Now the drone itself is a very i say: it’s, a pretty small um it’s, a very portable and small drone and dji, of course, which i’ve already said in my last video it’s, a very good brand, the batteries in this last up to 30 minutes. I would i would recommend, buying this drone so much and it’s. So let me take the cover off attached on the drone for 3k view is try to see that better it’s hold on and try to. Let you see the camera there’s a camera right there attached to the front of the drone itself, but yeah there. It is all right so that’s what it looks like it’s, a 3k camera, so it’s a really it’s a really really nice design and of course, you’ve got the sensors up on top. So let’s put this back up here, just like that. Okay, so now i will unfold it for you guys all right. So here you have the actual drone itself that’s about how big it is set it down and then so that’s what it looks like just you know sitting it up like that. I would say: has two front stands like that that sit for the back of it in the back here. This opens up. You have a battery slot where you can slide your battery in, and i will demonstrate that here for you in a second, so you can admire this beautiful piece while i just take out a battery.

Oh, this is um. A battery pack says dji it’s it’s, a very nice battery pack. You click a button. It shows the percentage one two three four bars. That means it’s full battery so i’m, just gon na. I can slide one out just like so you open the hatch, push it in, get that satisfying click and on the bottom here lights up just like so, and it makes a nice beeping noise at the moment. Sorry about that stupid siri. So after that it’ll it’ll start flashing, meaning it is not connected, but if you get the controller out and set that up, we will. I will describe that in a different video later on, but for now we are just reviewing the drone. I am and um. This is one of the more popular drones it’s, the mavic mini, of course, so it’s a lot, a lot of people own this drone. So you see on this is what the bottom looks like those three lines, one two and three, and these three little holes uh black areas right there i don’t know if you can see it but they’re, tiny, tiny, tiny cameras that sit on the bottom of the Drone for obstacle avoidance – and this is the cover that you can clip on the camera for portability protection, just like just like that, so i just got my stand today. I ordered one. The last review was pretty terrible because um i didn’t have my camera stand up.

So and so, if you look in there, you could see little little orange things right in there. That is the motor these are brush motors. Brushless is always the best, so i’d recommend getting that. But um. These guy in general, is just such a nice drone brand and it’s. It just makes such efficient products so i’m from a scale of one to ten for the mavic mini drone. I would probably rate this like well, 10 being like the best row in the whole world, absolutely amazing, one being absolutely terrible, like order offer wish terrible absolute trash, but i’m gon na give this drone just for portability and everything, because so useful i’m gon na give It a solid seven and a half just because it it folds up and it’s so so portable. And then, after that, you have to fold the under propellers first and then you fold the top ones back over bottom Music top just like so, and it folds up to the point where you can actually just put it in your pocket. So in later, videos i’m going to be showing it being taken off and stuff like that, but for a little short review, definitely get this drone, please be sure to like and subscribe. My channel is growing and i just love sharing with you guys this amazing product that you can buy so the combo. I got with the case the battery pack and all right here, um about five hundred dollars.