This episode was brought to you by freewell gear. They sent me the all day, 4k series, eight pack, nd pl cpl filters compatible with mavic 3. uh link in the description below. If you are interested in purchasing one of these, let me start off by saying i am not an expert photographer all right im, just starting to dip my toes into what these nd filters can do. I so far am super impressed. I didnt even know it was possible to get a long exposure shot or i didnt know how people would take these beautiful long exposure, shots of like waterfalls or water or just create these super blurred and super clear photos at the same time. Well now i know how so i only tested out a few, and let me say that i am impressed. I, like i honestly didnt, see much of a difference when it came to recording video, but it did give me like when i recorded at 30 frames. It did give me a bit of a smoother softer look more motion blur, but i am the type of person that when i fly, i always fly at 60 frames per second, just because you never know if a birds gon na fly in front of you or Or something action is going to happen and you go into post and you cant slow it down, because its already at 30 frames so thats just one thing now. All of these filters are polarized and i did notice a little bit of a color change, which i guess is all correctable in post.

But if youre just going out slapping these on the drone and trying to fly, there will be some c color correcting needed. But i do not think thats that big of a deal now im not going to go through and read off all eight of the filters and what they can do when you can just go to the amazon link below and and see for yourself youre already interested In nd filters and im glad you came to this video, there was one filter in here that i or two actually that i didnt think that i would ever use and thats because they basically block out the sun, its the nd 1000 and 2000. Well, i was wrong if im gon na be shooting these long exposure shots during the day. That is exactly what i need. I did try to take a few photos. Actually, i took a crap ton of photos, but the only thing i tried to do to keep it simple was put the drone in manual the camera mode in manual and and only adjust the shutter speed. So the the shots coming up youll see are, are all the camera in manual mode everything else set to auto, except for the shutter speed. Now i want to know from you guys: are you professional photographers that know exactly how to use these nd filters exactly what theyre capable or are you like me, somebody whos just starting out and absolutely impressed with with just the capabilities of the mavic 3 camera? With these nd filters attached now, you might be saying pat man uh doesnt, the fly more combo come with nd filters.

Yes, yes, it does. However, they are not polarized. All of these lenses, except for the 1000 and 2000, are polarized lenses, so youre, getting less reflection off of water off of even grass do can cause reflection. So, yes, they are nd filters, but no, they are not exactly the same. Also, if youre still here take one second go down hit that like button, please hit that subscribe. Button now lets get to the shots, so Music, Music, Music, so Music, so Music, so Music, Music. So so Music, Music, Music, Music, hey you made it to the end.