So this is my eco flow pro and its charging my drone batteries right now and, as you can see, its got 34 hours left, and that means that the last mavic 3 battery is almost full and i charge one and a half battery and its still at 87 percent and its charging through the dc port one of the dc ports on the side here, so its actually pretty damn amazing what this battery does? I bring it along with me on road trips all the time, because you never know when you need to charge batteries, and this thing saves you so like. I did in the last video im gon na screen record. What i see on the controller as well as capturing video or hyperlapse, with the drone and im gon na try to film myself, because this time im not running around with the drone flying around me. So i can actually bring the camera with me. For that part. As well, remember this ah reloads like a pretty rifle enough, no im just im. Sorry, im not im, not gon na do that lets go so i decided to sit in the car because my toes are freezing now im ready to fly off first round and up. She goes just got ta film, this landscape a little bit pretty damn beautiful. So i see a lot of people talking about that green spots. You get see like green spots on the camera here or on the screen.

Thats natural everybody gets that its because you got light passing through a lot of glass and you get sunflowers its, not a big deal. Some people even think its beautiful, like theres, a reason why you can buy packs of sunflowers to put in your videos – and you got this artsy editing where you see sunflowers from in the dark, even like, where it shouldnt be the its not a pretty color. But in a white landscape like this, i think i could actually just desaturate the color and remove it a little bit onto the job now im going to go and find a frame that i like and im going to try to film a hyperlapse. So i press here go down to hyperlapse im going to test out my favorite version of hyperlapse. First, you select the direction the drone is going to fly in you set it. You can twist the drone or whatever you do and it will fly in that direction. I usually just fly the drone straight. I think its more pleasing. I think if you do too much crazy stuff, while filming a hyperlapse or time lapse, it doesnt turn out as good as you think it will so im just putting this press down here where it says, unlocked you press locked now its flying in this direction hopefully Got intervals two seconds, i want it to be eight seconds long, as you see above the eight seconds, if you twist it ten seconds its going to take eight minutes and twenty seconds its going to take 250 frames but anyways moving on.

I want to say six. Second long, video, maybe eight yeah eight lets – do eight its gon na take 200 frames when thats done im going to press here make sure i like the settings now its a little bit dark. But that means i get more details in the sky and i can lift those shadows and stuff shooting at iso 100, because i want the least amount of noise possible, shooting at f 4.5, because im trying to get the sharpest possible image. So here you see my settings its one, stop underexposed. If you ask dgi or the mavic 3, i think its good looking at the histogram, you can get focus as or focus okay press. This button sit down and wait, see you when its done and like that its done see the exposure data minus one thats perfect. This is the result Music. So the result straight out of the drone is pretty impressive, its not perfectly stable its a little bit wobbly, but this is the result when ive edited it and stabilized it in post, myself, Music, its just amazingly smooth, damn, looks great right. I havent actually watched it. Im just assuming its great but lets move on to the next way of doing it, the free so in this one you can actually move it around do whatever you want its like flying the drone at very slow speed, while taking photos that will be put into A hyperlapse it might be cool i dont know, but for me the pleasing ones are the ones that are not wobbling moving around, but we can try it out.

Okay, so juicer. Here you get an instruction on the screen here of how you can do it ill. Just put this at six seconds because im not gon na fly or put it at five, so lets try to follow the river max speed. Lets put that up and see what happens: flight 3.2 kilometers an hour as you can see here, the format the video, the automated video is mov file, but i only shoot the raw files of the original so that i can edit and get a lot more out Of the video or the files in posts, but lets try out the focus as usual free five seconds 18 minutes left on the drone so no time to lose and were going forward. Lets go forward at max speed because when ive used this function earlier, not on this drum but on the air 2. I found that if i am somewhere in the middle with the speed it becomes wobbly because i slow down, i increase the speed i slow down. Increase down up down up down in speed, because my thumb is not perfectly still and so thats. Why im just full throttle all the way to the front trying to just keep straight for now and were flying up the river, as you can see on the screen, were not moving fast, so now i want to twist it a little bit im twisting it. I cant see a difference on the screen right now.

Im twisting twisting more yeah there. Oh there, it is oh thats, the problem, because i got impatient and i twisted it a little bit too much so now the drone is captured catching up and in the middle of this hyperlapse theres going to be a flip to the side. Oh that now i move throttle as well. Okay, so now i can move it back. I can snake it back and im just going to like i have already ruined the hype lab and not. Why not just flip it just to prove that you can do weird stuff with it and then stop and drop. One minute left im going diagonally with the controller and im twisting this as well its coming its not going to look good, but its at least were trying it out. Okay, its free, i dont know what im doing right now. Okay, so were done, and this is what it looks like Music. It does not look good okay, so you should have steady fingers do slow and steady, but okay, im, not even gon na edit. That myself, i think you know what here it is. This is me editing the raw files, and this is what it looks like stuff. Doesnt look good. Does it well its right? I ruined it. It was not the drones fault it was. It was my fault. Definitely my fault. The next one is circle. Problem is looking at the landscape around theres, not much.

I would like to circle know what im gon na try to circle some of these trees, as there is a lot of contrast to help the drone stay on target, try and select those trees and focused as five minutes see you, then i can see this function. Being very useful, at least if youre out hiking, you can get a really cool hyperlapse of whats happening on top of the mountain or just clouds swirling around the mountain, as we saw in one of the video examples here, and it looks like its staying pretty much On target, at least its better than the last example, i have an increased exposure on my video and my drone seems to be almost done. Im pretty impressed so far. It seems to kind of lose the point of interest right now, but from this angle, as you can see on the screen recording the contrast has lessened and its harder for the drone to see where the focus is but heres the hyperlapse. The mavic 3 made honestly theres not a lot happening, because we dont seem to see the sky a lot in this framing the automatic framing that dji has done, but the stability and like its pretty much on point yeah its losing, as i said its it lost, Focus at the end, but its still stable and its still centered pretty much on what we focused on, which was a clump of trees, and it was big clumper trees as well.

Im impressed im really impressed, and this is the version where ive edited it myself: Music. Its good, i havent, seen it but im just expecting it to be good because you can see more sky in the one i made compared to the one dji made so im like im. Definitely gon na use that moving on and talking about. Moving on lets move on now, theres one last way of doing it, which is the waypoint, and this one. I have seen some pretty cool hyperlapses done with the waypoint thingy, so im just gon na do some freaky and see if it works you see down here. You can set waypoints and you can put your camera pretty much. However, you want it, you can you place your drone where you want it, and i want it to be like this here. First waypoint set and then i fly forward and i twist down the camera blah blah, and then i want it to be here. I let the drone stop before i set the waypoint and then i want it to fly like this and twist um twist like this and you can, you can keep going. You can keep going a lot like a lot and then go up here, but now i have moved a lot, so i cannot make this hyperlapse shorts so done with setting waypoints. I need im gon na im gon na put it at 13 seconds a hack. I like to do is plan backwards.

Now i just put up some random waypoints, but you can plan backwards because then you can reverse the sequence so that the waypoints that i said its going to start with the last one and go backwards into those. If you dont do it this way, when you start your hyperlapse, the drone is going to first fly slowly back to the first waypoints and then start to hyperlapse. But if you reverse it youll start from the last waypoint that you set so that if you plan backwards, you save battery you save time. Here is what my drone made from the hype labs. We just shot Music im, gon na, say it again, im impressed its extremely stable and it looks like it hits every one of those waypoints that i put in and like im, just impressed that its stable Music, to put it in simple terms. I am extremely impressed with the hyperlapse function of the mavic 3. im gon na use it a lot moving forwards, ive already used it a lot and its just the stability of the footage, like even the dji edited version, is extremely pretty and when you use the Raw files, you get a lot more wiggle room and you can stabilize it in post its just amazing. I am so damn impressed, and now we have looked at all of the functions. The hype labs functions. Im gon na probably try to do more crazy, stuff, find better subjects to shoot, as this valley is beautiful, but it doesnt have anything extreme or cool.

You can focus on so having a subject is definitely going to help to make better or more special hyperlapses, but just in general, im extremely extremely impressed and im also freezing cold. You can probably hear it and my toes and fingers you know what this is. It im done. Thank you so much for watching yet another video, thank you for joining me on both these videos about this drone that ive shot today. Hopefully, if you havent checked it out, link below no no above and ill link it at the end of this video. But thank you so much for watching yet another video, and if you got this far, please consider subscribing to the channel giving this video a like.