I do it. Do it yourself around the house type of projects, as well as product reviews, electronics, and that kind of things and kind of into drones so i’m doing a lot of things around that as well, and i bought these with my own money master air screw. I bought the orange sorry. The lighting doesn’t really show it as orange as well, but you’ll get other copies, so unbiased review of these. What i will do as well as test them um. You know for the sound level compared to the stock ones, and let you know if this is a good option to replace your propellers. So i bought these propellers with my own money and you probably may have seen other videos out there. Normally i go with the plainest color, so i’d go with something black like that, but i figured for these if it’s in the sky – and you get a little more something to view better view from a distance, then it might be worthwhile so you’ll be able to See that as well – and you know, let me know what you think: do you think this color wise makes sense to go with a brighter color, or would you stick with the black? Would love to hear so i’m going to open this up and show you what’s inside and we’ll? Try them out and let you see the difference between the two we’ll point out that it says v2, which is the second version.

So they’ve redesigned these and got actually from what they said better flight time than the original one that they did as well as maybe a little bit less sound. You know volume as well, because i know everyone would say who has the mavic air that’s allowed? They also do make these for other drones as well. So um company has been around for a while. I probably wouldn’t risk any other brand than this other than that i’ve seen a lot of people use them so let’s. Take a look inside the box. Is a soft like t, shirt, type of material says: master air screw and inside there is your propellers and they are thin plastic for sure there’s, four of them there and you’ll notice the little white lines on these ones, so there’s, two of them with white lines. You want to match those up with your mavic air and make sure that you pick the right ones to go on the right replacement because uh, i don’t know which ones are which, but two of them go counterclockwise and two of them go clockwise. If you put them on the wrong way, you have a disaster on your hand, so make sure you’re changing these properly, all right, so we’re going to do a test here, we’re going to test two different things: we’re going to test the stock blades with hovering. So you can hear the sound and then we’re also going to test how well we can see the drone in the air when you have the stock blades versus when you have the master air screw blades.

So, as i mentioned, you want to make sure that you put the right propellers in the right place, so the ones with the little lines need to go where these little lines are here and obviously these propellers here have those lines and the ones without the lines Are over here so always check it by the gimbal motor and then what you do. Is you just pop this propeller downward as you hold push it in it depresses as you hold the motor and it’ll be able to go that one goes counterclockwise. This one goes clockwise all right, so here it is here. It is hovering now we’ll take it for a fly. So what do you think? Is it easier to see obviously i’m, not that high, probably about 20 feet, but i think it probably is a little bit easier to see. Let me know what your thoughts are. Well, it’s been quite some time since i recorded that footage and uh just never got around to editing that one and getting this up but um, you know spring summer coming and you’ll probably be using your drone more. I definitely say these are a little bit better. As far as the sound quality but again you’re, taking it up a distance, if you’re going, you know line of sight, i think it’s going to help you a little bit if you have the bright color one versus the stock but um. You know that was my experience.

I probably used uh use these master air screw ones for i’d, say two three dozen flights and i haven’t looked back. Haven’T changed back to the stock ones. So let me know in comments below. If you have something like this, would you consider buying them? I know they make them for pretty much all the dji drones and maybe some other ones so price, wise they’re, comparable to the stock. Uh can’t say i you know, i can’t say i wouldn’t recommend them. They definitely work perfectly fine and uh. You know i wasn’t too worried about the sound, so the sound quality between the two i know it’s – maybe a little bit different, but it really doesn’t matter to me. So thanks for watching any questions you have ask below.