The first toy grade replica of the DJI Mavic, is here and it's called the Visio XS eight, oh nine there's, a few different variants of it. We'Ve got one variant that is just the quadcopter. The quadcopter with altitude hold, which would be a barometer and we have a camera version and a Wi Fi version looks like. I have the version that has Wi Fi it's indicated it's having an altitude hold barometer onboard with the H at the end of the model. Number, so this is the X 809 W I have here has indicated on the box, so you have different versions of this. You can connect your phone or you can fly it without your phone. You can control it by just the controls on your phone or just control it with the controller. So they give you a bunch of options. It folds up kind of like a Mavic, keep in mind. This is not brushless, it doesn't have all any GPS or anything it's just for those that want the looks of a Mavic in kind of a toy grade quadcopter and this one's called the visual drone. So you also have the Mavic. I did drowned my first Mavic but here's. What the Mavic looks like this is the original DJI Mavic a lot more high tech in here again this is just the toy grade, and so what we're going to do in this review is unbox. It inspect it set it up, is all working go out and fly it maybe do a little comparison on the table here of the original Mavic and this toy grade version and then after we do a flight test, we'll go ahead and do a pros and cons.

So let's get started. Okay let's see what we get in this box cool. So just your basic gum, you know toy grade quadcopter box it's got this plastic surrounding all the components here's. The controller here are some propeller guards. You'Ve got some extra propellers, as we can see. The propellers are already pre mounted up for your first set a charger and a screwdriver and here's the drone. Here it is all folded up, we're going to go inspect that a little more in depth in just a second and then the only other thing we have in the box is the instruction manual here on the cool so that's it here's everything in the box and Here'S, what the original Mavic looks like, if you guys haven't seen the original Mavic here's a little comparison so obviously way more expensive. Much higher tech included in this guy – and here is cheap toy version – looks very similar in the main body portion, though you can see that this does have the same shape here, albeit it is just a tiny bit smaller and definitely way lighter, because it is a Ploy version and the arms just kind of fold out like this there's no clips or anything that you need to adjust, they just kind of notch out seems like it'll, be holding just fine for a normal flight. So there is the Vizio drone you can see. That does have a little Wi Fi camera up there on top and here's some ports on the bottom for cooling here's.

The battery we we take out the battery is just pulling it out like this, pushing in the back and just sliding out the battery it's. A three point: seven volt, 900 milli, amp hour, light bulb battery, so that's a 1s battery and it does look like it has a charge port on the side that's charged by micro USB, so not to have any kind of special cables to charge this one very Simple, so sliding the battery in it looks like it gets a good clip connection and we do have a nice onoff switch, so we can go ahead and turn that off and on does have some good lighting. You can see the lighting really quick. We can see it from all different angles: back side, front and bottom green in the front and red in the back there. So very nice brushed motors here's the gearing up top a very simple drone here's the controller. The cool thing about this controller is check it out. It has a bunch of pictures and labels on all the buttons. So we have speed here should have three rates of flight. We'Ve got our flip here, so we push that in. We should be able to do some flips and yeah, so you can see how the throttle is not spring loaded. So it looks like this is not the altitude old version, so we're not going to be able to hold our altitude there automatically there's a take off and land button a stop button, so that should disarm the motors power.

Often on the controller we got pictures. Video return to home – and this should be a headless mode here – we'll be testing all that out, and then these here should be just trims. The thumbsticks do not click in so we're not going to be having any functions. Additional functions with these thumb sticks, and here is the battery compartment unscrewing. This real, quick let's just see how many batteries this take. So it does take three double A batteries. One two three and you shouldn't be needing to put that screw back in, hopefully because that does clip in nice and tight, probably a good idea to kind of just bend this out just a little bit. So you get that satisfying click and your batteries. Won'T fall out cool, so that's the controller again charger screwdriver, nothing too special here, it's just got the micro USB there on the charger easy to plug into any computer or cell phone outlet and there's our extra propellers so it's great. To give us a full extra set of propellers, so it looks like it does. Have this little cosmetic cap or the prop guards are going to go so we're going to need to somehow take that off and looks like if we just kind of grip in there? This is just a clip that clips in, let me take one of our prop guards, and all we're really doing is sliding it in it does look like it has kind of this clip latch mechanism.

Sturdy, push till you hear a little snap and easy those prop guards aren't coming off when you do want to take them off. They do have this little tab that we just push down and pull the whole prop guard out. So you know put the prop guards in if you're a beginner, but if not, you want a little more better flight, faster flight and less influence from the wind, keep Hills off and just keep these little tabs in or you don't even have to put the tabs In you could leave those tabs out for a better motor cooling. One more thing: I'm going to missed, is there's two little red LEDs on the front there to help with orientation, we'll see how those light up when we power everything on let's just check that right now actually power that on yeah. So you do have some nice bright red LEDs coming out the front and just quick look at the manual very self explanatory. It pretty much just goes over everything I just talked about with you. Guys goes over all the controls very clearly on here. How to do your batteries? How to unfold nothing, the really pushing lock, just push those pull those things out and they pop into position and near the back of the manual here. There is instructions on which app to download and it looks like it's the xsw UFO application. Give you a few QR codes. If you wanted to use that with your phone to download the app it just gives you some basic instructions on how to install the application.

So I'm not noticing any kind of SD card, so what's going to happen is when you do put up your app and have the app going with the quadcopter. I almost forgot to mention this guy here so here's how you connect your phone through this little spring. Loaded clap here, just going to put your phone in here, should be fine with Android or Apple devices. So it is a little bit curious on why they put pictures and video on the controller, because, usually, if you're, if you don't, have any onboard a micro SD card, you control that, through the app we'll, be testing that out see if this actually does start and Stop the controlling of the pictures and video through the app I'm speaking of the pictures and video. So quite interesting, so you do get! Maybe you know if you push it all the way up, it's, actually pointing kind of upwards. You might be getting some of this Ridge in the camera, but if you pull it down a little bit, you can actually go about a 10 degree pitch down. If you really wanted to so that's the extent of any kind of rotation with the camera and again there is no micro SD card onboard and on this side we can see the Wi Fi. Antenna is kind of sticking out here. Just sticking right outside of the vents so maybe pulling this down, maybe bending it down a little bit, will actually give us a little bit of a better signal and we fly so I'm, probably going to be doing that so let's charge this up, get out there And fly okay, you guys quick little house play with the Vizio matic replica before we go ahead and do our Park flight.

I just want to see how it flies and really no wind at all in the house. It was a good comparison and, first of all, we. What we need to do is power it up and lock onto the Wi Fi. So I downloaded that application I mentioned. We want to turn the quad on first, and what I should mention is the charging there's like no charge light, so it's kind of unfortunate. I just let it sit there for like an hour charging, there's, no lights whatsoever in the whole charging system on the battery or anything. So you know maybe give it a half hour until you're, fully charged I'm, not really sure, because there's no indicator, but anyway a little bit of a con they're just going to shoot right into the wireless here so I'm opening up wireless on my phone after I Have the quad on and I'm going to power on the controller slow up and down on the controller to bind it? You can see how the lights are: blinking, not blinking anymore, indicating that it's bound, and so what we're looking for is apparently Wi Fi UFO and then some numbers and letters so I'm going to click on that and make sure we connect to it. We'Re connected close. This up swipe that away and then the app I downloaded was the Wi Fi UFO app so I'm, going to click on that and get ready to go. So you get a play screen here, make sure you do the Wi Fi first.

This is just going to give you a little warning: it's not connected to the internet because it's just a cross connection, so I hit play and check this out. We have fpv there's a little stormtrooper cup, quite a bit of lag going on here, as you can see that but um this is Wi Fi fpv, so you're going to get some lag, there's a unique breeze I'm reviewing over there so ideal. Hopefully, an awesome quadcopter stay tuned for that one, but this is all about a little mavica replica drone. So what we can do is take a couple pictures. You know, let me see if they can cross take through the app communicate. I I'm not sure if it can, I saw some okay, so the lights did flash but there's no indication. I did saving on the video here. So we'll have to check that now the lights are blinking, because I just pressed record video I'm going to stop record video and I'm going to do the same stuff from the app here so I'm. Taking a picture, no indication and no light flashing on the quad I'm going to take a video video button is staying orange and the record popped up on the screen ticking away. So apparently that is recording to the phone of what it's seeing in the quadcopter. So cool well let's just go ahead and take off and then maybe we'll go through some of the other modes.

So go ahead and launch again. This version is not altitude hold such as manual altitude, so let's see how it does so. You can do a couple of different things, so I can manually takeoff with the throttle, see how it is working there let's see if I just press the takeoff and land button. What happens nothing's happening? What if I hold it nothing's happening, so I assume that's for the altitude hold version which this is not so looks like. We just have to control this manually, so lifting off oops okay, so we are off Music now we'll have that video up on the screen. So you guys can see that you just want to kind of see what it's going to do and know in here how stable it's going to fly. This is kind of hands off it's tilting to the back right, and hopefully you can kind of see the FPV in my hat cam, while I'm doing this I'm, not recording the fpv, but so quite a bit of lag there on the fpv, not so great. In real time you know it's going to be pretty jittery occasionally, but you know it is what it is. Let'S get a little close up shot of this. You can see the lights really well, there's, those red lights in the front. I like the eyes and then green front indicators and red rear indicators. Let'S see what our yaw rate is. Oh, is there a microSD card in there? Is there a slot for a micro SD card? No there isn't, okay, I almost thought for a second that there was.

It looks like maybe that's a feature: that's coming it's, just an empty port there, where you can see the lights on the Wi Fi anyway, just going to keep flying and let's see what the yaw rate is in normal mode, so that's our yaw rate in mode. One here's our pitch dinner, roll, pretty docile. You know very, very Seema, feeling sorry about the light I'm just trying to get some light for this camera in the house right now and it's – probably not good for the camera on my head, so maybe we'll turn this way anyway, that's what it looks like when It'S flying up close and if we can going to go into different speeds, so top trigger button up here, that's too, okay and that's three, so we get more pitch roll and yaw. We see that sorry, one three, two and rate three, so through the board pitching rolling and yawing, we get a higher rate and all three of them and our right trigger is going to be flipped. I'M. Not sure. If I should do this in the house. What I'm just going to do it anyway, so pushing in the right trigger and then wow it does nice little tight flips, but throttle is a little bit touchy. So careful of the throttle, if you don't, have the altitude hold version. So I clicked in the flip and then it seems like whatever direction you push that again. It starts beeping and then I'm pushing forward just go to board flip cool.

So again, I'll be having that video up on the screen. So you can see that and also hopefully, you can kind of see my fpv so it's, not a very wide angle, lense, so you're gon na need to be away from things. Well, let's pick off my hair, their haircut anyway, I think that's quite a bit of stuff. We just tried out in the living room. Let me go back to rate one, and then I just want to do maybe a headless and they return to home real fast. So we did launch directly in that direction and so, whenever you're using this headless or return to home, you want to make sure you're, you're standing where you launch from and your nose looks drifting back a bit. Maybe I should trim that out forward and again this is a trim. Well, it'll cut you on the throttle, so the trim is this cross key I've, trimmed it a little bit forward. So you're gon na wander quite a bit for this one here anyway, what we were doing was return the home and had a lift so willing to click to return the home button, hello, nope. It was going way over there, so that's going to get skewed. Keep that in mind let's try again and try the headless mode. It looks like we're vibrating a little bit more. Let me just double check the propeller okay, so a propeller actually bent when I hit the window there.

This propeller here is a little bit down so I'm going to bend that back up. I seem like they might be easy to bend propellers. So just be aware of that everything else looks good. Okay, so let's relaunch there. We go that's better and really quickly. Let'S. Just try a headless mode might crash a gambler's just try it so I'm pushing this button with a compass on it. Yeah so I'm. Pushing right now and it's going forward and left is coming backwards, so it's very, very skewed, pulling back it's going right. So I definitely would not trust turn that off just clicking. Once again. At least you don't have to long press it. I definitely wouldn't trust, return to home or headless on this one, but regardless it is what it is there. It is flying around what we'll do now is we'll land it and we'll go ahead and go to the park. At least you can do an catch pretty easy just by cutting a throttle. We'Ll go to the park and we'll do a full on range test. Flight test do some speed flying and see how this thing does alright let's get out there and fly okay, so let's see what we can do with this little visual mini Matic just going to set it up here, really quick and launch. You can see how it's really easy to unfold the arms they just click really easily. No need to really do anything, and I think what a lot of people don't know is.

You can rotate this camera a bit probably like you know around 20 degrees. So if you want to point it down these, you can, I just have to do it manually with your finger, as I showed you in the living room I'm gon na leave it all the way up. It looks like it's tilting a little upwards, but that might be good for some level video when we're flying how fast let's just see how that works. So, of course, what we want to do is put the cell phone in I'll go ahead and get this thing all booted up and then we'll get to fly in to play since we're already connected yeah. We are ready to go so we'll. Just do a little bit more quicker fly in and test out the return to home and stuff in this in this flight, so we're really ready to go. All we need to do is start recording if we want to or take some pictures I'm going to take a photo again, there's, no indication that the photo is taking. But there is indication that it starts. Recording cool, so I'll have that up on the screen. It'S in the evening, so it might not look that great on the screen, but once we start playing forward it should be alright. So this is rate one yeah. So when I tilt forward we're getting a pretty good view of the scenery, so quite slow and rate one, but this is full pitch forward and I'll have that video up on the screen wow, it does seem um.

I will say it does seem like it's, quite laggy on the FPV, especially the further you get away, but you know not as good as some others i've seen with fpv anyway. This is in rate one. I want to go into 20 rate, three see how fast you can fly the wind's coming from that direction at about five right now, so I just want to fly it around really speedy Wow. So, coming with the wind nice, those red eyes on the front are pretty neat looking and it comes at you. So when you're in rate, three it's got it's a good amount of pitch to it, man that's great I'm, not sure how the video is going to be looking, but it is pretty fun to fly. It is very see Manish. You do kind of get occasionally a slight dead man in the throttle when you go a little bit too low, but that you know who knows that could just be my finger nice so before we get to old low in the battery. Will okay, so occasionally I'm. Getting kind of a slight little controller hiccup, where it'll, just like yawn its own, real, quick, just very occasionally, let's go, do a range test: okay, 50 feet, I'm, going to rock it back and forth, while I'm doing this and I'll hold the controller like a chest Level, okay, so that's about 100, when it's kind of picking up. So I got to give it more pitch forward.

Okay, that was it. Let'S fly back so I'm gon na say on this one maximum, maybe 200 feet 150 to 200. Until you lose connection, I had to pick it up way, high and so that's your range on this one, nice let's let's, get it kind of close, since it is in the evening here. Let'S take a look at these lights, that's, so cool those front LED they're. Pretty neat looking so a really good orientation on this one. Just don't get confused with the red back in the two front red eyes: you should be fine and those flight is very fun to fly the occasional little control hiccup. But if you're an okay, a manual flyer – oh man, it's it's, a joy, see how long the battery lasts. Here'S like a funnel full throttle up Music. Oh so it will drive itself into the ground. If you will pitch forward for too long, I give it full throttle that was full throttle there and it was there's some wind, so the wind is probably not being fair to it, but um so far, so good guys, you know, aside from a couple of little Cons there, so I do like how they let you tilt the camera up slightly, and so you can fly forward. There'S my car over there and I'm flying slightly forward and I'll have the video up on the screen. It keeps the horizon kind of level, which is good because, like with Seamas and stuff, the camera is slightly tilted down and you're, always anytime you're flying forward those you're always getting the ground so that's good that you can tilt this up a little and I'm, not Seeing any of the shell in the in the video so very good, it does seem to have fast enough three rates.

Oh, you know, and I forgot I'm going to try and flip yeah, so we can't do a flip when we're holding a direction doesn't. Let us we have to be off of the right: stick press the right trigger and then just it doesn't, auto flip. Whatever direction we do is to flow. So if you do kind of let off it will start to fall uneven. Keep that in mind, especially in this wind, it looks like from the top, and you can also get a great version of this nice looking won the mini maverick so Tom, a McMahon. Why would you not want one of these? I want to cut my hair off gouge. My head definitely be careful. You know I get a little crazy, sometimes with flying, but always think safe, put on prop guards. If you don't know how to fly we're, getting a good amount of flight time I'm, not seeing any flashing lights yet full speed ahead with the wind. Well folks took myself out there, nice, okay. What else can we do? I don't even want to try a hit list and return to home. We did try in the house. Maybe we will try it. I was facing this way when I launched another press. Return to home seems like you got to turn it off to get out of it it's going to the left, so I can't really trust that, and same goes for headless mode. I don't really want to trust it.

I forgot to do let's. Take a picture over here of this be small area. I want to pitch for just a little bit get a kind of level picture. Okay, so it's not letting me take a picture if you need a way, choppy cuz it's kind of high way up there. I call you see that in the video you'll be seeing, hopefully what it's I'm seeing on this screen. Alright, I mean good enough to take some amateur video, though you know somebody to play around with. I know: it's a I'm a cheap one. So let me stop recording and I think some pictures so photo hablas popping off if they did work photo a little more close over. There photo okay cool, so I'm gon na just stop recording and we're just gon na exhaust this battery. So this may be kind of a gem on a good long flight I'm, not seeing any blinking lights yet still have solid lights, those red eyes, aren't, blinking or anything Music really smoothly. The wind is kind of dying down now, so it's feeling really good and smooth. No, I don't have to fight any wind so far, so good I'm just gon na keep flying until you know the battery does die mmm that beeping over there in the background, is my little portable charger little ISD charger that I recently reviewed reviewed. Those things are awesome because you just bring a big brat battery I'm, using it because I'm doing some race drones.

Today you just bring like a big giant battery and you can keep recharging your batteries with that little portable charger, your smaller batteries wow. This thing is lasting forever, guys hope, I'm, not boring you, this flight. Look at that sunset it's a little bonus wow. This thing is lasting, mad, so I'm, not recording anymore. If you're wondering why you're not seeing any hope there goes, the lights are flashing let's see how long it takes for it to doing auto land I'm, not going to give it too much throttle that sunset beautiful little bonus for y'all seen a maui sunset full throttle Up it's starting to gets very sluggish, it looks like you may get you know thirty Seconds to a minute of flight. After you see those blinking Music and the red eyes are blinking in the front. Just the arm legs, Music, okay, full throttle up I'm gon na leave. It full throttle up and check that out, so it did go into its low voltage cutoff and it made the lights flash very quickly. So there's, no beeping, of course, but might help you find it if they're flashing fast, like this I'm, not sure so, let's go ahead and do a pros and cons on this guy guys looks like the Wi Fi did kind of cut off. When that happened, you see how the screen just kind of froze in there let's just do a quick little pros and cons. You could probably see everything in the flight, but I just like to do a quick pros and cons.

I didn't do any screen controls you're supposed to be able to control it with your phone. Also didn't get a chance to do that today, but let's just go over here. What I thought was good about it. What I thought was bad, oh there's, our Wi Fi. Again so it locked back in you can see how I'm moving it around there's the helipad I'm using. So the cool thing is it's foldable, you can fold these arm up. Arms up makes it more portable. The bad thing is the Wi. Fi is a little laggy, especially if you get out at range you're not going to really be able to fly much with just the fpv but it's good to see what you are recording. So you can line up your shots, even if it's just you're glancing down at the screen, so that's cool. So for somebody that wants to do some amateur video with you know the toy grade quality camera kind of deals. This might be good for you. It seemed to fly for a long time. It will have the time pop up on the screen here and I really like the lighting. The lighting is very nice, visible from all directions. Those red guides are part really kind of neat those red eyes. You can adjust the camera down to about 20 degrees if you want to, and you can adjust it a bit above level to that and it doesn't show the body like we talked about, so you can be flying forward and still have a level horizon and get Some pretty good business video, so that's awesome.

What I didn't like about it is you get the occasional control glitch close up, no problem, but when you start getting a little farther away, you start getting some once in a while that would kind of go on its own a little bit that's kind of minor And the range was like, I said about 150 200 feet max, so don't expect to get great range with this one. It seemed like when I did lose range. It just kind of hovered there, and so you might fly away on you if there's some wind to your back and you get way out there. Otherwise, it did seem like the flight time was, was really good, it's a fun little toy and who's not to like the look of a mini Matic. That thing just looks awesome so anyway, guys I will have a link to this down in the description down below the video. There check it out and see what more the specs are and the pricing it should be a pretty cheap one because it's just a toy, a little mattock look like I love it anyway.