I was reading this where apparently mazda motors has some kind of patent for a drone. This one here says what on vehicle aircraft control system as an on vehicle aircraft control system includes a winding device provided on a landing platform, a connecting member connecting the wiring device and an aircraft and wound up or drawn out by the winding device and controller controlling The wiring device and an aircraft they do show some pictures as well ive, actually seen stuff like this before, where they kind of protect the whole drone in this spear. The times i have seen this in terms of concept is how people imagine this is the future of things like delivery with a drone for the average person they take this out of the drawer or something like that, and they can just send this drone flying to. Like another building, but it says here for their claim: an on vehicle aircraft control system configured to control, an aircraft that is capable of taking off from and landing on, a landing platform provided on a vehicle and includes a photographing unit. The control system compromising a winding device provided on the landing platform, a connecting member connecting the wiring device and the aircraft and wound up or drawn by the wiring device and a controller configured to control the winding device and the aircraft were in upon receipt of the Landing request for lining the aircraft in the landing platform. The controller winds up the connecting member by the winding device and controls an attitude of the aircraft for the aircraft to land on the landing platform, with the photographing unit facing in a specific photographic direction, determined in advance, okay thats a bit much, i think, in terms Of the words and stuff like that, although it is meant more for pans and stuff like that, i would imagine this would be something normally where its inside the car and then it comes up.

But i guess, as the picture kind of shows and the actual description here, you can kind of see it seems like theres some kind of platform outside of the car, and then i guess the drone would land on it or i guess, take off from it. In general, so maybe its a way where you could attach this drone on an existing vehicle that would be kind of interesting. In that case, and then i guess, dji sent this message to people today about the mavic 3 and i was like hey how come didnt. This thing already come out already, like whats the need to blast people about this again. For the most part, it seemed like from what i gather, while initially its just talking about specs, and all that you can see in one of the pictures. It says, unlock your creativity and it talks about things like active track, master shots and so forth and on the bottom it says specifically, these features are now available through the latest firmware update. I know for this launch. Theres been a lot of complaints where people are saying theyve been given an incomplete product, so many features missing and all that, but now they actually released it. I just know from history that just seems to be a trend so to speak. When it comes to a company like dji, they always released the product without things like the features and stuff all completed for whatever reason.

Maybe they just want to rush it out and get the sales, and i guess it works for them, because people still buy it and so forth correct and they just deal with it, makes you wonder, though, if they could get away with it eventually, once the competition Really starts to ramp up in every single way, because i would imagine eventually, itll be well whats, the point of going with this company. If the other company offers virtually lets just say the quote same type of product, but they offer a complete product from the beginning. With that thought, ces is coming up and there should be a lot of new announcements for hardware related items, for example like drones, but apparently a lot of companies are bulking up. For example, like this one here i was reading, it says intel backs out of ces 2022 citing health concerns. Intel is the latest company to pull out of ces 2022 due to the quickly growing surge of cover 19 cases, and they said here quote the health and safety of our employees. Partners and customers is always a top priority. After consulting with health officials and in the spirit of intel safety policy, our plans for ces will move to a digital first live experience with minimal on site staff. We encourage you to join us as we deliver all our cs: content experience virtually via the intel newsroom and, as they say, its, not just intels a lot of other companies.

I wonder if this will affect things much. I think, if youre just someone trying to get updated with the information, then it doesnt really matter.