com, and this is a range test of the mavic air 2 and the dji mavic 2 pro in my home city of russia. In the past. I did the max range test from an ideal high location with no wifi, interference and stuff. But i ended up actually going. Eight kilometers and didn't have enough battery to return the drone, because i forgot about that so much safer and realistic range test for this drone would be to see how far they can fly in a city. When you have some building blocks between you and the drone, as well as normal wifi, interference of the swords on the left side, we have the mavic air 2 and on the right, there's, the mavic 2. Pro weird enough. I have actually encountered some freezing frames with the mavic air 2, but somewhere over 600 meters. Also, this is a test made in europe by the way, so the results may differ for people in the usa with the mavic 2. I got the first serious freeze frames at almost one kilometer, but it was almost impossible to pilot it properly and lost signal not much after one kilometer away with the mavic air 2. I tried going past 700 meters and i succeeded, but i was having freeze frames. Quite often, i didn't manage to reach one kilometer, no problem, but i would say that the range experience with the mavic air 2 in this example was a bit worse compared to the mavic 2 pro.

However, on the way back home, the air got the connection quicker at about 900 meters, and everything was smooth from then on, while the 2 pro got some issues with connectivity until about 200 meters later the 1080p live feed on the mavic air 2. I must say it looks better than the one on the mavic 2 pro. You can almost take a screenshot and it could pass as a drone photo here's. Another range test that i randomly did at night to build on the other video, where i compared the two drones in nighttime footage and photos. You can check that over here or down in the description. As you can see, both drones did about as well as in the other tests. However, i got out of luck with the battery on the mavic 2 pro, yet i still wanted to post this video because it may be useful for people to know what happens when a drone like the mavic air 2 or the mavic 2 pro loses most of Its battery and you barely have enough for returning to home. You can indeed bypass the automatic landing of the drone and control it so far as it gets you maybe up to two or three percent battery, so you went out and got yourself a drone or plan to get one. But what if i told you that you can actually make a lot of money with these and you don't have to be an expert.

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