Mavic 3 fly more combo with the rc pro controller, but its only available in china from december 20th uh sony. Finally, the long awaited sony air peak is now available for pre order with the shipping starting on december 24th. We also have a new fpv drone uh 360., so itll be interesting to see how that turns out, and the last piece of news is on ehong, with their flagship drone taxi starting the sightseeing test flights in bali. Those are the four pieces of our top news. This week kirk, i guess, lets start with djis. Mavic 3 fly more combo. What are your thoughts yeah? So i guess theres been a lot of uh. You know, maybe not so happy customers with the new controller not being included in a bundle or even being shipped um and give it the dji to you, know kind of come up and say yeah, we, you know we want to make sure our customers are happy And were going to uh, you know, add a fly more combo with the rc pro controller, although its only available in china uh, which is problematic for the rest of the world. Who, who wants one uh since you cant get one? Now? I ive not used the rc pro or the the the smartphone controller uh. I know that the rc pro is way better because it says pro in the name, obviously, but uh youve used both of them. So you can explain like why this is way more coveted than the other controller.

I, like the user experience from rc pro i mean rc pro, is just the updated version of the the dji smart controller right, so especially here in canada, when its called in the winter. If you can, if you can speed up your, you know your setup time. Even by a minute, its golden and with um, the rc pro or the smart controller, because its building screen with the actual controller, so you dont have to take extra time to connect your phone or connect your tablet um and just the ergonomic of it. I really like the feel of it and i really like the brightness of the screen, the overall user experience you know. Personally, i love the smart controller and the rc pro controller um. The problem, however, is i mean we have to have both. We have to have the regular controller and the the smart controller, because the smart controller is entirely dji um. If you want to use third party flight apps, you know like lychee, like pix4d drone deploy um. Anything youd have to go with. You have to go back to the regular controller, so you can install those apps on your phone or your tablet device in order to use them. But last week we were actually surveying a property with uh just doing a preliminary survey with the mavic 2 pro um pix4d and drone deploy neither worked out. Dont deploy wouldnt even start on the mavic 2 pro last week.

Im not sure why uh and pix40 came back with half of the pictures. Soft out of focus um, so we had to use so dji does have the the pilot app, which used to be only on their enterprise. Drones is, is now available on the regular consumer. Drones, the the private edition p edition and it worked like a charm, so im not sure whats going on were gon na, go back to the property again next week, um and then try again with the third party apps i mean there was always the suspicion. My tech team always said uh, you know they. They have a bad feeling about third party apps, with um with the dji controller um so well see you know what happens either its just a firmware issue or, if theres, some kind of api issue with uh third party apps, but essentially is, if you want to You know if you need to use any third party apps, then you wont be able to do those on the on the smart controller um, but if youre just using it for a cinematic, you know for video for photography. Like i said personally, i love the smart controller for the usability yeah, so theyve added in this new fly more combo. Of course, only in china um, i dont. I think we kind of we both hope that this comes to other markets, especially you know in the western world, so yeah. So this is the official um on dji form posted by dji support, saying that it will be available in china region from december 20th.

Um whats also interesting is they said they will compensate these customers with dji credit and coupons. Basically, the ones who bought the rc pro controller earlier um, but people are asking you know is that is that only for people who bought from the dji platform does it come for people who bought from different retail shops and like b and h, adorama or any Of the local retail shops, we still dont know at this point, so i guess we shall see yeah well see, hopefully uh someones gon na get that question answered sometime yes and we are planning for a mavic 3. You know update topic um uh before the holiday season, so the one month update that what do we know because theyre so far, you know yeah theres theres a lot yeah moving on so next we have sony air peak. I have to say this has been a really long awaited drone. You know i first heard about it at least a year ago, uh, if not more, about sony. You know planning for the air peak for the pro market, um and then earlier this year. I also heard from uh um from from from sony about. You know, trying to send it to um to partners to test the unit, but that was the last i heard until we saw last week of basically the official announcement um whats interesting is the official announcement. Didnt come from sony, it came from the online retail shops right, the b, h, adorama and also from drill nerds yeah.

Like it. We havent seen anything official from sony uh its its. It is on their website um, but theres really very little detail other than you know. If you go to the, if you find it on b, h or other sites, you can pre order it and then theyre going to start shipping on the 24th uh. I guess you get a ship, a shipping tracking number for christmas. I guess thats a pretty. I guess that would be great if youre buying one of these. The the interesting thing also is that its not 100 sony, the uh gimbal, is involved yeah its a third party, gimbal theyre outsourcing at the third party, which is interesting. Of course, this is their first drone, so maybe they dont want to tackle on the gimbal right away. They want to focus on the drone part um. I guess i could save r d for them. Looks. The drone looks like the original matrix 100. It doesnt look its definitely not design heavy, they definitely done form of a function. No, if you look at the arms, if you look at the arms and the the main body and look, it really looks like the original matrix 100, which was um sort of an open, open source platform that was allowing people to do multiplications, um. Okay. What what i do like is i like the retractable landing gear, so the landing gear does go up. Let me see from uh yeah, you dont have that weird uh phantom thing with the with the legs kind of just sitting.

There correct, however, with the landing gear going up um its, not a 360 pen from the gimbal from the camera control um, and i suspect, because um its hardware, because the the cable between the gimbal and the airframe is theres some kind of cable hardware. You know like on the old um inspire one right: you can only pan 350 and then you have to pan all the way back so thats thats the same thing with the air peak um yeah. So i looked into the the drone like thats the drop, so the gimbal like size of what cameras can put on, of course, sonys going to advertise their their a series of dslr. Sorry mirrorless cameras. Yes, if we look at from granzi, this is the the graham ct3 and even from gramsci official website, its got the sony a7r and their compatibility for other cameras is really really bad, like theyre theyre, showing them like. Oh, you could put the 6d mark one and two on them. Like 360 has a better flagship, 60s, never been a flagship uh like i dont, even use that i know very few people who know that who use that camera other than for uh in the space industry remote cameras, you know 100 feet away from a rocket. Who cares what gets blown up but uh uh you? I did look into the uh, the specs of that of what you can put on there. You could put the r5 on there um.

You can put the um. What was the uh? What did i say? The uh, the nikon camera, the z7 – can go on there as well um. Sadly, the r3 is not going to fit its a little a little too long, uh the fit on that camera. So thats not going to be a thing im, assuming also with the uh. I think its the z9 is there a new flagship that probably wont fit either right the the smaller dslr cameras that are phenomenal, video um cameras. I have to say i mean we got the a7r years ago, a seminar i believe it was the second generation and the reason we got that back then was actually on our uh free flight drone with the mobi m5 was because its mirrorless um, and when we Do when we do industrial inspections, we needed a zoom and we needed um, i believe for 30 at least 30 times zoom, so with a mirrorless camera, when you put a zoom lens on the form factor change. So the shift for the center of gravity is very minimal. Um, because when you put a zoom lens and the camera on the drone right and if you shift the center of gravity, then thats offsetting the center of gravity of your gimbal and essentially your airframe as well, which is whats. Making it difficult. And imagine once you zoom 30, like any minor vibration, it gets magnified tremendously on the actual image.

So if youre, trying to inspect lets, say on the hydro tower youre trying to see a two inch um bolt on there to see if its rusted, then its very difficult, if you have any minor um vibration on it, so thats why we went with a seminar. It was definitely you know, i have to say its definitely a good choice um, but i am a little disappointed on you know. Looking at this sony, air peak is how much of that is sony yeah, that that is a great question. How much of it is for the sony putting in the r d and making their own, of course, is their first one so hopefully well see that now iterations on the s2 or or something like that. But i mean yeah yeah im still waiting to see official announcements from sony we still havent, seen much and and also even in you know, in terms of the specification, the technical specs on the air peak um. I was even looking up information on the battery, so lets see battery section. Where is the battery section right there? It doesnt even say the capacity or energy rating for the battery. No amperage information um, you know, and if i go to lets say droners were stronger. Stronger even sell the actual sony, airpeak battery and theyre same thing in the description, theres, virtually no description, uh, additional information – you know weight is at one pond is that one kilo we dont know um and no no capacity.

No, no amperage. You know no energy rating information at all its the weight of one s1 battery thats the weight of it thats a pretty important detail. I have like to what the battery details, like i mean, can you yeah because? Because if you know the battery capacity and you factor in the weight of the drone and the and the flight time, then you can actually calculate a lot of the back end information on the drone uh, which at this point we dont know and theres. No also no controller information, um im trying to even see a controller picture uh i couldnt even find a controller. We dont even know no is it? Is it one controller? Is it you know one controller, oh theres, the connection. There is a controller information, so is it one controller for both the drone and the camera um? Because if you go with a pro team and you have the pen option on the camera, so if you have three access control, then one controller is not that user friendly. You really need two controllers and one separate person controlling um. You know the camera. You know like on the on the inspire you can get the pro combo right with two controllers. If you look at grammys pages, even have a controller for their uh, their gimbal, so right, yeah and theres, some kind of airpeak plus for the cloud service, which again we have much information from um.

I have to say you know some of my pilots were really looking forward for the sony air peak, especially for the ones who do a little more uh pro video and cinematography. They were really hoping to have. You know everything in the sony ecosystem just like now with dji, you can almost have a drone with everything from dji ecosystem, so they were really hoping to have the gimbal, the camera, the drone, the control system. You know everything from from sony um, but again, looking at this, it just seems like a lot of updated or repackaged third party items yeah pretty much yeah that hits it on the on the head pretty much what it is. I i did come across. One youtube video thats in japanese of someone actually unboxing the the air peak and taking it for flight in in japan, uh so im trying to decipher that to get a little more information, because it was really two very long. Videos of someone actually said. You know that basically, im interested in you know getting our hands on one and trying it out and see how it actually performs. Another interesting thing i havent looked uh is the the cameras on the onboard cameras uh. What are the? What did they do and tv? So the um there are theres the fpv camera, which is your first person view, and i see there we go the fpv camera right there. Okay, they do have the fpv camera details on there at least.

I was looking to see like what type of details does that do and what and if uh, do you have to have the gimbal to have you know, im assuming this is for professionals. Theyre gon na have the gimbal and theyre gon na have their own cameras on there uh. But if you dont or if theres, if theres an issue, can you recover with some stuff thats the fpv camera? I mean similar to inspire 2 with the fpv camera and theres also vision, sensors, so right now, theyre only disclosing information on the sensors, which helps to detect um obstacle, detection essentially and the avoidance there isnt any information on it. But i suspect, if they have the hardware available, you know to detect the obstacles, then, through software they can probably program the flight controller um to do the avoidance. But again no information at this point on you know more details on the app how it works capabilities. We still dont know yet yep so yeah. So yes, we shall wait and see we wait and see. If you want to buy blind, pretty much uh you still, you can do it on any of the third party retailers i mean. I dont have to say its 9 000, its almost 9 000 right and if we compare it to a similar drone, which would be the the free fly, you know, astro um and the free flight astro. I believe stars. The base kit starts from 12 and a half thousand, and the payload capacity is only its only 1.

5 kilos versus the sony is the air peak is 2.5 kilos. So its definitely more, you know payload capable than the astro and the prices is two thirds the price of the astro um. So theres, definitely i mean its its definitely an interesting product in terms of um, just just being competitive. You know, with the with the other similar drones in the in the market, yeah uh, that i, the price, does seem a little bit more um competitive competitive with with everything with with everything. So that would be interesting to see when more detail comes out, if its actually worth that that price did now. We also have the pavel 360, which looks like a new fpv drone that has 360 capability uh at the price tag of just 489. So just shy of 500. personally im very interested in in this one im thinking about getting one uh for christmas yeah. It looks its like who doesnt love a 360k like who doesnt love, 360 cameras like one and then throw it on a drone, which i mean you could do before with uh with fpv drones. You know if you build your own, but something custom built like that. Like come on, like who doesnt love it like its great um, do you play vr kirk? I do not ive done it with friends a few times uh, but i dont have one myself. I run all mac, so i dont have a natural like pc that can run it right.

So i have uh. I have the vive and i also have the oculus um. I i like playing the workout games. You know like i love beat saber um. I love doing like you know the workout games on vr, but i cant do the. If i try to play any of the single person. Shooter games like in my office on my tech, guys play the single shooter um and i think the new one they got on the oculus is the uh resident evil 4, the remastered one, which is its the new popular one here in my office, but i cant. I have to say it makes me dizzy, like i try five minutes of any single shooter game it just it just makes me dizzy, and i find its its the same thing with the fpv goggles. You know doesnt matter if its a dj dji one or the regular fpv goggles um. I im okay with it. If i fly in big open space, but you fly any of the fpv racing again it just. It makes me dizzy watching. That makes me a little sick now i got like just even watching it, its like oh gosh. I dont know how you can watch that and do that thats insane yeah. So from my team, its its half half half of the guys love it half of the guys hate it its really a laugh and hate relationship um, but i do like especially flying in tight spaces flying around the trees.

I like on the on this pavel 360. I, like the propellers, are hidden um. However, i am a little suspicious because lets see if we go down to the specs, its 55 grams, its extremely extremely, extremely extremely extreme thats super micro, so im wondering. Is it mostly designed for indoor flights? You know what happens if, as a little gust of wind come well and it is quite small, i mean we were talking about inch and a half by two inches by two inches pretty much so like its definitely not a large, no its just any time. I look at the super micro drones. It just reminds me of um. I dont know if you remember those hepsin, those little half syndromes. You know years ago, yeah years ago. I think i think i did have one like and theyre just going with the lane. Youll take them outside for for anyone theyre just going with the wing yeah theyre not gon, na work, but lets be hon. Okay. It has a landing gear, though, right which i saw that pop up in the video im like thats thats, awesome, thats, just one little gear that pops out, so you dont hit that uh um the bottom element of the 360 camera on the ground, like its pretty Ingenious to have that in there and it all this looks almost pretty well 3d printed, um yeah, some of the close up photos. You can see that its definitely 3d printed well, im, definitely going to get one and so ill.

Let you know you know after the holidays ill, let you know if it survived full scale review. I think we need a full fall scare review of it. Definitely uh. Last piece of news for this week is ihons sightseeing test flights in bali. I have to say: ive been following ihon news. You know ive ever seen some even before they went public ever since um the company came out um. The drone itself looks interesting, and even last week, when we were talking about the uh, the flying car from our renault ride, i was i was commenting on the open blaze about the propellers um, but at least with ihon. You can see the propellers are a little further from the actual you know, cabin of of the drone and it seems you know, fairly protected. Essentially, this is no different than getting on a helicopter. You know like if i go to niagara falls and getting on the helicopter tour. This really isnt that much different yeah. I i dont know what type of helicopter you have up there, but down here in um, when i go down to florida for rocket launch stuff, you can do helicopter tours and those are the sketchiest helicopters uh its like youre, getting onto a lawnmower with with with Uh, not you take the doors off too for photos like oh so sketchy. So i wonder how how this will uh? You know if these are elegant. If these are kind of like uh, you know it works, which ones there im definitely interested in at least seeing the inside at least trying one yeah.

I i know they they are doing some test flights uh here in canada, but in very, very remote region. You know four hours north of uh, quebec city um, so thats, almost in the middle of nowhere im, not sure. If, if you do, you know down in states if theyre doing any fly, styling states, i havent seen any no. I havent, i have not uh of it of i havent no theyre, because they are a publicly traded company on nasdaq, so they actually went public from uh from states um. It would be interesting to see actual flights you know in in north america, with uh, with their veto um with the retail taxi drones yeah, and i wonder this is kind of like uh how wheres their market going to go because ive always seen e vitals as Taxis like right, um, yeah and as sightseeing kind of like uh. You know, i guess, like self. You dont need a pilot, um type of uh like two controls, thats the question yeah. If you dont need a pilot yeah, do you need a pilot? Do you not need a pilot uh? Is it controlled by the ground? Is it controlled? Is it completely autonomous like by itself um? That would be interesting to see as well um, so yeah yeah and i have to say from uh from from just knowing you know, taking helicopter tours, um or or also when we hire just helicopters for regular filming for just general aerial filming the the pilot does Come in super handy because that pilot knows the area they know whats around.

You know, i remember you know, filming at occasions with helicopters and the pilot would actually tell me hey theres, you know thats an interesting shot, thats, a good location, thats, a good timing and same thing with taking tours. It is as much about um. You know the vehicle or the craft youre in as about the pilot whos actually flying it, and that experience so im definitely interested to see more details from you know the drone so whos in control. Is it a pre programmed flight path? Is there some kind of automated um? You know computer programming, that tells you all about the area right yeah. Is there an emergency takeover control like stick or something or whatever yeah yeah, thats thats all important details? I think definitely and its interesting to see, because if you, if you really follow yihang, you will see that majority of their flies like actual operational flights. Um are not in north america right there. I believe when they first started. It was a lot of fun, especially a lot of the news. Pr news came about, you know their dubai operations and now also you know in valley, so its definitely outside of the so called developed countries, and i wonder if thats, because restrictions um, i bet regulations, are much looser um over there, like just either theyre theyre non Existent or theyre much more progressive on how theyre gon na handle drones here in the states. I was always like its its its crazy trying to get someone.

You know approved so yeah same thing in canada, its very difficult um, but i guess in canada, because we have so many uh northern remote countries. You know thats thats vast land in the middle of nowhere, so theres definitely more testing here in canada, yeah. But the moment you enter urban space is very different. Well thats, the roundup of this weeks, news at june dj – and i will see you back here next wednesday and also starting from next week, were going to add a special topic. Every week it seems like were running out of time to cover uh. You know, for example, the mavic 3 was been new since one month of of release and the sony air peak would definitely want to dive a little deeper into the specifications and user case as well.