Just got a new toy i’m. Just getting home we’re gon na find out what he is playing with back here. What came in the mail, the drone, hello, everybody we decided to come inside to open the drone. It is super windy, so here we go nice case holy smokers got to be a rocket scientist here, so i don’t know what any of this is, but this i know what that is. We have no clue what we’re doing not only though oh that held the that protects the camera. Oh look at that, so we should keep that. Yes, okay, is there anything else in there? Oh, okay, still that’s a nice case even all right, so we unwrapped it. So you can see it we’re not gon na take the blades out, show them where the blades are jer. Those are right there all right. So now we have the unboxing of the drone jeremy. Are you gon na read the directions? Yes, i have two instructions to read and i will be reading these for sure. If anyone knows, as they know, jeremy doesn’t really read directions: he’s more of a winged kind of man. I do wing it inside of this. There was two more spare cables: another charger, an extra set of sticks. I don’t even know what this is, and i don’t know what this is but yeah. So you found more stuff in the bag. Yeah. When i went to charge everything, i needed the usb charger.

Okay, so, and then i started reading through the directions blades going on these are. This is labeled a b, a b, so it is pretty simple to use, but i put the a blade there. I got to put an a blade here. These little styrofoam protectors come off, and this is just two tabs. The down is over that down it. You just press and turn in the groove that locks, the blade in. Are you having fun yeah? I don’t have to do put anything like this together for a long time. Are you trying to say that children’s toys nowadays are hard yeah? Well, i don’t know if this will qualify as a child’s toy don’t know austin’s, pretty excited jason’s, an adult. Barely okay, so b unmarked b, unmarked b it’ll go here. Ah i mean it folds up really nicely yeah. Okay. How long is it gon na? Take you to break it, probably not very Music. This hold on Music, hmm Music that’ll be different, oh hit. Okay on that, would you all right – everybody we’re gon na have to a lot of practice to do, but it looks like it’s gon na. Do some good, video and we’ll see what happens we’ll? Keep you posted uh comment. Please go like subscribe and, like always, you choose your own road. We’Ll.