I have gathered all the questions, I've been asking myself or found on forums or online and put them in this video. This is how I came up with this long as list of 31 frequently asked questions, and since I can't update a video on YouTube, I will be able to answer them in the comments directly and if the relevant I'll put them in the new article on door. Comm, where I will keep adding answers like this let's get started in no particular order of importance. Number one is the smart controller compatible with the navigator? To short answer, no, however, did you I did promise that two weeks after the release, they will do a software update that will make it compatible and I do tend to believe them, or else they would lose a lot of money. So we are, if that was a concern of yours. Why not? What resolutions does the active track? 3.0 working? Not many people know this, but it's confirmed that the new active track 3.0 system doesn't work, while shooting video in 4k 60fps. It does work with 4k 30 and every resolution and frame rate below that. What is the ad SB system in the Mavic air? All about the ad SB system is an acronym for automatic dependent surveillance broadcast, which DJ calls essence what catch yet say. It is a system used by planes and helicopters to know if any other aircraft is in the vicinity. Will other aircraft know the position of my Medicare? No don't worry.

The new system is a DSB in not out, so it only receives the signal from other airplanes, but it doesn't transmit it back, so your privacy is still there. Thus the Mavic to a DSP work in Europe. The GI isn't currently producing Mavic air to drones that are equipped with a spec that are sold in Europe, it's, probably because a dsb isn't the standard in Europe. Yet, but from what I understood, they're working on it is the sensor really 48 megapixel or just a marketing strategy DG. I bragged about it's amazing 14 megapixel sensor on their new air. Children, however, is it that special well frankly, the sensor is indeed 48 megapixel, but, with some nuances to take note of this should probably not be compared with the Mavi 2 pro 20mm pixal DN g's, though that is because the relationship between sensor size itself and the Total amount of megapixel is very important, it's, a more sophisticated problem that I'll discuss more in depth in the article below and in a future video so subscribe and hit the bell notification icon. If you want to support me creating more in depth, videos about the Medicare in general overall as a conclusion when it comes to the 14 megapixel sensor, I would view it like this. The 48 megapixel photos are actually that big and detailed. However, since the sensor, even though bigger than the previous Maddox is still smaller than the matter, it's not doing as great in low light conditions, so the 48 megapixel is mainly created for taking pictures in perfect daylight, where you're able to crop in to have a better Look what's the range of the Navigator to in Europe speaking about Europe since we're all that special.

Apparently, we have a CE limitation, not FCC. All the drones sold in Europe do require seeing certification, so the 10 kilometer range will be about 6 kilometers in Europe, which is more than enough for most people. Anyway, you can share the graphic comparison between all the drone ranges in FCC and see down in the description with the numeric air to get litchi app support. I don't know some of you use the Lycia app because let's say it gives you more freedom. So is it compatible with the numeric air? Unfortunately, it doesn't even get API support from the GI until they release the software development kit. They didn't do it for the Mavic mini, so it will probably a while until you'll be able to use it with the litchi app. If ever speaking, about that, what app does the MAV occur to use, even though it's one of the most advanced drones DJ released? So far, it is only compatible with the DJ fly app, which is separated by the original DJ app alongside the Mavi mini it's, still a fully fledged and capable application. So don't worry about that number 10. Is the HDR video actually effective? Some people have doubts that the HDR in video might not work properly or might be simply useless, but this is actually the future I'm most excited about. You can see many examples where it does an incredible job of properly exposing many parts of the image since we're.

Talking about the drone that will usually have the part of the image with the sky and son in it. This is very important. Definitely a big selling point of the numeric here to number 11. Can you adjust sharpness? Unfortunately, there is no option currently to change the sharpness of the image, which can be a turn off for some people. I also prefer my videos with medium sharpness, especially they're, already recording in 4k, but it's, not the end of the world, knowing the GI they'll probably make a little release of the software that covers this in Canada Mabika to take slow motion video well, not only that, But the DG I'm advocare to is the first drone in the DJI lineup that can actually shoot 240 frames per second in 1080p. This means not even the expensive, inspire 2 can do it or thematic Pro. That makes for some really great slow motion shots, but if you also want high quality for that, the drone still has a covered with the 60 frames in 4k. Nothing to complain about that. Definitely the best specs from DJI. So far, number 30 can the HDR be used with raw or just JPEG. You can't use raw with HDR at the same time, with a navigate to maybe in the future update or something number 14. What with a new smart photo feature of the miracle? I thought it wasn't anything but an automatic exposure mode, but it seems it's more complex than that since its adjust the photo exposure by detecting what type of setting you might have.

For example, it can detect five different types of scenes, something like a standard landscape or close up, subject, shot, etc. So definitely useful. Does the Maverick here have this new like or dialog it only has decent like, but no dialogue, which means you can capture pretty flash footage for later edit, but not on the level of the Mavic to pro. For example, what is the maximum storage size? The MAV occurs who can handle it, can support a maximum of 256 gigabytes in a single microSD card, and it also has 8 gigabytes of storage built in, which is great if you don't get your card by the way, leave a comment down below. If that happens to you, it happens pretty often to me so I'm starting to think that something wrong with myself number 17. What micro SD card should you buy for the Mavic air? It does record in 4k 60p and takes 48 megapixel photos, so there's a lot of data at once. I had some issues with the micro SD cards in the past and I would pay a lot of money just to have a solid one, since the air too, has max bitrate of 120 megabits per second. That translates into about 15 megabytes per second let's say any V 30 and high rated SD card will be more than enough, preferably SanDisk. Extreme again, don't buy a card that's more than twenty fifty six gigabytes, because that's the maximum it can handle.

I would actually recommend going lower than that let's say 64 and get two of them and you can change them on every battery, swap if you don't want to spend time to choose a good microSD card for your drone. Then just go down in description because I have linked some of the best you can by speaking about that number 18. What is the best place to buy the Medicare 2 phone? Since I started talking about getting micro SD cards, I actually noticed that you can buy the mavica 2 from Amazon directly. I thought you can only bite from the DJ store. However, it seems DJ does have an official account directly on Amazon and what's. Funny is that they probably deliver it faster from Amazon than from DJ itself. That is because Amazon does have some strict rules to abide by and they're, probably already in the Amazon warehouses. Other good places to get it from are the official DJ store, of course, be an H and even Best Buy they're all good places with fast shipping I'd say Amazon is the fastest. Indeed, I do have links for this. In the description and the first comment, some of them are F in the links and help support this channels growth. So if you like these videos, I would definitely appreciate the help. Number 19 is the JK worth buying for the Medicare 2. Considering that the Medicare 2 does have a new obstacle avoidance system, you might think it's quite safe.

However, the strange thing is that usually, when you're feeling the most comfortable that exactly when the most accidents happen, I have seen a few situations where people overtaxed the obstacle avoidance and it hit a tree or fell into the water. I think DJ carry insurance was always great to have, especially since than your John doesn't have side and top sensors number 21. What full size can the numeric air to handle? This is probably one of the most asked questions online. Let me say that I simply love the new controller and especially its phone holder, mainly because I really hated the old system. Where I had to take off my phone case. Then you have to fit in the cable in the phone and then the sliding slot on the slide, a pain in the ass. For sure, then you hold her. The top was like this you're simply stretched the holder. Put the phone in attach the cable to the phone and done and what's the best it can hold much bigger phones. You can see the dimensions on the screen right now, which means you can definitely get any phone to stick in there as long as it's. Not super thick number 22. Does the controller have a pause button post button is extremely useful to suddenly stop smart flight modes in case of emergency. Some people told me that there isn't a pause button in the controller and it's. True there isn't an exclusive pause button like we've been used to it before, but I have been deceived as DJ.

I decided to put the pause button and the return to home button in the same spot. So, by pressing once you can pause any smart flight mode, but if you want the drone to return to home, you just press and hold it for a few seconds. Number 23 can use the DJI fly up with an iPad. Yes, finally, did you, I released an update for DJ, fly to work on tablets even more than that. You'Re probably wondering if you can even use a tablet with the controller for the navigation. And yes, of course you can. You can use a separate mount like a mass mount or polar Pro fly, deck, which are amazing, mounts that work just as well for the new controller. As for the old ones, links are in the description if you're interested are the still removable. Yes, the sticks are removable. You can store them at the bottom of the controller number 25. What is the livestream resolution? The live resolution is 1080p up to 10 kilometers in range, which is pretty amazing, and what, when it sings quite a big question, is it worth upgrading from the original navigate to the mavica 2? Frankly, it depends on your preferences. This is probably a long discussion to have, but I would make it shorter by saying totally: yes, there is no doubt the mavica 2 is the far superior drone, almost twice the battery life and the oxime 2.0 is enough to justify spending 200 more on it.

Not to bring the other advantages in front, but if you're, a casual user who doesn't need improved, fly time range and image quality and the original air, if you already have it is still a solid room. Number 27 is the new DJ. I'M advocare camera better than the Mavic 2 pro. This is a pretty difficult to answer question because it depends on what you want to do with it. In my opinion, the short answer is No. I still think the one inch sensor can't be. That is a little bit early yet but it's not far because I mean the price difference, I would say the Medicare two is the better choice. If you don't care about money and one the slight edge, especially in low light scenarios, you should even go for the marry to pro. It does have the bigger sensor and the changeable aperture. I will cover the differences between these two drones. Pretty soon so, don't forget subscribe number 28. Who in fact is the Medicare to four okay. So we do have a drone that's, almost in the top of the game, pro lineup, but not quite and it's, also well above the the generic meaning, both in size and specs. So, who is this jumper, for, I would say, it's mainly for hobbyists and content creators who are looking to step up their image quality from some of the previous drones on the market, it's also great for photographers, and anyone looking to make money with a job.

It does have a really wide range of uses. It is a bit hard to pinpoint exactly what this drone is made for, but right now I do think it is my favorite John from the GI, because I also take the price into account. Number 29 is the fly mode combo from the GI worth buying. As always, my recommendation is to indeed by the fly mode combo, especially if you are serious about drone shots and videography. In general, the flamer combo comes with three batteries and multi charger, and additional accessories and it's a cheap was simply buying two additional batteries by themselves. So no question about that. If you're going to buy the additional batteries anyway go for the fly mode combo, it will save you some money number 30. How good is the new mavica 2 compared to the auto evo series? I mean the auto leaver 1 and the auto level 2. I am really excited to compare the Maverick air tube with a lot of drones, now, one of which is the Auto Evo 2, which, although much more expensive, it does have the same sensor as the air tube, which is quite curious. I am going to compare them in a new article soon again, if you don't, want to compare the specs of all these drones, including the Maverick to the Auto levo to the Feeny x8 and every other DJI drone out there. I do have a complete table, which I recommend watching on a computer screen as it's.

Quite big. You can get it for free by clicking the link down in the description number 31. What will you buy? The Medicare 2, for this is more of a personal question. I was curious to make sort of a poll in the comments to with you guys quickly answering what are you gon na use? This don't worry there's a professional work, photography videography just watching the neighbor's dog or maybe have a more interesting story. I do actually want to hear it if you're still undecided what to buy. I do recommend you check the drone tool down in the description where you can store drones, buyprice battery life range and so on, and you get everything recommend it in the table. Next to it, if you like, drones in general and don't, know where to start, you can visit those Gators homepage and it will guide you to the respective categories where you can learn a lot more about drones in general or about specific models. If you want to see more videos like this, it would help a lot if you'd, like this video for the YouTube algorithm, subscribe and hit the bell notification icon so that you get notified whenever I post on your video I post about three times per week. If you want, you can watch the related video right here. The next recommended video right here and you can subscribe to draw skater easily. If you click on my face right now.

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