Why are you spending time doing a clip on something as simple as me, peeling stickers off my drone. Now this truth is, I was shocked at how many stickers were on this drone there's an insane amount of stickers on and it's like DJ, I went sticker crazy and, as I was going through the removal process making sure I got all of them. I started thinking about: why would you put a sticker there and what does that sticker do so? I want to explain why the stickers are where they are some of her for protection. Some are for identification, but it's really important. You get all of them and just to tease you before I get into the actual removal that's how many stickers are on the drone, what they were thinking but that's a lot of stickers and you got to get them all off or you're. Gon na have issues with the drone I'm, also gon na sneak in a little bit of a physics lesson to explain why you should not let the arm snap open and I'm gon na talk a little bit about getting the props on the right motor, because one Of the challenges with the Mavic gear 2 is that, unlike other DJI drones, you can actually put the wrong propeller on the wrong motor, which is something needed to be aware of now. It'S a simple thing: to keep track of it's, not going to confuse you, but I'll, explain why that's the case and I'll probably get into a little bit of the physics of flight as well, because I love talking about nerdy stuff.

But anyway, let me get into the actual sticker removal process next, so make sure you get them all and I'm gon na make you a bet right now, all of you out there that have got them having to up in the air and you're flying it. I'M. Betting, some of you missed that last stickers. Oh stay tuned and put it in the comments below let's, be honest. If you missed that last sticker put it in the comments below and let me know that because I almost missed it, and it was only because I did a little bit of an inspection at the end that I found it and pulled it off, but I'm betting. Some of you missed that so stay tuned that I'll get into the sticker removal next now. The first thing I want to do is extend all four arms of the quad, because a few of these stickers are really well hidden and you might actually miss those to do that. Hold a quad in one hand, and then gently extend these upper two arms. All the way, through Travel, now you'll notice pretty quickly that they're spring loaded and when you get them to about here, they're gon na want to spring open on their own and snap open don't. Let that happen make sure you hang on to them all the way. Through their end to travel, because you can damage the internal hinge on this and that may seem obvious, but the physics behind it's, even more interesting and as a nerd, I have to explain that.

So when the quads arms are closed, there's a lot of tension on that spring inside there and that's called potential energy that spring wants to release that energy as quickly as possible. When you get it to this point and let it go that energy can be transferred to the arm in the form of kinetic energy, which is energy in motion, and it forces that arm forward. Creating a momentum in that direction and the challenge is energy has to be conserved so when that hits the end to travel, that Energy's got to go someplace and guess where it goes right up the arm as stress and torque into that hinge. So if you keep snapping that open it's going to transfer only energy up and damage that hinge inside so hang on to them all the way through the end of travel and again common sense and physics. Both support that argument so once they're open, you're good, but one other point I want to make is you notice I didn't change hands when I open both those arms? A lot of my friends will actually open. This arm then switch hands and open this arm, and you probably can get away with that a couple of times, but when I talk to pilots even seasoned pilots and ask them how they've damaged their quad, if they're being totally honest, they'll tell me yeah, I dropped It I was in a parking lot. I was anxious to get up and flying.

I was opening up the quad and I fumbled and dropped the quad and, if you think about it, keeping it in one hand means you're, not gon na drop it when you're switching hands like this it's at its most vulnerable and it's gon na head. For the pavement, if you have one simple mistake, so my best practice is carry the arms all the way to end to travel and keep it in one hand and when you need to flip it over put a hand on top of it. Flip it over. And then slide this hand over don't ever let go of it and then open those two bottom arms and you'll be good to go all right again. Let me flip it over all right now that we got that out of the way a little physics lesson. Let'S talk a little bit about the stickers, so the first one is a gigantic obvious sticker. Here on the battery and it's telling you to charge the battery before you try to fly this thing for the first time and the reason for that is the battery's, a light boat it's, a lithium polymer cell. It comes to you kind of in a zombie State it's not woken up until you put it on the charger. So the minute you connect it to a charger you're forcing electrons into that battery. You'Re waking it up. You want to fully charge that the first time don't cheat and charge it halfway and go out and fly because it doesn't really have a memory, but you can damage the cell so always fully charge that if you let's tick, her off that's sticker number one all Right, the next grouping of stickers are on the arms and there's a bunch of them, so I've got an a sticker, a B sticker, another a sticker and another B sticker on the back.

Now you may already be thinking if these are the front arms and these are the back arms. Why are these not be stickers? And these a stickers – and the honest answer to that – is that these two motors, the B stickers travel in the same direction. So the rotation is the same. Ba stickers show you motors that travel in the opposite direction and that may not be intuitive but that's. One of the basics of physics for flight is that you have to have a posing rotation on all of the motor. So you've got one spinning this way and one spinning this way. So you've got clockwise and counter clockwise same back here and that's super important, because when you get the quad it has no propellers on it. So you could just pick their propellers up willy nilly and stick them on there and I'm telling you it's got to do a belly flop. So it's really important to understand that the B motors these two motors take the non branded or the non marked propeller. So notice the motors have no markings on them, either of them and the propellers don't either. These two have these white stripes on them, which indicate this propeller goes on there. So you see the white to white and the no marking to no marking, and that way you know what happens here now. The interesting thing about the Mavic air, to which was not true in their other quads, is you couldn't, actually put the propeller on the wrong motor.

You weren't able to actually mount it on there, but in this quad for some reason, you can actually put the wrong propeller on the wrong motor and not really know it so that's what those stickers are for. So from counting stickers, that's one two, three, four five. So that's five already, but wait a minute there's two more stickers down here. Where did those come from? What are those all about now that doesn't really do anything? It doesn't hold anything on it's, not indicating anything. So I thought a lot about that I'm thinking. Why would I put a sticker there that cost me time and money I've got somebody in an assembly line that has to put them on so why would you do that? I'Ll leave that for a second let's, take a look at the bottom, so I've already got let's see one two, three, four, five, six and seven I thought maybe that's holding the antennas are here. Maybe that's got something new. The antennas but I'll explain it in a second, so let's look underneath now. I'Ve got one big sticker here. That holds a gimbal lock on that's, pretty obvious, and actually you peel that off we'll pull the gimbal off in a second or the gimbal, lock off in a second but hold on there's two more stickers here on the side now they're not doing anything, not hold That anything on they're just they're sitting there, you know goofy they're, not really doing anything and that's.

What really clued me in think about this? A second when I slide this guy closed that stickers right between the arm and the body, the quad and during shipping. This thing is going to bounce around a little bit, even that nice little carrier it's got and it's going to bounce around. So I think they put that sticker there to keep this from chafing against the body and the same things true up here. So let me close this if I close this one that stickers exactly where this is hitting the body of the quad, so it's actually protecting the quad from that chafing, because I know people are gon na get them and they're gon na say hey. You know I get a little scratch on my battery or hey the body's, all scratched up so again, good on those guys, we're thinking through that when they're packing this thing up. So if we're counting again I've got one two, three four five, six, seven, eight nine ten, so there are 10 stickers on the body. I feel I feel like the count here on Sesame Street don't speak on the body. All right, let's go underneath here. Let me see if I can get this guy off. This is gon na, be a joke all right here we go all right, so that comes off that's number 10, now inside the gimbal assembly, to pull this guy off you're gon na push down hard here and slide it this way, but be gentle about this.

So pull it down and slide it off this way, all right, so let's take a look at the gimbal assembly, so obviously I've got two stickers on either side of the gimbal arms and one at the top really important. You pull this one off, because the back of that camera is going to get super hot and that's gon na definitely melt on those fins back there. So one two three so I've got 10 already there's, three more so you're thinking, okay, I've got 13 stickers kind of an unlucky number. Maybe they should have put one more on there just for good luck, if you're into that kind of thing, but that's 13. Well, I told you at the beginning of the clip that there's, probably one you missed, and I definitely missed it and it's hidden right there on the back. Now. Why is that there? I have no idea other than thinking. Oh, is that gon na bang back and hit the back it doesn't there's, no way it's gon na go back and hit the back of that, so that sticker number 14 is really befuddling. I have no idea why that's there but take that off and I actually flew this today. I took all the stickers off me put it back on for this demonstration, but I forgot that one I didn't know it was there, and I only noticed that because I wanted to look inside to see if there was any venting behind the camera like it was On the original Mavi Pro – and I spun it around and won – wait a minute there's another sticker in there, so that's number 14.

So when you ask that trick, question to your friends, it's got a maverick error. How many stickers are on the MAV acure when got it? The correct answer is 14 they're, gon na, say 13 you're gon na know that extra stickers in there and you'll sound a whole lot smarter that's, pretty much it for the sticker count. Okay, I hope you found that helpful and I really want to hear from you if you missed that last sticker cause I'm telling you. It was pure luck that I spun that gimbal around and actually saw in the back of the camera. But a couple of those, especially in the gimbal compartment, can be really dangerous if you don't get them off having that plastic sticker on the top of the gimbal, with the back heat fin. Of that thing, getting warm could be a major issue for you out there. So make sure you get all 14 stickers off now again, if I've missed any. Please put that in the comments below I think: there's: 14 total and that's the end of it, but if there's, 15 or 16, let me know and I'll. Look like a goofball and I'll come back and I'll give you credit for pointing out the ones that I missed, but that's pretty much it for today now moving forward I'm gon na do a lot more of these quick tip clips on the Mavic gear 2 and A lot of the other quads because I'd like to keep them short.

We have a lot of clips coming up where this is outside flying. I haven't actually got my first flight on it yet because it's been raining in New Jersey, but tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful, so fingers crossed I'll be outside and do that. I'Ve got a lot of comparison clips coming and I think this is going to be the drone of the summer for a lot of fliers out there I've gotten a tremendous amount of response from viewers and people commenting on the channel about this particular quad. So stay tuned to the channel, if you're interested in this, if you need any accessories for this or any of the other drones you're flying, please hit our website. We'Ve got a lot of really great accessories in stock. We ship them immediately. When you place your order and get them to you quicker than Amazon, so anyway, that's pretty much it for today, thanks an awful lot for watching. If you have questions drop in the comments below and if you miss that last sticker. Let me know in the comments below to be brave, don't be a coward. Let me know that you actually missed that it'll be kind of fun to see how many of you missed that last sticker anyway, that's it for today, thanks for watching and until next time.