As many as it can get so, it's updated the home point, that's a good sign 17 satellites bouncing between 16 and 17, so that's, a pretty good number let's go ahead and take it off, fly at 500 feet away and 200 feet in the air and then We'Ll hit return to home and you can see right now, I've got it dead center, I'm gon na put it straight on the that part of the H. You know the center crossbar of the H. I don't know that orientation really matters, but it is as centered on this landing pad as it can be so we'll go ahead and take off okay, so home bate home points updated taking it up to 200 feet, okay, 203 and now I'm going to take it 500 feet away: Music as 502 and now hit return to home Music come on little Mavic air. You can do it. Oh there. It is coming in right above us and all right, let's see how accurate it is. Music, Music. It looks like it's kind of over there but it's hard to tell and I'm gon na just give it a little bit of space to do its thing: Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, okay, now, it's slowed down; oh my goodness, wow. That is probably ten inches from where it started, which was right there. So I'd say that was pretty good let's. Do it again see how it does the second time, Music, okay, going up to 200 feet this time, we're gon na rotate and fly in a different direction: Music, okay, we're, 200 and exactly 200 feet up well 198.

Take it a little higher 200 feet up and a little more than 500 okay, this time we're like 550 away. So here we go so 50 extra feet distance, hopefully that doesn't make a big difference. It just kind of cover those 50 feet before I hit stop. So it's coming back well I'm, really impressed with the last one. Here she comes Music Applause! Oh oh, oh wow! I think it's even a little closer than last time, because last time the nose was down here notice that it is lined up with the H. Just the way it took off like it's exactly the same way it took off last time, so I think this time, just for fun, I'm gon na line it up this direction like that, so now, it's kind of facing you know it's in the center of the H and see if it lands this direction too and I'm gon na fly that way, so you know to the to our behind it facing north on the compass of this thing, so very impressive on that second landing impressive on the first one too, but let's see What it does on number three: okay, updated home point again, going to going to 200 feet in height and 500 feet in distance, alright, so again, overshot just a little bit 208 in height and 519 in distance and bring it home. We couldn't have picked a better day to shoot. I mean it's, not hot it's, not too sunny alright and remember when we took off it was oriented this way, nose facing that way, Music.

Alright, it actually looks like it's off now, it's not over it, but let's see if it finds it Music. Well. Okay, number three was a fail. I mean still very, very close, but not nearly as good as one and two I can't imagine it has to do with the direction it was facing, but still that's kind of weird let's do let's do one more just for grins. Well, we flew it that way. We flew it that way. We flew it that way. Let'S fly it that way. This time, nice, you get your battery stats on there that's pretty cool temperature the battery flight time. All your voltage is very cool alright, so we had two really great write on one, not so great, probably about three or four feet off and now we're gon na try one more time in the fourth direction, being we haven't flown it that way yet and we're Facing it that way, also so it's shoot it's facing the East marker on the landing pad. I also wonder okay, so it said home point updated. I wonder if maybe I moved it before. The home point was updated last time like, in other words, if I started it moving and it updated the home point to be off of the mat. A little bit. We'Ll see this time, because I this time it definitely said home, point updated. While it was still over the mat okay, so we are at okay, 500 feet 204, and here we go coming home 500 feet away 204 in the air, bringing it back and remember this time it was facing east facing the I don't know, if that's actually East, But it's not actually East that's West, but it is facing the east marker on the landing pad Music now interesting its facing the same way that it took off this time.

Music, all right, this one's looking a lot better Applause, looking a lot better, Wow, okay, another nearly perfect landing, just inches away from where it started completely oriented the same direction facing that east marker on the takeoff pad. I think what happened on that third time was, I think what happened is I took it off and I think I must have moved it before it said home point has been updated. I think that basically I had moved it off of its space. I think you have to let it hover where it's going to be for a second and then it nut locks that in as a home point, because that was such a big miss compared to the other two. But I hope you enjoyed this if you liked it, please give it a thumbs up and I'd love to hear your comments below.