So if youre new to the channel, i hope youll hit subscribe, because we do a lot of fun stuff with dji fpv and other types of drones. Now, of course, this thing is a very high performance machine and it goes at a very fast speed. Doing all kinds of aerobatics and tricks and stuff like that, so having your propellers really be um top notch is pretty important. I think when youre flying an fpv, quad itll fly with some pretty beat up props and i have some pretty beat up props that i still use in a pinch. But im really excited to see these because theyre slightly different from the original dji propellers now ill. Tell you these have a number on them and that number is 5432 and i found out that what that means is that if you go from one end of the propeller across the diameter, so we held two of them together and measured. That is 5.4 inches and 3 2 is how far this thing will travel on one revolution in inches as well, so 3.2 inches. So it means that if theyre spinning really fast, of course, its going to go really fast in a few seconds, but each time it turns its gaining 3.2 inches thats a slightly higher pitch and slightly bigger prop than the original dji propellers, which are 5328, which means Theyre 5.3 in diameter and a 2.8 pitch, meaning they give 2.8 inches of lift for every revolution.

So now, if you take a look at these things, let me go ahead and pull this one off here. You will notice it will be hard to see in my hand, but i can show you i can show you a close up that you can see its just ever so slightly bigger in diameter as well as thicker. The master air screw props are just a little bit thicker. They have a little bit more of this wing that comes out and so theyre also more rigid, significantly more rigid. These dont have a lot of give to them at all, whereas these are fairly flexible. I just love the look of this. I love how this thing looks with different colored props on it and they come in orange. This light blue color that well get out in a second a red, and there may be other colors too. I dont know, but these are the ones i have right now. Im excited to get out and fly with these and see how they affect the performance, how they feel. If i can tell the difference, i have used some cheaper aftermarket props before i really only bought them because they came in this cool case, and i wanted the case for my props, which i still use. I got rid of the actual props and and just used the case now for my dji props, but these are not cheap aftermarket. Props master air screw has been making propellers for quads for quite some time, as i noted, and so i expect these to perform as good or better than the dji props.

But ultimately, if they perform just as well im happy with that, because they look so freaking cool lets, go, try them out all right. So ive come out to the field its a little breezy today uh, but i think itll be fine. The dji fpv is kind of a beast in the wind, its solid and heavy, so we should be okay with the breeze gon na fly first with the actual dji props, the stock props that it came with and ive got a set of them that are in Excellent condition, as a matter of fact, i think these are all brand new if theyre not theyre, very close to it and im gon na fly, maybe half a battery with these first just to get a feel for it in this breeze and see how it feels And then im going to switch over to the master air screw props and see how that feels. Okay, taking off with the dji fpv props im going to fly everything in manual mode, just to keep it consistent, and here we go Music and of course you know the dji props were built for the dji quad, so they feel pretty darn good. They roll just fine Music Music, they flipped, just fine that poor flip was uh was not because of the quad. That was just me having not flown this guy in a while kind of re getting used to it im seeing a little bit of jitter in the signal, but i think that is a function of how windy it is and also i think that gets stabilized in The actual video, like you, dont, see that in the recording Music right here you can see that you can see the props in the shot with you know.

If you have the certain angle on the on the camera and the uh master, air screw props are even a little bit longer just slightly longer than these, and so youre pro and brighter color, so youre probably going to notice them even more. If props in the shot bother you, then you know be aware of that. Now, when you tilt the camera up like this and you fly a little faster, then it becomes less of an issue. But if youre flying slow with the camera tilted down, youre gon na see those props Music all right, nothing, crazy, here, Music, Music, again, its pretty windy today seems to have picked up since i started flying ill fly this battery down to 50 and then come land. It Music theres, a big gust of wind, Music. Okay lets throw it into normal mode. I think ive mentioned this before uh. I dont like to land this thing in manual mode because it tends to bounce when it lands and flip upside down. So normal modes a better way to land it and there you go all right. I got my original set of master air screw props for the dji mavic pro and they were these bright orange ones, im a big fan of the bright orange ones, so thats. What were gon na do, and these are also brand new havent, been flown yet so get a good sense of what they fly like, as i said before, these are a bit longer and they have a bit more angle to them, so they should actually give us A bit zippier flight yeah – these have a lot of punch.

I mean the quad flies very similarly definitely make some noise, at least in acro, if youre zipping around pretty hard its gon na its gon na be loud, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, didnt. Quite make it all the way around that uh clip. I mean i did eventually but wasnt very smooth, Music Music Music. I really dont feel a lot of difference between the stock props and the master air screw props. They feel pretty similar, but again weve got some wind going today, so thats a little bit of a challenge for any propellers. I think Music, okay, im gon na bring it around, throw it in normal mode. Now again there you go in normal mode, youre. Definitely seeing the props and its feeling that wind Music, so what are my thoughts on the master air screw props on the dji fpv? I love them. I think they look fantastic. I think they fly really well. They give you a little extra, zip, i wouldnt say theyre quieter by any means, but this drone was not designed to be quiet. This drone was designed to rip and make some noise, so i wouldnt worry about that, and the geometry of them is just so really modern and cool looking. I actually prefer it to the original ones. As far as the way, it looks the fact that it is more visible in the air, with these bright orange props or whatever color you put on it, and the fact that this thing does punch out a little faster with these things on, if youre looking for Replacement props for your dji fpv.

I highly recommend these, i think, theyre a good value. I think theyre very sturdy theyre very well made and theyre going to give you years of service and you can get them in these cool cool colors. Like the orange, the blue, the red, it just gives your drone a little bit more personality, love to hear what you think about master airscrew, especially for the dji fpv, leave a comment below if you havent already subscribed. Please subscribe to ready, set drone thanks for watching.