This is my now "vintage" Axial XR10. Discontinued a number of years back. I keep this truck nearby in my shop – for any time individuals want to have an MOA Competition. What is an MOA?! It is a "Motor on Axle" setup. Whereas, the vehicle has 2 electric drive motors, one per axle. There is a transmission mounted exactly on the axle, as well as obtains power from a Twin ESC configuration. The ESC is a "heart" for lack of a better term – and also controls the power per motor. By controlling these specific electric motors – I can produce pivot points, and "support factors" as I demonstrated in this film. There are several benefits including overdriving, and also under-driving specific axles. This entire spider is powered by a sixes, 11.1 v lipo battery. I am utilizing a futaba transmitter and receiver for a radio arrangement.

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