So we do some comparison. Videos now in this video were going to take a look at the air 2s and how that compares to the dji mavic 3.. Those are two really nice drones from dji and, if youre thinking about getting into professional photography, you may want to opt for one of these two drones. Now why the wood stock square its a great little place, and they happen to film the movie groundhog day there, which is one of my favorites. So this video is the air 2s versus the mavic 3., but we also have videos how compared to the mini 2 and the evo 2. and were going to release a video comparing all those drones in one grand old video, so make sure you subscribe. So you dont miss that Music, okay, so were on site in the woodstock square and were going to fly these two drones very similar patterns over a couple of different, interesting places. The first place were going to start is the woodstock opera house. You can see it here in the movie and, of course, was in a handful of different scenes, most famously uh. This one here, where bill murray climbs to the top, because he just cant handle the groundhog day anymore and he does jump from the top uh. Trying to end the groundhog day repetitiveness, we know it doesnt actually work. He wakes up the next morning. Now here is the opera house being shot by the mavic 3 in its highest resolution 5.

1 k, and these are pretty much all automatic standard settings not trying to mess with a whole lot. So you can kind of see what you got saw some lens flares there. Now here this is the air 2s a similar shot, but we did kind of pan the camera down a little bit. You can kind of see how it adjusts to the change in the direct light right. The sun is no longer directly behind it. Now were going to move to the center of the square, which of course was the scene where the groundhog was and, of course, where bill murray got his romance on, and we thought wed use this little gazebo grandstand as as a good point in the middle to Try and orbit now. This is the mavic 3 again in 5.1 k and this orbit is actually being done manually because at the time we shot this video, we didnt have the automatic the quick shots which of course, you do now have with the mavic 3.. Now were going to transition here to the air 2s. I want you to notice the change in aspect ratio right, those little tiny black bars at the top and the bottom uh they dont happen with the air. 2S were shooting, in 5.4, k its a full 16 9 ratio, a real ratio which im not a big fan of with the mavic 3 right, again see those little tiny black bars at the top and the bottom thats using the full resolution.

So if i want, you know blow this image up, im going to lose a little bit of that 5.1 k. Still a fantastic camera still have the micro four thirds sensor, heres that same shot with the air 2s. Now the air 2s is no slouch its a full one. Inch sensor on this drone pretty solid now here, were going to transition to the woodstock jailhouse courthouse, combo kind of a back and away a droney shot. If you will and again this is the mavic 3 being shot in 5.1 k pretty good, looking shot. This of course done manually, just kind of a pull back and move up as you pull out of the shot, creates a nice little vantage point. You kind of see everything uh kind of drift backwards, kind of like that shot. Now here were going to transition to the air 2s similar shot. You can see the suns a little bit lower. I get it its, not a perfect comparison. We have some of that. Goofy aberrations going on in the bricks there, the air 2s and some lens flares in the bottom right hand corner so theres that some people, like you, know solar, flares and things like that in their shots. Some people cant stand it um. You know changing f number kind of gets you more or less sometimes so something else to think about. Of course, the sun being at really strange angles, also plays a factor there.

Okay, so one last shot of this square. Here we are flying towards the gazebo again with the mavic 3 5.1 k, auto color settings. The hasselblad color science on this thing is actually really pretty darn nice. Now the air 2s no slouch here. This is definitely a quicker approach, but still a solid option probably want to do a little more work in post. Now we thought some night shots would really kind of help distinguish between the four thirds sensor and the one inch sensor on the air 2s. And while we do like the square, we thought we get a little darker environment, its christmas time lets take a look at some christmas lights, but were changing venues on you just for a little bit. Okay, so chris – and i found this neighborhood nearby, not too far from woodstock, where they had this really awesome light set up, youve, seen it where they, you know you you tuned to the radio station and it dances to the tune uh so were gon na. Do some night shots first with mavic 3, and you know what this four thirds sensors pretty legit, now heres a similar shot with the air 2s. Now listen, i get theyre, not perfect, theyre, not exactly the same. It was cold and chris and i were both flying so i was doing one he was doing the other, so i know theyre not exactly identical, but theyre similar shots, and you know what id suggest you kind of freeze frame, kind of take a look now im Going to zoom in two times, you can kind of see the difference between the two, but this air 2 asks this.

This one inch sensor, not half bad. You know not not bad at all, but i do think theres just a little bit less noise when youre shooting here with the mavic 3., and that makes a whole lot of sense because you have the larger sensor now here we zoom in. I think it gets pretty apparent now were talking really dark and we could have messed with the iso a little bit more um. But this is just manual settings here, so air 2s kind of had delay there. So we cut kind of some of the dark time out, but still just kind of a fun fun little neighborhood. You know christmas time and i think you kind of see a little bit more of the noise here with the air 2s, especially when you zoom in twice so you know thats thats my take right but uh you know. Maybe you see something different. Maybe you like the color in the air 2s, you let us know comments down below im, going to go ahead and let you look at these side by side. You kind of compare them for yourself right. I do really like a lot of the mavic 3 stuff, but the air 2s is again no slouch now keep in mind uh some of this im going to zoom in so pay attention at the top of the screen. Youll see when im zooming in two three times just kind of pixel peep, just a little bit enjoy Music, so Music, Music, so Music, okay, so lets talk about why you might want one of these over the other and actually, i think, theres a pretty good case To be made for the air 2s, it is less than half the price and its still pretty darn good 31 minute flight time range of twelve thousand meters at seven and a half miles.

It does have obstacle avoidance in the front, the rear, the top and the bottom. It has all those flight modes and a really good 5.4 k camera with a one inch sensor. It is solid, but its not the best of the best. That is the mavic 3. With its 2200 price tag, it better be, but you give the full obstacle avoidance. The advanced return, the home a 46 minute flight time and you got that extra camera with that 28 times, uh digital zoom, its a its a great its a great drone right, but that doesnt mean its the best for you. You have to decide which one of these drones is the best one for you, and only you can make that decision, and i hope that we helped you make it just a little bit easier. Make sure you check out our website halfgrown.