She is, ladies and gentlemen, the drone – and this is the inaugural flight. Mr bromley has been very, very careful and uh he’s checking all things now going through all the pre flight checks. Yes, because it’s a little bit, obviously i’m a little bit apprehensive with it being the first flight, of course um. You know, and i haven’t put any pressure on you by filming you for youtube, not in the slightest bit. No. I just think people deserve to see this yeah. You know so many wonderful people have helped us to get this creature. You look nervous. I am nervous, so i can’t seem to do the take off on the screen. Safety assistance mode, sideways flight off. It says let’s. Just we just try doing it. Okay, it’s prompted me to just check the propellers, which i have already checked. I think maybe it wants me to do this like that check complete now, will you let me do it? Okay, let’s stand back a little bit. Applause! Oh wow, it’s, incredible Applause: Music. Are you recording the card and we’ll slot it in here, Music see that’s the other thing as well. I don’t need to worry too much about the battery life no like compared to the other drums. Oh look. How still she sits? Oh bless you little darling. We have to give her a name. I know i love to think about that one Music right i’m going to stop this now and hopefully we’ll switch to some drone footage.

Music, yay dog girl flights are awesome, Music, Music, so Music, so Music, Laughter, Music, you, Music Music. So, as you saw, we just had a lot of fun, jason figuring out what to do with her. What she does. We haven’t got a name for yet um, but we will have one soon and that was the uh come home feature return to home, return to home feature and that kicked in because uh it was a warning that the battery was uh getting a little bit low. Well, we did do quite a lot it’s a safety feature. Ladies and gentlemen, the inaugural flight of the mavic air 2, which is for the record bloody marvelous once again massive thank you.