That is, i recently got the chance to spend two hours hands on with crystal dynamics latest addition to the roster and see everything the web slinger has to offer. I came away looking forward to using his abilities more but a little worried about what it is ill actually be doing with them. A quick note here before we get going that all the footage youre seeing here has been provided by the developers and not captured by us, so may not illustrate exactly what im going to be describing here. Peter parkers, introduction to avengers is slightly different to previous dlc characters called a hero event. Instead of an operation. Spidey doesnt have any of his own story missions, but instead feels more akin to a character joining a hero, shooter roster, as with every other avenger spider. Man comes complete with his own unique move, set and slots right into the frontic action, with a combat style, largely centered, on quicker vades, perfect dodges and quickfire melee attacks. He plays somewhat similar to a more nimble black panther, while a lot of his strikes are your standard punches and kicks every now, and then a more spidey, like contextual animation, will trigger, which feels entirely in keeping with the character as with any of the avengers. He also has three heroic abilities: web bomb causes area of effect damage and is naturally useful for crowd control, but also inflicts the new webbed status effect onto enemies once that status effect bar is full.

A webbed enemy becomes incapacitated and much easier to take down. The spider. Drone is a patrolling ai companion that fires webs at any foe that wanders into its radius. You can choose whether to instruct it to roam a specific area of the fight or set it to follow mode, offering some welcome flexibility on the battlefield. Lastly, is spider? Mans ultimate ability the wrecking ball effectively a giant ball of webs that smashes down onto the ground to damage anyone near it. It works in a similar fashion to thors by frost ability, spider man feels great in combat, which is not entirely surprising. Hero design has never been marvels, avengers problem, the same, sadly, cant quite be said for how it feels to play a spider man outside of a fight, though, in this preview build, i got to swing around the eastern seaboard region, which is the closest were going to Get to peters native queens, a very high bar has been set by insomniac when it comes to the fluid motion of spidey, but even allowing some headroom avengers falls quite some distance short of it. Opting for the swing off of anything method. Spider man effectively swings from a glass ceiling in the air in fairness to crystal dynamics. This is the only real option with the majority of avengers locations being rural, such as deserts and snowy tundra. The developer also doesnt have the luxury of being able to design a whole city around the spider.

Man, mechanics like insomniac, has, despite this some of the magic is there, especially for the first swing or two after each launch into the air, but that magic, often swiftly and unceremoniously evaporates as parker smacks his face into the aforementioned glass ceiling and all sense of momentum Is lost, the lack of true swinging freedom is noticeable and, while maybe its unfair, to compare it with the insomniac version, its honestly questionable whether the swinging here feels any better than spider. Man 2 did on the playstation 2.. All illusions are broken once you attempt to swing moderately high into the air and hit that invisible barrier, something that also affects wall running which just stops you ascending somewhere past. The 15th story, like an out of service elevator, stay low and you can build up some decent momentum, but show much ambition and youll be met with some pretty restrictive forces describing spideys arrival as a hero event instead of an operation, is basically code for dont expect Any story, missions and thats exactly what youre getting apart from a short cut scene, introducing spider man to the rest of the team. The rest of what i saw of peters plot line about a suspicious chemical company was told through audio files, mainly emails and text messages. Read aloud obtained once certain objectives were completed, these objectives are all standard, avengers, fair that long term players will be familiar with such as perform 25 power attacks or play any two missions, apart from a harm room, tutorial, theres, no new mission content.

Here, the lack of content is definitely frustrating and those expecting a new set of spider man story missions to play will be left disappointed. One thing that spider man doesnt lack, however, is outfits. Crystal dynamics latest addition to their marvel. Cinematic universe comes with around 40 suits theres every color under the sun imaginable, as well as some fan favorites from the comics, such as the spider noir suit its clear that a great deal of care has been taken in curating and designing these outfits. So its a shame that the same attention doesnt seem to have been paid elsewhere regarding new missions or spideys traversal spider man has been a long time coming to marvels avengers, and while it does remain to be seen whether the weight has been worth it for the Moment his addition feels more like a promise fulfilled through gritted teeth, rather than one delivered with a smile for more spider man and avengers.