The mavic 3 is finally the drone that everyone expected it to be. With the most recent update to version 01.00.0500, this flagship consumer drone now has some of the most wanted features, so lets check them out and highlight the most important ones and ill tell you the one feature that they still havent added that, i think, would make most People very happy so lets get into it. Music, hey welcome back everyone and to those of you here for the very first time my name is russ and im so happy that you stopped by the channel. Now. As i said, the mavic 3 just got a much needed update and with it comes many features that a lot of people were expecting it to have right on launch day now, whether you agree or disagree with the way that things were rolled out with this drone. I think its finally complete enough to make most people happy. So here are the release, notes ill put them up on the screen. You can go ahead and pause the video and read through those. If you want to real quick but im, going to tell you the most important additions for me are quick shots. The color display assist for d log, the zoom capability in d log and when focus tracking and finally improving the sharpness when zooming in with that tele lens. So the quick shots modes are one of the most popular features on dji drones since they were introduced, and it was kind of odd to not see it right away on this drone in case you dont know, quick shots allows pilots of pretty much any skill level To capture interesting clips with the tap of a button, all right, the first one were going to do is droney were just going to click.

Droney were going to leave it at 90. Feet were going to highlight our subject and were going to hit start and what the drones going to do. Its just going to back up and its going to increase in altitude as its going up and its going to hit the record button by itself. Its going to start recording and its going to slowly back away and increase in altitude with rocket mode. You simply click on rocket highlight your subject. Just like that press the start button two and then its gon na automatically start recording and its gon na raise straight up overhead above the subject and get a birds eye view of it. Music circle mode basically does what it sounds like youre going to highlight your subject: youre going to choose the direction that you want it to go then were going to hit the start button, its going to start recording one and its going to go in a circle Around that subject, Music helix mode is much like circle mode, except what it does is. It increases some altitude as it goes around your subject. So youre gon na highlight hit the start button two one and then it starts going in the direction that you told it to and as it circles around your subject, its going to increase in altitude just a little bit. Making a helix pattern. Music for boomerang mode were going to click on boomerang were going to highlight.

Our subject were going to hit the start button two, and you can go ahead and watch here and see what happens now for the asteroid mode. What it does is it you highlight your subject and then it will slowly back away. Itll go up almost like a dronie and a rocket put together and when it gets to a certain height, what its going to do is going to take a panorama shes going to take a bunch of shots and then its going to collect that into a tiny Planet, Music, social media enthusiasts are now able to share their impressive, albeit artificial, drone skills using the quick shots mode now. On the other hand, my personal favorite addition with this update that will appeal to many professionals is that of the color display assist in d log mode in order to capture the largest range of highs and lows, with the mavic 3, its pretty important to record in D log as much as possible now the disadvantage to doing that is sometimes its kind of difficult to see on the screen. If you have everything set right as far as your exposure, so with the color display assist, you can see not only the proper exposure, but you can see kind of what the image is going to look like after a little bit of post processing. Another great feature that the mavic 3 now has is the ability to zoom in while you are recording in d log.

They didnt have that before and then also when youre focused tracking, so thats really cool, because that allows you to capture different fields of view without moving the drone closer to the subject that youre recording and then at the same time. Youre able to do that. While recording in d log so youre getting the most dynamic range possible and youre able to zoom in on your subject, one of the biggest weaknesses of the mavic 3 tele lens is how mushy the image was when you zoomed in anything further than 7x. Well, with this latest update, dji has improved the sharpness when zooming in so its a its, not great, but at least its a little more clear and a little more defined. Okay, so now were going to take a look at what the image quality looks like before. The new mavic 3 firmware update, so i am about 400 feet away from where i launched and im at 117 feet high and im gon na zoom in using the scroll wheel im going to go all the way in. As far as i can to 28 times and thats what it looks like zoomed in that far as you can see its pretty blurry, its pretty mushy lets go ahead and zoom back out now lets take a look at see what it looks like after updating the Mavic, 3.. Okay, so now we have the mavic 3 updated and were going to zoom in into 28 times were going to try to get to the same spot its not going to be exact.

I think i was right over this one right here, but lets go ahead and zoom in all the way to 28x and move the camera down a little bit there. We go so lets put these side by side, so you guys can see. The difference you know, is it better? Is there more contrast on the photo on the image after the update? I cant really tell right now, because i cant compare them side by side but ill put it up on the screen, so you guys can see it. Maybe a little bit better. I think it is a little bit better when youre like about here, like 12x ill put those side by side as well, so you guys can see if theres any uh improvement in the sharpness but um but hey. You know every little bit helps and again. I would not use this too often for content creation, its just for kind of exploring, maybe doing an inspection of some kind um, but it does allow you to get a little bit closer and get a little more detail in your image, so not too bad. Now some other additions to this update worth noting are the addition of high resolution panorama mode which looks pretty good theres burst, shooting for photography, which is helpful for capturing that perfect moment in time. Theres 4k 60 in master shots, so you can slow them down in post production if you want to, and that makes them look just a little more cinematic.

It does have quick transfer now so thats really nice, because it allows you to transfer what youve captured directly onto your mobile device and that can be useful, for instance, sharing and also for on the go editing. This update also adds some rc pro features. So if you do have the rc pro youll be pretty happy and then also the rc pro now works with the air 2s, which kind of peaked my interest a little bit im kind of thinking about it. But i do need to be careful because valentines day is coming real soon now. What feature do i think, would make the mavic 3 so much better, but i dont know if it can be done with the dji flyout, but i really miss waypoints you guys on the mavic 2 pro i love using waypoints and i havent flown my mavic 2. Pro for a very long time, but i was reminded how cool waypoints were when i used the skydio2 plus when they released that they also released the keyframe feature, which is very similar to waypoints, with a little bit of a different twist to it. But no matter what you call it being able to run a predetermined flight path and then have the ability to repeat that again and again is very useful and because the mavic 3 is about as pro sumer as you can get right now i think dji is Missing a big market by not adding that feature like i said i dont know if it could ever be done, but i do know that it would be well received if they someday added it.

Let me know in the comments: do you think waypoints is a good idea? I think it is, and then also let me know if you have any questions about this latest update or the mavic 3 in general hit the thumbs up. If i was able to provide you with any valuable information today, if this is your first time to the channel watch a few more videos, if you have time right now and if you enjoy anything that you see consider joining by clicking on that subscribe button, i Want to thank you for watching the video all the way through to the end, and since you made it this far, i will let you know that if you do comment anything below in this video, you will be entered to win. One of my 51 drones. Hats right here, all you have to do is just comment anything and ill randomly pick a winner in about a week.