So I know there are a lot of videos out there about the DJI Mavic air already, including several that I've done but I'm here today, to tell you some things that I've learned through flying this drone over the last couple of weeks that I didn't know when I first started and if you already know some of these that's great, but hopefully there's one or two in here – that you don't know it and it will make this worth watching and for everybody who is think you know he's, just a fanboy and he's just gon Na say great things about the Mavic air I'm gon na start with three things I don't like about this drone and share those things that you might not know number one. The Medicare does not use a cue sink or light bridge. This drone uses enhanced Wi Fi. Now, what does that mean to the average flyer? It means a shorter distance. What I think is probably a little bit less reliable video signal and you can't fly this drone natively with the DJI goggles, which you can with the Maverick Pro and the Maverick pearl platinum, which is an amazing experience. You can fly it with the goggles, using a cable but it's, just not quite the same as being able to fly the Mavic Pro without any sort of cable. Just over Aki Singh number two has to do with how you charge the battery I've been asked several times.

If you can charge the battery using the USB C connector, which is right here in the back and to the best of my experience and having tried it a couple times, you can't and that's kind of a bummer, because it would be really nice to just plug This straight into a USBC, cable and charge the battery without having to take the battery off or connect it to a charging station. I believe you can charge the spark using the USB connector directly on the drone without removing the battery. So that seems like a bit of a miss to me on the DJI Mavic air. So the number three thing that you might not know is this quad is actually pretty loud. I'Ve been used to flying my DJI Mavic pro platinum, which is very quiet compared to this, and so when I first got this out and took it for a flight, I was pretty shocked at how loud it was for such a small quad. We actually did a video of a sound comparison between the Maverick Pro maverick pearl platinum and this, if you want to check it out so now, I'm gon na switch over some things that I find more neutral about the Mavic air things and aren't, really positives or Negatives, they're just facts about it that I found interesting number one is why they chose rigid propellers instead of foldable propellers like on the Mavic or the spark, and the answer I was given is that rigid propellers actually provide longer flight times.

I suppose that's true, and it would be interesting to see if they eventually come out with some foldable propellers. But I will say that the flight time on this for its size is pretty decent and that these propellers actually don't get in the way when you're folding. It up so it's really not a big deal. I just thought it was an interesting fact that they put rigid instead of foldable. The next thing that I consider to be sort of a neutral is that the camera is fixed focus. It doesn't have tap to focus like the DJ automatic Pro. That means that pretty much everything is in focus as you're flying like a GoPro or like the spark that is, can be a good thing, and it can be a bad thing good that you're not going to get footage. It ends up being out of focus because you forgot to tap to focus or didn't look down but bad, because you can't really get that shallow depth of field blurry background kind of look, so I consider it kind of a wash if you're going for shallow depth Of field you're gon na want something better camera anyway, but if you just want everything to be in focus and to get a really pretty shot of scenery or something fixed focus is really good. The next thing that I consider to be sort of a neutral point is if they chose to do the flame red quad glassy, but the black and white are matte.

So if you're buying one or the other and you've seen the red one and you're expecting the black or white to be glossy they're, not or if you buy the black or white and then you get the red and you think it's gon na be matte it's. Not alright, so I've kind of gone through the negative things about it and also sort of the neutral little facts about it. Now let's get into the more interesting positive things about the DJ I'm advocare number. One that I didn't know at first is that these little landing gear, arms that come down so that you can take off and land are actually antennas. They have antennas hidden inside them, and the reason they're in this is so that they can be as far away from the body and all the interference of the drone as possible. So way out here on the end of the arm, actually is a very efficient place to put an antenna plus it looks really cool and it serves the purpose of helping you land and not dinging your gimbal or your camera. When you do the next thing, I'm, going to tell you about that, I think is positive. Is the indicator to tell you that you haven't got your battery on all the way? I know with the spark there have been some issues where the battery wasn't fully connected and may have died or fallen off, but with the Mavic pro air.

You actually don't have that problem, because there are two little indicators on the side that are red. So when you put the battery on, you shouldn't see any red because both those should click down and if there is a problem with the battery connection, the app will actually tell you so and will let you take off so that's pretty cool. So the next thing I really like is the camera that gives you 120 frames at 1080p, which gives you awesome, slow motion. The Mavic Pro actually had 96 frames at 1080p, which is good, slow motion, but 120 frames per second is about 4x slow motion, whereas 96 is about 3x slow motion, so you can get even slower, smoother footage if you're trying to capture something this thing will top Out at 41 miles per hour in sport mode, and that is faster than the spark and it's faster than the Mavic Pro and the Maverick Pro platinum now, it's, not as fast as the Phantom 4 pro but it's close, and for something this small to go. That fast, it is really fun to fly with the spark it was designed to actually take off and land. In your hand, this one was not designed to do so, but what I'm gon na tell you is that it can be done and it's actually pretty easy to do. I'Ve landed it in my hand, multiple times now, just to see. If I could do it, and also thinking that, if I was ever in a situation where I needed to land or take off without having access to a smooth flat place like on a on the side of a mountain or on a boat, or something like that, Knowing that you can hand launch it the handle, and it is very good to know, one thing I will say is just be cautious, especially if you don't have the prop guards on but there's a nice big surface here on the bottom and when it comes down.

It'Ll sit nice and flat on your hand. It will basically start to come down. It'Ll, see your hand and sensor will tell it not to land. But if you keep pushing down on the stick, it will, after a few seconds, come and land gently on your hand. So the last thing you might not know about the DJI Mavic air is that when it was being developed, the codename for it was unicorn. I put that in the positive category, so I think it's, a really cool original name and plus unicorns are really cool. Wouldn'T. You say not only are unicorns cool, we're, also great fpv pilots. The horn acts like an antenna so that's it 12 things you might not have known about the Mavic air. If you learned something from this, video I'd really appreciate a like, and a subscription and don't forget to hit that Bell, so that you can get notifications when we publish a new video that's it for today, looking forward to more great videos more time. Flying and looking forward to your questions and comments below about the DJ i'm advocare we'll see you next time on ready set drone Music. Not only are unicorns cool, we're, also great fpv pilots.