It was a really good drone and all that for a good price people, call it the Maverick air 2 and for good reason, because it kind of looks like the stepping stone between the Maverick mini and the DJI map to a drone. That'S, affordable lightweight yet still has more professional features for advanced cinematography and more control. The first image is a side shot of the drone that has the new design of the mapping, a very good mix between the Maverick mini and the Mavic 2. In what looks like to be an average sized package, the models aren't as tall as the Navi 2 ones and the plastic seems very similar to the one on the Maverick meaning. We don't even know the official name of this new drone, but it could actually be the Maverick air 2, even if it doesn't look at all like the original air. That drone is pretty much an old design, so they went for a more proven concept that has been reproduced with their more recent maverick series at the bottom. We can even see the camera that looks more in line with the Maverick mini one than the Medicare. That again had an older design, it's pretty obvious it's a 3 axis gimbal. We can also see that there are two infrared sensors and two cameras for obstacle: detection indoors flying and even an LED light for illuminating the landing spot in low light. That was a really cool feature of the Maverick that I hope to get introduced in other drones.

The propellers look a lot like the ones on the Maverick with the silent design and the tips slightly inclined in this picture. We can yet again see the bottom with the two obstacle: sensing cameras and the inscription Mavic at the bottom. I do have a hunch that EJ. I will call this simply Matic us. If you remember, the origin was called Matic pro just like with the Tesla cars, where ill are worked towards the cheaper ultimate version of the model. 3. The same thing might be happening here. Did I maybe wanted to give it more time for the basic ultimate version of the Maverick to get built on the shoulders and errors of the other drones in the past? The propellers arc will release from what I can see as they have white and black inscriptions. Just like the old Matic pro had to approximate its size, we can take the USB cable in the back and, as we know, these are standard we can use it for scale it's a bit behind the Mattocks, so the measurement isn't accurate, but it should be quite Close if we multiply it along the magic, we can see it's about 17 of these. So one point two centimeters of the standard USB cable times 17 about 20 centimeters or so, which is a bit longer than the mavin mean with about 6 centimeters and when it comes to the width, it's, not much bigger, but about 9 centimeters wide or one or Two centimeters wider than the Mavi meaning a more recent photo release of the new Maverick, is a shot from behind that shows.

The really nice changed, aesthetic of the bottom chrome grille and the two obstacle avoidance cameras in the back. I expect this John doesn't have any obstacle avoidance cameras on the side, but these ones in the back can be really helpful. If you plan to fly backwards, you can find the two air vents that we've also seen on the Mavic 2 models. The biggest change we can see is the controller that looks a lot bigger than the original ones we've been used to. If we compare it, but the GEMA became the background, it looks like it has about 17 centimeters or so in width and about 14 in height. This will make it a more solid grip somewhere between the bulky, transmitters of the Phantom 4 series and a smaller matic ones, I'm sure that the sticks will be removable for storing them easily. The format of this controller looks quite flat, which means it could fit quite compactly, underneath the joan in the same package i'm quite excited to test this new transmitter, and i wasn't really the biggest fan of this phone holder in the whole DJ Maddox, as you had To introduce this cable, and sometimes it would go off from here and you would simply not be able to put the phone properly and it's more of a hassle for me general. This time it seems like there is a retractable phone holder at the top, which is my favorite way of doing things.

We can see the three flight modes in the centre that allow for easy switching between them, as well as the standard power and return to home buttons. Considering the size, I'm sure will have auto sync on this one. There is a custom button at the top left and what's curious, a camera button at the top right, and that could mean switching between recording and photos or it could be another new function like changing the camera angle automatically, or things like that I'm going to make Another video, where I talk about the potential specs this door might have and wait a bit for some more leaked photos or videos to come out so subscribe for that.