, hi i'm paul from johnsga.com and in this video we're, going to take a look at how the newly released mavic air 2 sounds Compared to the mavic 2 mavic air and mavic mini just to see how much improvement dji made in time and what level of noise you actually want in a room. Dji introduced the silent propeller system since the mavic, platinum and most drones. Besides the mavic air and spark, i want to start talking about how each drone feels in the air and especially in windy conditions and stay to the end of the video. If you want to make money with drones and are serious about it, i would say that i felt like i had the most trouble with the dj mavic mini as it is indeed a very light. Drone don't get me wrong, it's very stable in wind, but it can face a strong gust of wind without getting a notification on the screen about the motor power being insufficient and the speed also drastically decreases. You can also feel it less capable of doing multi directional flight movements, especially when, coupled with some wind, the mavic air handles wind a bit better, but it still felt a bit unstable in my opinion and are reliable compared to some of the newer, bigger mavics. Now for the sound test, let's keep quiet for a while, while i fly them indoors and see which one is louder: Music, Music, as you've seen the mavic mini averages somewhere at around 62 decibels and in my opinion the sound is quite pleasant.

Compared to some of the other drones, i would deem it as a respectable silent drone. Now, for the oldest of the bunch, the mavic air has an average of 70 decibels of the same range, which is considerably more than the mini. The noise of the mavic air is also way more noticeable and annoying to listen to it's high pitched and everybody starts looking at you after you launch this drone, even if it's small, so definitely not a good ninja rune. The mavic air 2 definitely has a very, very pleasant sound compared to most other drones. It is higher than the mini when it comes to decibels. A 64 decibels average, but i do like the sound better as the pitch is lower. The mavic 2 pro has a slightly higher decibel range at 67 decibels, but the sound it makes is very pleasant to the ears and quite constant in pitch. I like it a lot more than even the mavic mini, which is considerably more silent if we are to measure it in outdoor environments. The same thing is happening with the original mavic air being the most annoying drone of the bunch, while the newer mavic air 2 and mavic 2 having the most pleasant sounds, i took them out in some windy days because usually they're all much more stable. I feel like the mavic 2 is the most stable alongside the mavic air 2., while the mavic air and the mavic mini are the most prone to wind and shaking in one of the next videos.

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