Sure a lot of you if you're, considering getting one or wondering, is the fly more combo worth the extra money or should I just buy the drone by itself I'm gon na answer that question for you today, so stay tuned. So, first of all, if you're new to Ready Set drone, I hope you'll, consider, subscribing and hitting the notification bell. You cover a lot of stuff around drones and other RC, so if you're interested in that subscribing would be a great thing to do. Second of all, I want to tell you that I just got my Mavic air 2 yesterday in the mail, and I was super excited to get it out and fly it and at first I was thinking well. I'Ll just do a regular unboxing video first, because I was like to do that so because I people like to see what's in the box, but then I thought you know it would probably be cool to take a look at this fly more combo pack that I Got and see how it compares to the regular drone that you buy without it now the price difference is 7.99 for the drone by itself, and I say by itself: it comes with some things and 988 for the fly more combo pack. So what I want to do is open this up, show you what comes in it, and then we can talk about whether or not it's worth the extra 189 dollars, because that's a price difference to get to fly more combo let's do it.

I honestly prefer these kind of boxes where you lift off the lid versus the kind that kind of fall apart as you open them, it's very tight seal and there it is box top, is off and right away I'm. Seeing the Mavic air case that it comes with, which I have to say, I've had a few of these in the past, and I, like the I like the size of this, I like the look of this, so this has a zipper that goes around it. It feels also like it could be – I don't think it's waterproof necessarily, but it definitely feels water resistant like this. This sort of vinyl material feels like it would do. Okay in water – and I have not seen one of these in person yet so I'm super excited and boom there. It is that just makes me smile. It still got all the little stickers on it and it is wow it is. It is definitely an interesting size. It is much bigger than the Mavic mini, I say much bigger, you know significantly bigger. It also feels quite a bit heavier than the Mavic mini, so you will have to register this guy by the way. This is not a full review of this drone. This is just an unboxing and a comparison of the fly more combo to the buy it by itself option. It has a battery already attached to it, go ahead and unfold it here, it's got the classic, Mavic look, but just slightly smaller than then the Mavic twos.

That I'm used to flying and slightly bigger than the Mavic mini that I've also been flying a lot lately, so also in this bag. We have the guesting. This is the remote control yep. It is and it's all kind of hermetically sealed. In this I say hermetically sealed it's really not, but it is sealed up in some plastic, so we'll take that off and there it is – and you know, I've heard a lot about this remote it's first time feeling one and I have to say it feels better In person than I thought it would based on what it looks like it's, more rubbery and kind of grippy feeling. I thought it would be more of a cheap plastic feeling, but it feels it isn't. It feels quite significant, like like a nice remote control, as you would expect from DJI, but it's it's got some grip to it, which I like. I also like the fact that it matches the color of the drone that's, pretty cool, so we'll set that right. There, also in the box or in the bag, is a box and in this box is, I think this is going to be my battery charger and my batteries there's one battery looks like it has four little LEDs here on the top that light up, perhaps but Let'S set that aside for a moment set that out of the way I'm gon na guess there's another battery in here, since it comes with three yep there, it is and again take that out of the plastic set it here and the charging cable.

This is the US version I always like to when companies provide a little velcro strap to go around it that's a really nice touch, and here is the charger. Now this is going to be the charger to one at a time, but the combo pack comes with a multi charger, so we'll set that here and I think that's everything out of this box go ahead and just get into this guy here real quick. This looks like it has the spare props. Now this kit comes with twelve total props, so that's, four plus two entire sets two complete sets of four spare props, so you should have props for days with this kit. This also includes the there's more props, so it looks like probably six and six, I think that's what's in there and there and yep. Now that is empty and by the way I will be doing a setup and review. So if you are getting one of these and you want to learn how to actually get it all set up and you haven't set up a DJI drone before including setting up the software and such that will be a video coming out very soon. This must be the charger for the multi batteries yep. Okay, so it looks like this guy will do I'm guessing this will do three at a time see it's got one two three and I'll bet they sit just like so yeah quite easy to place on there.

One two and the third one would go on, and then this guy is the power supply. This is going to go. I want to make sure you get it on the right direction. Gon na go right there and then this will plug into the wall. So that's pretty pretty elegant, I have had DJI multi charges before and multi chargers from other companies that were a little more clunky to kind of deal with. You know you had to do some origami to get the batteries on this one looks like it goes on. Really simply and really easily so I like that a lot and you can get three on here – comes with three batteries, so you can charge all three let's see what else is in this bag? Oh the silica gel don't eat it do not throw away either. Oh, no, it says throw away, do not eat. So, if you're planning to eat it and not throw it away, you want to do the opposite. You want to throw it away, don't eat it. So put that over here and let's see what else is in this bag. There is a little foam thing. This must be what the bottom of the drone was sitting in. Kinda help keep it protected on the bottom of the bag, and I can see why the bag on the bottom feels kind of thin down here. So this little foam thing is going to help. You know if you drop it down like that and the drone is in it it's gon na keep it protected.

Oh, this is your cables. This is your various cables, all right, so that's USB see two USB see. This is USB, see two micro USB and the lightning cable is actually inside the controller here so it's down in this spot already plugged in. I do like the fact, too, that the remote has the tripod normal and sport modes, normal beam position on older drones, what they call position, alright, so there's that here is a USB, a 2 USB C I'm gon na guess. This is to actually charge the remote. The USB C part is going to go into the remote in the USB. A is going to go into power charging device that you can plug into your battery and use your battery to charge. Other things like you could charge your phone with this or you could charge the remote so let's say you were up flying and you had fresh batteries, but your remote was low. You could actually use one of the batteries to charge the remote using this little device. This guy right here is used to knock the Sun down a little bit if you're flying out on a really bright day, and you want to have a higher shutter speed. You can use this or a lower aperture number. You can use this to knock the light down a bit so that you can do that. Alright, these are your two remote sticks right here and I believe it comes with a spare set.

Yes, it does so it has those two and then it has these two right here results in like that. So let's talk now about the value that you're getting with this versus buying the drone by itself so again drum by itself. 799 u.s. dollars fly more combo. 988 that's a difference of a hundred and eighty nine dollars. Now let me divide this table in half, and this is what comes with the regular kit, the drone itself, with a battery one battery, all the cables that you need to connect it to your phone. The remote control, the six propellers, the power supply and the cord for the power supply and the instructions, as well as a gimbal protector. Now, if you buy the fly more combo, you get all that stuff plus the triple charger, because you have two extra batteries for a total three, the six extra propellers, the little device that converts your battery into a USB charging port, as well as three ND filters That you can put onto the drone for bright light and the bag, so what I wanted to do was just add up kind of the cost of all this stuff. So right now, as I said, kit by itself, 7.99 fly more combo. The whole thing: 988. 189 dollar difference now, let's start with the batteries. These batteries are 115, each on DJ's site right now, it's 115 dollars. So, to get two more you're getting two hundred and thirty dollars worth of value right here in terms of the cost of these batteries versus buying them by themselves.

The propellers are thirty three dollars which is eleven dollars a pair, so basically thirty three dollars, because you get three pairs of them here. That'S thirty, three dollars worth of propellers that you're getting the ND filter set. I believe it or not, if 65 bucks. So this thing is, must be good glass which would make sense. You don't want to go out and fly your throne with cheap glass on it and make everything look bad. So these ND filters are 65 to order by themselves the battery charger hub, which is this triple charger hub, which is 59 by itself. And then the battery bank right here, which allows you to convert a battery into a USB charging device, is nineteen dollars and then finally, the bag, which I have to admit this is one of the nicer bags. Dj eyes come out with is 89. They always come out with pretty nice bags, but I like the size of this one and I like the fact that it feels like it would be very weather resistant like if you left it out in the rain. It would I'm not saying it's rain proof, but it would definitely kind of shed the water pretty easily. So all of that said, the total of all this stuff over here is going to cost you four hundred and ninety five dollars. So the difference in cost between what you're getting for just by itself and the whole thing is a hundred and eighty nine dollars.

So basically, that means that four hundred ninety five to buy this stuff, the extra cost to get the fly more combo, is three hundred and six dollars that you're saving. If you buy to fly more combo, if you wanted all this stuff and you didn't want to have to buy it individually, you would save three hundred six dollars by buying the fly more combo versus buying that drone by itself this stuff over here and then bind These things individually so here's the thing there, including all this stuff, but how much of this stuff do you really need, because, ultimately, when it comes down to it, if you've been flying drones for a while, you might already have some of these cases. Here'S my take on it, you know, as someone who's been flying drones for a few years and has quite a few drones here's the things that I think are valuable. First of all, the two batteries by themselves: yes, 230 value for these two batteries that comes with it all in one package. Absolutely, I feel like that by itself makes the package worth worthwhile the ND filter set. Yes, it is a little pricey at sixty five dollars, but I can tell you the difference in your footage with nd filters or polarizing filters versus without is pretty significant. So if you want really good footage having that, I think is a must for people who are flying in any sort of bright skies.

Now the charging hub it's a nice to have but I'd say yes, definitely I tend to take my bet. Drone out fly three batteries out and then bring it back and charge them all up at once versus doing it individually not having to go over and change them out on the charger like you would in this situation, so having this charging hub is actually pretty nice. So I'd say yes now, in terms of the this guy here honestly for 19, I wouldn't buy this individually it's it's a nice little thing to have, but I have plenty of these I've plenty of power banks, and so this is just kind of a an extra That I don't consider to be of great value and then the bag. No, I wouldn't. If this didn't come with the fly more combo, I wouldn't have bought it and it's, not because it's a bad bag, because this actually is a pretty nice bag. It'S because I have so many drone bags already in so many cases and stuff like that, because I've been flying for a while, I don't need another bag. Necessarily now I'll probably end up using this one because it fits it very well. But ultimately, if I had to pay 89 for it by itself, I wouldn't have bought it. So the fact that it came with the fly more combo, you know that's a good thing, but I wouldn't have done it. So is it still a good deal if you eliminate the bag 89, you eliminate this little guy 19.

What you're left with is 230 65 for the nd filters 59 for the charging hub and 33 for the propellers. So, even without the things that I wouldn't have bought otherwise it's going to be three hundred and eighty seven dollars for the value of this stuff. Here three hundred eighty seven dollars so basically you're getting three hundred eighty seven dollars worth of essential stuff, plus some extra stuff over here, it's still a good deal at the end of the day. If you're thinking about buying a Mavic air two, I very much would recommend if you can afford it to go ahead and get the fly more combo pack so here's my recommendation, if you're a drone pilot who's just starting out and that extra one hundred and eighty Nine dollars to go from the drone by itself to the fly more combo is a deal breaker for you, I'd, actually consider going to the Mavic mini and buying the fly more combo of the Mavic mini. The reason is: you're gon na get all that spare stuff and you'll have money left over at the end of it that's my opinion but I'd love to hear your opinion in the comments below. If you haven't already subscribed to Ready, Set drone, please do and hit that notification bell.