Basically, what we think of them and comparing them to the old tires our bfg km3s stay tuned: Music, Music, Music, Music. I thought wed do a little video today about our tire choice: weve just completed a big trip from adelaide up to kp orca back down about 12 13 000 ks on the new tyres were a bit skeptical at the start. Weve always run bfgs, so changing to the maxis was a bit of a scary topic, so i thought id make a little video, basically outlining everything we found out about the tyre and what we think about comparing the two tyres as well. Firstly, well go over some information about the tyre, its obviously a mud, tire we run a y62 patrol. We run this tire in a 35 12 and a half 18., its a fairly aggressive tire. For us, it was a bit of a toss up between the all terrain and the mud tyre. We run no lift and we run 35 inch tyres. They do fit. You just need to muck around with the mud flaps a little bit, which is not too hard and weve got ours, just bent back just a little bit and they do clear on full lock. They do scrub every now and then, when doing some extreme four wheel. Driving but its only just clipping the inner part of the original mud, flap, so thats good wheel, wise, we run a method wheel. We run an nv 305 in matte black.

They are a 18 by nine plus 18 offset rim. Weve run these with these tyres and the bfg km3s and both with great results. Both tyres cleared the patrols body with no lift and in 35, so that was always good. They have an innovative armor sidewall design, which maximizes sidewall traction and puncture shoulder blocks to provide additional traction on difficult terrains. So, like we found on this trip, bagging out letting the pressure out down about 20 psi for this particular car and were about three and a half ton, just under three and a half ton the car. By itself, we find they bag out really well and they provide a lot of traction. The sidewall is aggressive enough to give us good traction when theyre down really really low and sort of that time. When you really need that traction, maxis are pretty well known in the off road racing scene, so changing to maxis was a little bit easy in that sense. Going from the bfgs, the maxis, you would assume have brought some of their knowledge from the off road racing into the off road tyre that they do ill start at the top. Obviously so price wise. These tyres at the time of filming, were ranging, from anywhere from 450 to 500 bucks attire, so theyre, a good mix of price and value for money as well in this particular size. The sidewall is a 10 ply, sidewall theyre load rated for 15 50 kilos per tire, so those of you that are looking to do or have done the gvm upgrade with the patrols.

Obviously your wheels and tyres need to be load rated to suit the maximum allowable carrying weight that you can do so if you grab four of these, obviously total carrying capacity is 6200 kilos, so youre well, within that gvm upgrade weight limit, which is good to know The same does go for these wheels as well. The methods are very well load rated. There are a lot of other wheels that arent quite load rated enough for the gvm upgrades. So do be aware of that, if youre looking to do that down the track, noise wise were actually pretty happy with the noise of these youre always going to have a bit of road noise with a large tyre and an off road tile. Its got deep, tread lugs that you can see so youre bound to pick up a little bit of noise noise, wise, comparing them to the bfgs. The bfg started off a lot quieter and got fairly noisy towards the end of their life. Where we found with the maxis, they started off a little bit more noisy, but theyve actually quietened down a lot so, especially after the big trip have just done. Um. You almost cant hear them at all over the rest of the road noise, so were actually really happy with that side of things, not sure how well the video will pick it up, but this is what its like driving around on a normal road during the day With the tyres, so i normally run them at around 45 psi.

You get the idea of what sort of noise theyre going to make its really not that bad at all. Theres a tiny bit there, but weve got an exhaust. Weve got a hard mid section exhaust on this car. So with that and the tyres, you cant tell the difference, really the trip rundown that weve just done with the tyres. So we had these tyres fitted just before our trip stock levels are a little bit hard to find leading up to the trip, so we ended up buying them a little bit earlier, and then we just put them in storage on my racking in the shed uh For a little while, until we were ready to go, we did still have some life left in the bfgs, but whether they were going to last our our big trip or not. That was sort of a bit of a question. It wasnt something i wanted to risk. So we got our hands on a set of the maxis razer mt 772s and ahead of time, and we had them fitted just before we left. We put the tyres through some pretty hard terrains on our trip, weve done between 12 and 13 000 ks on these tyres. At the moment, as i said, we had them fitted just before we left. We made our way towing the caravan, a three ton caravan and the patrol fully loaded with the family and bits as well. In the back, we made our way up through the shreds lucky track in south australia, up to inominka across the border, into queensland, up through central queensland and some pretty horrible roads all the way up through to cairns, and then once were at cairns.

We went from cairns right up to the bramwell station. We left the caravan there for a little bit and did the old telegraph track came back, got the caravan went up through the jaiden ferry with the caravan and took the caravan all the way to the top up to ponson bay and obviously, all the way back Down the coast and back down to south australia, so they did a lot of towing. They did. A lot of hard fall drive tracks a lot of river crossings. We did a lot of sand, did some beach camping. Basically, we put the tyres through everything and they lived up to every expectation we could ask for so one thing we did with this trip, and these tyres and weve done with our previous tyres as well, is uh keeping an eye on pressures and running the appropriate Pressures for the for the terrain that were on most of this trip, uh, even when towing on some of the really horrible roads. Even like the peninsula development road, the pdr at cape york. We were towing down at 20 psi, so we had uh 20 psi in the front. We had 22 psi in the back of the car and then were running the caravan on 20 psi as well, and we found that soaked up a lot of the corrugations and just protected the tyres from the sharp rocks as well. Its saying that we also run those same pressures or 20 around when we havent got the caravan on.

So when we did some sand driving beach, driving and also the old telegraph track, we had the tyres all down at 20 psi all round the tires bag out. Quite well, ive read a lot of people saying that these tires because they are a 10 ply sidewall. They dont bag out quite as much as some other brands, but they do tend to loosen up so to speak as they go on through life. So i think, with how many caves we did at 20 psi with these tyres, they bag out really really well now ill. Try and put some footage of us doing some slow fall driving as well through here just so, you can get an idea of how much they bag out and what they look like when theyre going through the different terrains as far as self cleaning and the tyre Looking after itself, these tyres, i think, are probably a little bit better with the self cleaning side of things compared to the bfgs. I dont know if its just different terrains weve been driving or, if theres anything different about that, but these tyres actually clean themselves really really well. The bfgs had a really bad habit of getting rocks, stuck in between the lugs. These lugs a little bit better, spacing and ill show you in a minute, but theyre actually tapered as well in some spots. So their self cleaning is really really good, whether its mud sand or rocks the main thing.

That sort of i always try and keep an eye on is rocks getting stuck in the lugs uh. When you write down low on the pressure, so we dont want any uh punches caused by that sort of thing. So you can see here what we are talking about with the tread design, so the tread design is actually tapered. You can see the lip on the leading edge there. Good spacing weve done a lot of wheel spin, a lot of everything on these tyres, so just some quick little facts about the tyres from new theyre 15.8 millimeter trip depth. So it was quite tall. Id almost say that these were a little bit taller than the bfgs ill check. The stats on the bfgs, but i reckon the rolling diameter of these tyres is a tiny bit larger. The overall tread width on this 35 12 and a half 18 inch tyre. The overall tread width is 325 mils, the overall diameter is 884 mils and the rolling circumference is 2679 millimeters, so ill. Compare that to the bfg ill put it in the note down below here and let you know what that was, but i have a feeling that the maxis i could be wrong. I have a feeling that the maxis is a tiny bit bigger rolling diameter than the vfg so ill. Show you some footage now of the different shape of the lugs. The lugs are quite deep, as i said, and its got an aggressive sidewall on here as well.

I feel like, if youre going to do anything with these tyres, weve done it on this trip. Weve really really put them to the test and weve been really happy with how theyve performed as well some of the features of the maxis razer mt 772s that they list all the info can be found on their website. They feature a deeply sculpted center block for excellent mud, traction while stone and mud ejectors, improve self cleaning and performance, while minimizing rock retention, and that basically goes back to what i was saying before about. I really feel that these do self clean a lot better than the bfgs, which is great. They do emphasize on their website that the tyre is resistant to cutting and tearing and ripping chunks off the tread. So theyve designed the tread pattern and the tire itself to be fairly tough and avoid that sort of thing happening ill. Show you a close up of the tread as well. They do have a two tiered design, so its like a step on the tread which apparently is really really good for self cleaning grip wise on the road. We find that the tyres have just as much if not the same amount of grit or maybe even a little bit more than the bfgs in the wet and in the dry on the road. We havent had a problem, yet even when towing the van as well being an automatic, its probably a little bit different in a manual but having that extra grip there from a really sticky soft feeling, mud tire really makes a big difference.

It does tend to stop any of that spinning when youre trying to go up rock ledges or anything like that which tends to damage the tire a fair bit. The maxis razer mt 772 is also a winner of the 2020 4×4 australia tire test. That in itself is saying that its actually a pretty good, tyre and value for money as well. These tires are for people like me who, like the aggressive, look theyre, also going to give you function as well: theyre, really really good at what they do weve. We honestly, we cant fault them to this point were relatively low, obviously in their life, but i feel like weve done a lot in the short time that weve had them. What ill do is ill go around all the tires and well see if weve got any damaged, lugs or anything like that ill put some footage up now. If i can find anything to my knowledge, ive had a quick look around, i cant actually see any ripped, lugs or damaged cut lugs so that in itself, for what weve done on the old telegraph track and the peninsula development road is saying a lot. So we were almost gcm at seven ton when we left and down at 20 psi on at with seven times up at cape york, if youre going to get any damaged tyres thats where its going to happen so weve seen, a lot of people have a lot Of damage up there and for us to come back undamaged were really happy with that.

Just to summarize bfgs km3s and the maxis razer mt 772s, i probably cant split the both the bfgs are quite expensive for what they are in, saying that there was no stock in australia at all in the size we needed when it was time for us to Buy so that sort of pushed us to the maxis as being the second best option for us were really happy with the outcome really happy with the tyre in saying that i cant fault bfgs, either they were a little bit noisy towards the end, but everything else About them was really good. So between the two tyres i wouldnt tell you to go one or the other between these two particular tyres, which is just the two brands that i have experience in. I guess if i had to choose one particular thing: itd be value for money and on that side of things the maxis wins that hands down with the price, all right, guys thats going to do the video today. I hope you enjoyed the video. If you have any questions, give us a comment down below and well always be here to answer any questions or tell you what we think or tell you what we found out as well: theres, probably heap ive missed in the video. So let me know if you have any other questions feel free to like and subscribe. Itll help youtube show it to more people.