Today i am going to be testing out im going to be doing a review on the police option, mavic mini now. Today i am doing something a little different uh. Now only am i going to review this drone that i got at a police auction property im going to try out these range extenders that i got on ebay, its either ebay or or amazon. I think it was ebay, so im going to give this a whirl uh stand back and enjoy the video Music. I believe the highest resolution is 2.7 k, its not a 4k camera im. Correct uh lets see ive got 14 satellites. Everything is looking good, Music and lets see. If i get past the 100 feet like last week, it wouldnt, let me get past that all righty looking pretty good. You know what im going to park it about 200 feet and uh. There is a lake thats straight over that way: theyre actually doing construction straight to the south of us. Oh okay, theyre, building a new pier off into the pond, oh cool and uh. I think it would be cool if fly club recorded some construction progress. All right lets uh check out these. The strangest thing all right, i think guys, uh jordan, is that it boy over there. I believe that is. Oh, that is a beautiful picture. You got there all right lets, lets go over and lets take a look, and we do have a warning on the screen.

Its high altitude fly with caution, and it says you are in p mode thats the right mode, right, thats position mode yeah, so you should have up to 20 miles an hour. You got your speedometer on there right speedometer. You know what i dont see it. That might be 17.7 miles. Oh okay, art is cruising along nicely up there in the air. Yep were at oh that so youre at 205 feet and 600 feet away going 17 miles an hour Music. Okay, i am going to oh, i see where there, oh, that is going to be cool, so lets do like an orbit around that lets practice my orbit skills boy that is gon na, be cool Music and were high enough. So we dont have any trees to worry about. Hes got his visual observer. I im here with my eyes on the drone all right, as you could see the the other pond or actually theres a peninsula out there does that can. Is that a separate pond out there uh this is this is all one pond? Oh okay, i stand corrected so lets, but yeah theyre building a peninsula out into that one. Pond um its connected to this other one theres a bridge over on the yes thats right and then right across uh at the second bridge, is the river, where theres some great fishing along right and then off to the right. Is the platte river running along side and youre recording right now, yep we are recording.

We have 79 battery Music, its a beautiful view, yep youre, going to be sharing your screen, your screen with the uh your audience later right, yep um, i believe, theres a screen record function that will let you well. I dont know what this has. I think it does have it, but what im going to do is im recording what the camera is recording and then im going to do like a picture and a picture ooh that way you get it right, along youre down in the yeah a little corner there. I, like it, you know, which one are we going to talk on later theyre, both on all right, so i dont know if you guys caught arts live yesterday, but art had a really horrible joke on there and uh. If you go find that joke and make and leave a comment in the uh in the comment section below uh ill, make sure art sends you some candies, you remember what the bad joke was Music. I had to do something with a wheelchair. Oh yes, im an old dude back in my day we didnt have electric wheelchairs, like these spoiled brats. Have today these kids nowadays with their throttle yeah with their wheelchair, its like playing atari. I hear you can play atari games on the tesla now, but you can play atari games on the team. Yeah thats right, ooh, caution, temporarily disconnected with remote. There we go were back all right crisis averted were 1650 feet away 205 feet agi right agl.

You know what i am going to test out the return to home and the neat thing about this drone. It has all the great features that the mavic air has its a little bit better than the mavic air uh. I that was the only disconnect that i had, because this is a wi fi, drone and uh. So you need to fly with caution with these, and i dont know how good these extenders are. If theyre bs uh looking props, but they look pretty cool theyre, not like the parabolic uh antennas, that ive tried out all right. So im gon na try the return to home and we are sitting underneath the metal canopy. So we might be shooting ourselves in the fight here, so it is so. The first thing it does is it turns and orients itself back towards us as the bird flies and you can set your elevation thats. One of the the things youll need to make sure you do. If youre flying downtown and youre flying around a 600 tall 600 foot tall building, then you need to make sure youre returned to home 650 feet right and the distance countdown is going backwards. So were good: there were at 900 feet away 800 700 and we maintained our 200 foot elevation and were going a little over 17 miles an hour right now. Oh, i just heard it so at 380 feet away. I was able to hear the motors in 200 feet and its not as loud as the mavic air, which is pretty darn good out of all the mavic drones, its probably the quietest.

Okay were down to one foot away and its descending. It should be. I hear it now: Music, no! Is it going to land on the roof? Push up push up: okay, okay, oh its catastrophe. Averted return to home was going to land about 10 feet. Uh yeah just push left on your stick. There you go now youre clear to come down Music whats your battery at you might as well finish your pack. I am going to try sports mode sports mode lets see. How do we change hey thanks for watching and if you enjoyed that video, please click on the corner in the right hand, corner so youll be subscribed to my channel. Also dont forget to ring that bell, so youll be notified when my next video is uploaded – and i also do a weekly live stream saturday evenings at 4, pacific 5, mountains, 6, central 7 eastern – and if you are in eastern asia like the philippines, it would be 7 00 am sunday morning.