According to the chief of ukraines air force, lieutenant general mikhola, oscar turkish made baracter tb2 drones have carried out strikes on russian troops in the kersan region and near the city of malin about 60 miles. Northwest of kiev in support of his statement. Ukrainian air force released footage of a russian convoy consisting of more than a dozen vehicles, including buk m 1 2 surface to air missile systems blown to pieces by the strike near malin district of the zeitumer region. Music also was released. Another drone video, which showed a russian convoy being hit by a drone strike this time in the southern city of person commander in chief of the armed forces of ukraine, valerie zeluzny, said on facebook strikes occurred in the town of torno baika in southern ukraine. It is now confirmed that baracter tb2 drones have successfully destroyed two book: m1 2 air defense systems for m2 air defense system for 2a, 65, ms to be towed 152.4 millimeters howitzers, and around 14 military vehicles, their actor tb2 unmanned. Combat aerial vehicle can carry a maximum payload of more than 150 kilograms. The drone can fly up to 22 500 feet and loiter for more than 24 hours. The raptor tb2 drones, which entered the turkish armys inventory in 2014, are currently used by turkey, ukraine, qatar and azerbaijan. In recent years, turkeys, defense and aviation companies made significant achievements in research and development, as well as production and export. Turkey is among six countries in the world that can produce its own drones.

The bayer actor tb2 is a medium altitude, long endurance, male unmanned, combat aerial vehicle, ucav, capable of remotely controlled or autonomous flight operations. It is manufactured by the turkish company baycard defense, primarily for the turkish armed forces. The aircraft are monitored and controlled by aircrew in a ground control station, including weapons employment. The development of the uav has been largely credited to selchuk bear actor a former mit graduate student, while the turkish armed forces described their actor tb2 as a tactical uav class to prevent it from being a competitor to the tai anka uav international standards would classify it As a medium altitude, long endurance, uav Music, as of november 26 2021, the tb2 drone had completed 400 000 flight hours globally. The largest operator of tb2 drones is the turkish military, but an export model has been sold to the militaries of a number of other countries. Turkey has used the drone extensively in strikes on kurdistan workers, party, pkk and peoples, protection units, ypg targets in iraq and syria bear or drones were used by azerbaijan in the 2020 nagorno karabaw war and by ukrainian forces during the 2022 russian invasion of ukraine. The aircraft previously relied on imported and regulated components and technologies such as rotax 912 engines manufactured in austria and optoelectronics floor sensors imported from webcam in canada or hansold from germany. Bombadier recreational products owner of rotax, suspended delivery of their engines to certain countries in october 2020. After becoming aware of their military use, despite being certified for civil use, only in the same month, canadian wescom, optics and sensors exports were restricted by the canadian foreign ministry.

Turkish industry responded to foreign sales boycotts by announcing the provision of domestically manufactured alternatives, including tei, pd, 170 engine manufactured by tei fuel valves and the cats flur system manufactured by asselson integration tests with that system started on november 6, 2020 turkish defense, industry researcher, khadir, dogen Tweeted, that cancellation of sales of components to bakar by foreign companies did not pose a major problem and that, as of january 2021, all of those components have been replaced by locally manufactured alternatives. The development of the bare actor tb2 had been spurred by a u.s ban on exports of armed unmanned aircraft to turkey due to concerns they would be used against pkk groups inside and outside turkey. A car started developing a new combat tactical aerial vehicle system. At the request of the presidency of defense industries after the experiences of its first tactical uav, the bear actor calderon or bear actor tb1 delivered to the turkish army. In 2011, the beractor tb2 made its maiden flight in august 2014. On december 18 2015 a video was published of a test firing of a missile from the bear actor tb2 a result of a collaboration with roquetzin roquetsons mam and tube attacks. Age bozok laser guided bombs were tested for the first time. According to the british newspaper, the guardian, the arming of the beractor tb2 would not have been possible without the help of the uk hornet micro munitions bomb rack by edo mbn technology limited. The bomb rack was provided to turkey in 2015 and a variant of it was integrated into the aircraft by edo, mbn and roketzen.

In response to the guardian newspaper, article baycard chief technical officer, celchuk bear actor denied that the bomb rack came from the uk. We are not buying it from you, we never did it not only does not work under any circumstances, but is also very expensive. Their actors said on twitter. We have designed and manufactured a more advanced and cost effective one ourselves. On august 19th 2020, the uk department for international trade dit disclosed details of a six year, history of exports of the hornet bomb rack to turkey between 2014 and 2020, suggesting that supply of the critical technology to turkey had continued well beyond the development stage of the Baracter tb2 and right up to the publication of the guardian story. In november 2019., there were 18 standard individual export license. Siel applications submitted by edo mbn technology between 2014 to 2020 for exports of goods related to hornet bomb racks, slash hornet missile launchers to turkey, where the proposed exports were for end users in turkey.