Lately we have thunderstorms in New Jersey, so I can't go outside and fly and there's nothing more frustrating than having a brand new toy that you can't play with. But I promise you if I get a break in the weather today, and it stops raining even for 30 seconds I'm gon na have this thing up in the air, but tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful day, so I'll be outside all day with my fully Charged batteries flying like a madman, not like a madman but I'll, be flying a lot trying to get some footage to show you exactly what this product looks like from video and a picture perspective. But today I want to bust open the box. Now I haven't opened this and I can't tell you the amount of self control it takes for me not to rip open a box right in the front porch and do my little happy dance with the new product, because, as an engineer and a nerd, I love New technology I'm, so seduced by new technology and I've said this before in the channel, and I still believe, it's true, especially with this product. This technology should not exist, especially at this price point. You should not be able to buy a drone that's this sophisticated. That does what these kind of drones do with modern technology. It'S almost like DJ, I found some crashed alien spacecraft someplace and have it a lab and they've been sort of reverse engineering, a lot of the technology to build these drones.

When you think about the price point and the tech that's built into this, it doesn't add up so from an engineering perspective. I love it. I love looking into it and I get excited and people say how can you get excited with a new drone every time it shows up well number. One I've had about 17 cups of coffee today, some wire in anyway, but the technology is what gets me going and I get so excited it's, almost like I'm, almost as excited as when I got married or had my had my kids, okay, maybe not that excited Those are pretty important things, but the drone is still pretty amazing, so geez, I hope my wife doesn't see this clip anyway we're gon na get into the drone in a second now what I'm gon na do is bust, open the box. Again I haven't looked at it. I have a good idea what it looks like just based on the other drones I own and the specs that are online, but somehow holding it in your hands for the first time it's. Just like a newborn baby. Here I go again it's a beautiful thing, so I'm gon na look at it. We'Ll share that experience together. Then I'm gon na take a closer look at it because I'm going to put a nerds eye to it and let you know what the sensors are, what they do, what it looks like and how it compares to other drones.

I'Ll, come back at the end, with just a brief comparison between the three models that are out right now from DJ ice and the Mavic mini, which is '9. This Mavic air 2, which is 7.99 and the larger stuff, swung off the wall I'm, so excited the larger Mavic 2 pro, which is 15.99, so you've got 400 800 1600. This is like in that Goldilocks zone between sort of good beginner drone, excellent, your own phenomenal drone, so I'm gon na compare it because I think at the end, when I get into that comparison well way to leg it to the end, that'll keep you watching a Little while so anyway, let's get into the unboxing because I'm talking too much and I'm too excited alright, so smaller box that I expect it but bigger than the Mavic air I'm, sorry bigger than the Mavic mini. So let's take a look at it now. One other thing I find curious before I get into it: I'm man am I trying I'm trying so hard. The Mavic mini looks like a maverick pro. Then a b2 looks like a maverick Pro. The Mavic air of the original one looked nothing like a maverick Pro. It was sort of like they said. Okay, we got the maverick Pro let's build something completely different. This looks like a maverick pro so to me, I think they've gone back to that standard, maverick Pro footprint with the Mavi 2 in the maverick mini.

This looks a lot like a maverick Pro, so I'm gon na call it it's a Mavic air 2, but it looks more like a Mavic pro 2, which is confusing. Cuz they've got a maverick, but anyway it's a maverick air, alright, so let's get into it man. So again, nice white box that's the way DJI likes to do it very Apple, esque and they're. In their view of things, see how slow I did that because I can't wait to look at it now. I'M, not sure if the drones on the top or on the bottom, but let's take a look it's right there at the top there's the drone, beautiful, alright, alright one! Second, you know what it's it I nailed it with the Goldilocks example because it's right between the Mavic mini and the Mavic as far as weight and size goes, it's it's, like small, medium and large it's, perfect, it's, so many ways, but it does to me I'll, Go back to it again and I'll show you at the end of comparisons, but it looks so much so much like a Mavic pro or the Maverick Pro platinum in its design. Alright. So, with the arms, same kind of folding, folding out the arms and then fold down the bottom arms, no props on it, yet I'll put those on there even the way the battery mounts. So the battery mounts in from the top two little clasps on the side. Battery pops out, like that again the battery looks like a maverick Pro and I Mavic so very, very similar to the Mavic products.

Okay, I got sensors in the back and I'll take a closer look at this in a second gimbal shield on the front now some of the innovations in this drone that I should talk about before I get into the specs it's phenomenally sophisticated and what I mean By that is there's a lot of things that are changing here, it's, not just a new version of the Mavic it's got a DSP in it, so it can tell where other aircraft are in the sky, it's upgraded itzhak. You sank, the Aki sink to know which is gon na, give you tremendously good transmission capabilities. It has a bigger camera it's, a half inch sensor that will record 48 megapixel pictures and I think it records 4k 60 frames. A second I'll check that spec in a second. I probably should know that, but I'm too, excited to remember it in addition to that it's bringing that data back from the camera at 120 megabits, a second which is incredibly fast, that's 20 megabits faster than the Mavic 2. Does it today so sensing on this is front and back no side, sensing it's got down sensors but no up sensors. But for me that crash avoidance is not that big a deal. The flight time on in about 34 minutes, which is pretty cool thirty minutes, is about average for it and again, the energy density in this battery is incredible. The fact that they can fly for 34 minutes with the battery.

This small just blows me away. No, the flight distance 6.2 miles because of the Aki sync to technology, but again every time I say that I have to caution you that we have visual line of sight restrictions in the u.s., which means you can't fly this further than you can see it and For an old guy, like me, that's about 1500 feet where I'm squinting and barely see it with a beacon on the back of it. So if you're flying further than that you're either Superman or you're breaking the rules. So just you know, try and keep it a visual line of sight, so you don't get in trouble. Alright, next I'm gon na look at some of the accessories all right so there's. The drone, oh man, is that beautiful and again I'm gon na compare it to the Maverick Pro. But to me this looks like a tiny, smaller, maybe a 70 size of the Maverick pro alright, so inside there's the top cover nice little cradle there for your drone. Wouldn'T be a bad thing to carry it around in the remote controller. Wow. Look at this: oh, they change the remote controller, so forever they've used the same mapping pro controller where the arms swing down on the bottom and the phone goes below it. This one, the phone goes above it. Oh there we go okay, so that's, really cool it. Slides down inside the unit. I'Ll take a closer look at this in a second but okay, so it springs up like that and it'll hold it and there's connections.

Yup there's, a USB, see, looks like connection in there. That'S already loaded up and they've got the Apple cable in there to start, and it comes out and connects up to your thing now, that's a little bit short if you're trying to put a tablet holder on or something I'll talk about kind of at the end, Because we're already cheating and bringing some accessories in from the Mavi to on the website, but okay, so from a conference pecked of I can't really speak to it until I fly with it, but man that feels really well balanced into my hands. I, like it a lot and the joysticks are hidden in the bottom. Okay, so we'll take you again a closer look at that venting on the back. So I, like the controller, I can tell already that it's pretty cool, so we're gon na play sometime with that let's see what else be getting a kid all right. I usually give you about fourteen manuals with all the DJI products, but in this case there's only two manuals that's it. So I got a QuickStart guide which will tell you how to get started and then there's this Encyclopedia Brittanica. There probably has a bunch of yeah it's, a bunch of different languages, so it's, probably ten pages of decent information about the specs and how to fly the drone. So there's your two instruction manuals and then in the bottom of the box. Oh boy, there we go what's that that's.

This looks like an accessory box, alright, so the flap on the top loop. You pull that open, alright charger and also you got oak it's a bag for the charger. A couple more connection, cables let's, just shake it all out. Alright there's the box let's get rid of that alright. So obviously, two sets of props and they're full props I've got one set of four and I've got one set of two. So you've got a full set of props here and you've got another set that's a spare prop looks like let me rip it open because I don't want to mislead you here. Don'T rip the props be careful Rick with the props, they're, dangerous and delicate alright. So inside this guy we've got man. Is this top plastic? There really don't want you to get inside the props there we go alright, so yeah. I was right so it's, two props, so you get a set of four feels like a set of four yeah set of four here and a set of two spares. Actually, no I've got three spares that's weird. Why are there three skewers on the floor? Alright? So I got three spares. I don't get that that's interesting, so three spares there. Let me open this one just to make sense of this whole thing, that's kind of cool. Maybe I got an extra spare there. It would be really cool, alright, so let's get inside, and I got three over here.

So okay arm arm wrong. When you do an unboxing live, so I'm betting. These are counterclockwise and these are clockwise. So essentially, what I'm getting is two clockwise two counterclockwise and one spare of each okay. I'M glad I sorted that out, because man, I thought I got an extra spare prop there anyway, so you get a full set of props and a set of spare props here's. A power cord for the power supply. Now the power supply is unique. A lot of people have asked me: can I charge the Mavic two batteries or Medicare two batteries with a standard, USB charger and you can't, because they're specialized batteries so here's the power brick that charges it's single connector on the end? Now you could have bought this kit in two different ways you could have bought it like I did as a standard kit. I wish I had gone for the fly more combination, but they were backordered and I didn't want to wait too long for them. So I went with the regular kit, but if you go with the flower combination, you actually get a little hub. This plugs into that can charge three batteries at the same time, here I'm going to charge one battery at a time, but look at that there's a USB connection on the end, so you can actually charge the controller as well, so pretty cool you plug it in You can charge all those devices well, so if I got a cable, so it's a USB, a full size, USB a connection to USB C connection, the USB a a plug in here, the USB C plugs into your controller right.

There there's your USB C connection, so you can actually charge the drone battery and the controller at the same time with one power supply extra set of joysticks that fit on top of the controller. So that's nice you've got a set on the bottom already and a spare set, because I guarantee you're gon na lose those if you've ever flown one of these drones with the removable joysticks and you unscrew them and try to put them back in and you're. In total grass and you drop them, you will spend 45 minutes trying to find those joysticks all right. Two extra cables here so I've got again it's a USB C connection here and the other end of it is either a micro USB or in this case it's. Another USB C and the one in there is an apple, so they give you three cables that will actually connect up to your phone inside the holder that look really short they're about Jesus I'm, gon na, say six and a half seven inches. Maybe so, if you're using a tablet, it's not going to work but again, if you need longer cables check the drone valley website, we've got the 30 centimeter cables that'll plug in there and actually right handed cables like this that'll connect up to your tablet or your Phone all right so that's, the unboxing and again. I know I get excited about the unboxing stuff, but I love discovering what they're putting in the box – and I know if I'm buying something I typically watch an unboxing video, because I want to know how many props do I get.

Does it include cables? Does it have everything I need to get started or, as I'm waiting for it to be delivered? Should I order a bunch of accessories, so I've got everything I need the day it gets here. I think in this case it's a very complete kit. You'Ve actually got a set of extra props. Oh gosh forbid! If you run this thing into a tree or something you can change, those props out so that's pretty much it for the unboxing stay stay tuned now, I'm gon na actually take a closer look and all the components and explain after I played with them a little Bit cuz man, I can't wait to get my hands on this guy. Let me take a look at him and then I'll come back and do a closer look at all the and show you exactly what they do and then I'll come back into a real, quick comparison between this thematic mania in the Mavic. Okay, so stay tuned. Let'S start off by taking a closer look at the charging unit for the Maverick year. It looks pretty much like any charge. You'D have for a laptop but it's built specifically to charge them advocare and all the specifications match the batteries perfectly on the one ends. You'Ve got a custom connector that plugs into the battery. Now, if you've got this standard kit, you can only charge one battery at a time by plugging this into the battery and you'll have to rotate through them.

If you've got the fly more combination, it comes with a really nice small hub that you can plug this into and connect three batteries at a time and it's so only charged as one of them. But it can walk its way through those batteries. As the charge is complete on the one end, you've also got a USB a connection over here, that's a nice little touch that allows you to charge any portable device. So it's intended really to charge your controller with the included cable, but it'll also charge your phone or a tablet. The thing to keep in mind, though, is that this has a limit of two amps of charging current, so it can't really charge big devices but it's perfect for, like phones and tablets, and certainly the controller that comes with it. On the other end, there's a port there to connect the cable, that's included, you'll, connect that up to the wall and that's all the power you'll need now the reading on the charger. It looks like a thirteen point: two volt charger, which is great and it's, got two point: eight to maximum current output, so it's plenty big enough to be able to charge your batteries pretty quickly, so that's pretty much the charging unit, pretty standard fare for DJI now, We'Ll take a look at the drone and you can see that the Mavic air 2 is built to be incredibly compact and portable they've done a great job of protecting all the important things.

Once this thing is folded up to open up the drone, hold it by the body and you'll start with the top arms first fold, those out now you'll notice about halfway through the travel ease or spring load it that it wants to spring open on its own Don'T, let it snap open on its own always hold onto the arm all the way through the end to travel, because, even though you might get away with it a couple of times, letting it snap open over time, that's going to damage the sensitive hinge inside here, Because that torque snapping open really puts a lot of undue pressure on that hinge. So once those two are open, flip it over and you can open the bottom lengths by folding them down towards you now, since we've got it upside down. Let'S. Take a look at the bottom of and I'll point out a couple of cool things: number one it's, a heat sink, so it's, keeping the electronics inside at a comfortable temperature by radiating extra heat out with these heat fans down here, you'll notice, two optical sensors. There that's the crash avoidance and sensing below so coming down on something that's going to warn you in this Center is an LED, that'll light up your landing pad, and I think you're gon na have control over that, like you do in the Mavic to through the Application but I'll play with that in a little bit, but that's an LED that comes on and lights up the ground below it.

On the back, there were two infrared sensors that are called time of flight sensors and that's kind of a sophisticated technology. I'Ll probably do a separate clip on that just to explain how it works, but essentially it's sending out an infrared beam that ricochets off of something below it and comes back up and it can calculate how close it is to the ground or some other object. Based on the timing of that beam, coming back, it's used in industry all the time, but that's your time of flight sensors now on the sides, no sensors, because it has no side obstacle avoidance on the back. There are two optical sensors here and on the front there are two more optical sensors here, so it's got protections built in for front, so it can sense crash avoidance that way, the back and down so it's got 3 way crash avoidance and it doesn't have any Side, sensors, your top sensors. I know a lot of people are going to say gee why didn't they build those in the truth, is the sensors gather a lot of information and that has to all be processed by the internal electronics and the more sensors you put. The more complex that electronics is and the more energy of drinks and the more work it has to do so, keeping it down to three, I think, is a perfect mix of not eating up too much battery to maintain that sensing and also gives you the protection You need pretty much where the stuff you're gon na fly into is in front of you behind you or below you.

Now side, sensors are nice, but for me I don't really miss them. Alright, so let's take a look at the battery and again I've mentioned before. How close this looks to the Maverick Pro to me, the battery assembly is released by pushing in these two clasps on the side. They'Re spring loaded so push those and you can lift up and pull the battery out boy. That battery looks just like a maverick Pro battery it's, just a little bit smaller, just like the Mavic 2, as well. Now, on the top they've got a push button here that you use to turn it on so the way you turn on all the DJI products. Is you tap it and hold it and then eventually, it'll spin up? You can also tap it once to see how fully charged it is Nell between that first part of the clip and this one I did charge up the batteries because I can't wait to get outside and fly this thing, but now I'm tapping it. You see a four LEDs light up and that lets you know you have a hundred percent charge in the battery. If there were only three lit up, that would be 75 to would be fifty and one would be twenty five or below if it's, flashing, it's, typically below that threshold and to put the battery in you can't put it in backwards. So if you try to jam it in this, it's not gon na fit it'll only fit one way, and when you put the battery in don't just push down in the middle, I recommend pushing at the front in the back and you'll, hear a click when it Snaps in there always check to make sure it's fully seated, because there have been times even though the gravity is gon na help that battery stay in there there have been times where batteries like fully seated, I don't know if I can simulate it.

This one's pretty good. It actually gets down there nice, but over time they get a little bit lazy. You want to make sure that it's fully seated down, because the last thing you want to have is it drawn up in the air where the battery shakes a little bit and you break that electrical connection and the circuitry resets that's gon na cause a lot of Problems for you all right, a couple other things to notice on this side, you have a little door on the bottom. If you open that up that's, where the micro SD card goes so you can put up to 256 gigabyte card in there. On the other side, there's another little door on the bottom and it's open that up and take a look at what's in there all right, I'm suspecting yep there you go that's a USBC connection. Now, what that allows you to do is connect the USBC connection up to this and the other end of it up to your computer. You can actually transfer the files off that micro sd card now, a lot of people like to do it that way. I typically pop out the micro SD card and I'll use like a three in one card reader to transfer those files over to my computer, just a lot faster for me. I also like to pull the card out and review them in the field all right. Let me take a look at the imaging package next, so you've got a gimbal clamp on the front, pretty similar to a lot of the gimbal clamps out there again it looks just like the Maverick Pro gimble clamp.

The way you take that off. Is you push down and pull forward so be gentle and pull that off and then there's your imaging package? So this is the three axis gimbal that supports it. You can see that it's supported with suspensions inside as well there's the camera again, a beautiful imaging package. It'S, a half inch sensor on there looks like Hasselblad technology I'm gon na have to look a little deeper into that, but that half inch imaging sensor is also paired up with a much faster bit stream back. So it's got 120 megabits, a second coming back from that, so that gives you that 4k Ultra High Definition imaging on the front of the unit. So very very nice package there. Alright, so I think that's pretty much it for the drone again beautiful drone to fold it back up. You'D reverse the process fold the legs in underneath fold, these two in at the top snap, the gimbal clamp on and you're good to go. One other thing I did forget to mention: I didn't talk about the propellers and I want to add that part of it now. So there are two sets of propellers you'll notice on these two propellers. There is no line at the top. You don't see any white, but two propellers see that white circle and underneath it see that white stripe on the motor. That way, you know that these propellers go white to white and these don't have any markings and they go plane to plane for lack of a better term.

The way take the propellers off. Is you hold the motor push down on the propellers and spin the top of the motor and they pop off that's, pretty much it? So if you forget, you take all four propellers off just look for the one with the circle on it and match it up with the white on the bottom and again, all you do is push down spin, the motor and let it go and it locks in There and you're in good shape, that's pretty much it now with the propellers, always inspect those propellers. Before you take off the two things I caution people about or to make sure the batteries fully seated single point of failure. If that fails, the drones coming out of the sky make sure that the props are fully seated, because you might think you have them on, but if they're not fully seated and tight, they could pop off in the drones coming down. The other thing is always do an inspection of the propellers before you put it up in the air, run your fingers along the outside edges and see, if there's, any gouges or nicks or any debris on them, and keep them clean and you'll, be in really good Shape the last thing I'll mention about the props is it's got the we pull this one off. These props have the brand new little air wing on the back of it here. These are low noise, high performance props and they kind of learned that and the Mavi Pro platinum was the first product that actually had these kind of props on it.

These tend to be a little bit more efficient than the standard props that are square. In the end, they're also a little bit quieter, so they're doing everything right with this pneumatic air. Okay. Here we have the controller. Now this is the way you'll get it. It doesn't have the joysticks assembled. The joysticks are in the bottom to attach those you just pop them out of there a little holder and put them on up top and then just screw on finger tight, so you line them up at the holes and screw them in now. I don't normally take these joysticks off. I usually leave them on and I'll put them in the kit with them on. The reason I don't take them off is because I'm always worried that you know I'm gon na drop them in the grass and then I'm gon na spend 20 minutes trying to find them or worse if they drop them in the grass, and I get dirt and Debris up inside those threads and then put them back on I'm, transferring all that grit and dirt inside the controller, but totally up to you how you handle that. So there are your joysticks on the front of the unit. You'Ve got a couple of buttons along the bottom. This is your charge indicator so again, I've charged this up. If I tap it once it's fully charged, if this is blinking it's below a hundred percent somewhere between 100 and 75, if it's often this is on solid, each of these represent 25 percent, so 25, 50.

75 100. If it's blinking, it means it's a little bit below that level as far as buttons go return to home button right here, you tap that and hold it. It'Ll instigate the return to home. The drone will fly to whatever height you've got, set, fly back and land in the center you've got your speed, control I'll call it normally you'd fly in the normal position, which gives you the speed that you would fly out and do some really nice filming. If you want to go crazy fast, you put in sports mode and it'll actually go to its top speed, it's, not great for filming, but it's, really good. If you've got a location you're getting to that's, pretty far away from you, I typically put it in sport mode elevate, fly out to the location drop down to normal mode and do my filming then, when I want to come back, I'll put it back in sport Mode tripod mode slows everything down so it's sort of a cinematic mode that forces you to do things a little bit slower, it'll, slow, your movements and your turns and everything else. The tripod mode is kind of cool, but I usually use normal for when I'm filming and fast or sport mode, when I have to get out to a particular location on this side, you've got a function button and that can be programmed, I believe, through the application. I'Ll be looking at that in a little bit and then in this side, I've got looks like a sort of a circular button here, that'll flip between recording and pictures.

So if I tap that it'll move between pictures or recording and then you've got one button here that instigates the starting of that. So if you're a picture mode and you hit that it'll take a picture if you're in video mode, you hit that it'll start recording on this side, there's our familiar gimbal wheel. So if you spin that the gimbal is gon na tilt down or tilt up – and there are some adjustments on the gimbal that I want to play with in the application, because when I looked at the specifications it looks like it goes above 90 degrees, which is Great so it does crank up, I think up 40 degrees above horizon, and it also looks like it goes a little bit further beyond the down position as well. So I'm, not sure if they're gon na give us control of that. But the gimbal can move a lot more than normal and then up top you've got your tablet holder and your phone holder here. So you pull that out and it Springs out like this. Now it looks to me like I can handle all the big phones that are on the market, but there's no way you're gon na get a tablet in there. So you're gon na have to use a tablet adapter which sits on top of this, and your phone will sit in these grooves right here and underneath this nice protective rubber piece up top there.

The last thing I'll point out is the connections. I'M. Pretty sure you can see that if I get a little closer but basically you've got a cable in here that connects up to whatever device you're using so you'll have to have the port on your device on this side and you'll plug it in now. This is an apple connector. If you have an Android product, you can unplug this one and plug in whatever connector. You need to make the proper connection to your phone that's a USBC connection down there, so here's the connection for the Apple, and they include both a microUSB and a USBC as well just plug it in connect up to your device's you're good to go now. If you do need a longer connector, because you're using a tablet, adapter we're just going to put the tablet up here somewhere, we have those on our website. We have this kind of cable in a 30 centimeter range which will be USB see on this end with either a micro, an apple or a USB, see on the other end, so pretty straightforward there again, really nice compact design, there's some venting on the back, keep It nice and cool I'm, not sure if they've got an internal fan, I'll have to play with that a little bit once we get a little bit of time, get this thing outside and start flying it and playing with it on the bench. But I do like this new design.

I have to say that it seems really well balancing in my hands. I like that. I also like that I'm, not swinging the arms out down the bottom. We had some issues with some of the remotes with those arms, so it is a really nice compact design. We'Ll have to see if they carry this forward with some of their newer quads, but for now boy I really want to get out and start flying this and see how this feels in your hands very nice product. Nice rubber, grips on the bottom as well. That'S kind of cool, but in general, at your remote I hope those details were helpful and now I'll do a quick side by side comparison between all three models of portable drones, currently in the DJI line up the Mavic mini Mavic gear Mavic pro and all three Of these drones have a strong pedigree that go way back to the original maverick pro product, which was an epiphany for DJI. It was the first roan that was actually foldable that was prosumer grade that had a ton of advanced features in it and actually there. It is right there now that's proving my point from earlier how many of you guys picked up on that so here's, the method, air, two side by side and my point is: it looks like a little bit smaller Mavic pro. So what you've got is DJI. The brilliant engineers at DJI have stuck with the Mavic airframe design for all of these products and the original product that came out three years ago.

I almost couldn't summon the words to describe how impressed I was with that technology when Michael Perry walked out on stage to show that Drona pulled it out of his pocket. I almost fainted that's inert. I looked at it and went yeah. They definitely got alien technology somewhere in their labs because they took a phantom 4, which was a bigger drone and basically broke all four arms shrunk it down and built in a ton of advanced features. It was the first time they used. Akio sank – and this thing I still fly today, it's stolen of my favorite drones just was an amazing technology. So what you've got here is generation, one generation to generation, three generation three and a half or gender raishin, four, so they're. Building on this strong legacy of incredibly cool technology, making small iterative changes in each of these models to improve them, so a little better imaging package they fly longer, they fly further they're, safer, they've got advanced features built into it. So what you're? Getting with the Maverick air 2 is a drone that really fits perfectly in between the two other drones that are on the market today, so you've got the Mavic mini, which is around 400 bucks. This one comes in at over 1800 bucks, so just to double the number, and this one comes in around 1600. So for my money, if you're choosing between these today and you're brand new to the Hobby, wonderful place to start you're getting about 60 of the functionality here at half the price, if you're gon na step up to something that has a 4k feature, this is the One you want to go with, because doubling the price gives you about 80 of the functionality of what the Mavic 2 gives you.

So this is a perfect middle of the road I'm gon na call it a prosumer quality drone. I haven't flown it yet, but based on the specs I'm telling you this is gon na be fit in the bill for most of the people out there. It again I'd start here, get used to the Hobby, make sure you're happy with it. Then you can always upgrade to this later, but if you want to jump in whole hog, this is a good place to be, if you're serious about it, you're gon na, do it as a profession and you need the absolute best pictures and images out there. This is the one to go with. It gives you the one inch sensor or the zoom gives you the ability to zoom in, but the Mavic 2 is really kind of the pinnacle. The best you can get in the prosumer space I'm going to call it a professional drone, because I use this and the Phantom 4 Pro v2 for all of my professional work. But I love the fact that all three of these are available. So 400, 800. 1600. The choice is totally yours. You can't go wrong with any of these I'm telling ya. I can't wait to get this guy out and start flying it because, I think again the Goldilocks conversation. The bed was too small. The bed's too big the bed is just right. So for me I can't wait to get outside start flying it and that's pretty much all I had for today.

I promise you I've got a ton of comparison clips coming. I can't wait to get out there and start doing these clips, but we're supposed to a beautiful day for the next couple of days, beautiful weather and I'm gon na get outside fly like crazy. With these drones and I'll do comparison side by side between these two between these two between this and a question I get all the time is: how does this compare to the new Evo 2 that's out there so I'm going to spend a lot of time doing A comparison clip side by side with this one in the 8k Evo I'll, compare it to the sky. Do I'll, compare it to the anafi, because I know a lot of people are looking to get in the Hobby this summer and man. I can't tell you how much fun you're gon na have so, if you're waiting to get into the Hobby and you're thinking. Oh there a lot of changes going on I'm, not sure if it's something I should be doing. Maybe I should wait. Don'T wait. Go on buy a drone. You can afford this one. Probably you definitely get into something like this that'll get you out there and flying. If you want a little better draw like I've mentioned. This is the one to go with, but don't wait find what you can afford buy the drone get out there and start flying because I'm telling you it's gon na change your life it's a stress reliever.

It gives you a different perspective on the world to get you outside in the fresh air and the sunshine the family can come with. You it's a wonderful event for everybody to get there and start flying, but anyway, stay tuned to the channel I'm gon na. Have a lot more comparison clips coming, if you need accessories, we've got accessories in the website. For all of these, we just sort of bring it accessories in for this one as well. So if you need the longer cable, you need battery protectors. You need a couple. Other things spare props we've got all that stuff on the website, but that's it for today. So thanks an awful lot. If you've got questions, you want me to answer a navy strong drop in the comments below. I promise to get back to you as quickly as I can we've been super busy. A lot of people subscribing to the channel. So if you haven't subscribe, hit that subscribe button down there and join the drone Valley Family, because not only do I have more clips come in the summer, but we've got a ton of drum giveaways going on that you're definitely going to want to get in. So if you're subscribed to the channel, you can enter those contests and you can probably win a drone from us. Cuz we're, giving a bunch of them away this summer, so stay tuned to the channel for that stuff, but anyway, I'm having a heck of a time and I'm gon na fly.

This thing upstairs I'm gon na hide all the lamps and flatten the area as best. I can and start flying this thing around, but I can't wait to get outside with it.