon na get hooked today. Thank you very much for watching this video. The links for this metafly from bionic birds are in video description. If you want to get one, go ahead, check it out and have fun with it stay tuned for more videos coming your way soon, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and stay updated for all these new coolest toys and many more awesome videos coming your way. Soon come on, you know what to do hit that like button it’s right there, i know you can do it.

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